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Below is an excerpt from a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff Brucculeri: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Ice Arena, here is Rapid City, South Dakota. I’m Jeff Brucculeri with Tulsa Oilers hockey tonight as the Oilers take on the Rapid City Rush. Tulsa has won 7 of their last 9 games and the Oilers won this past, what is today, Saturday, so this past Thursday night the Tulsa Oilers won here. The game was a 2-1 victory for the Oilers on New Years Eve, this past Thursday night. These two teams will go at it here again tonight. This will be the third and final time this season that Tulsa and Rapid City will play each other, which is a little interesting because Rapid City is another one of the former Central Hockey League teams like Tulsa and back in the CHL Tulsa and Rapid City built quite a rivalry and played each other several times during the year.

Even last season when Rapid City was in the Central Division of ECHL, along with Tulsa, they too played many times last year, however this year Rapid City was moved to the Western division of the ECHL, or the Pacific division and they don’t play as often against one another. One time in Tulsa earlier this season, that game was won by Rapid City, one time, Thursday evening, won by Tulsa and tonight being the third and final game of the series for the season.

Of course there’s a chance these two teams could play each other in the playoffs but for the regular season is concerned this will be the third and final time of the year. It’s a 1-1 tie so to speak in the season series. Tulsa would like to win the rubber game here tonight and that is appropriate, it’s baseball themed night here tonight as a matter of fact. The Rapid City Rush will be wearing uniforms that look like baseball jerseys, they have a button motif down the front, they’ve got pinstripes, their socks actually look like stirrups. It’s a neat situation here tonight as they are celebrating baseball, they say it’s exactly 6 months away from. Not exactly, but they’re saying 6 months away from 4th of July I guess. That qualifies as baseball night here is Rapid City.

The Tulsa Oilers come into the game with a record of 14-10-2-1, 31 points, the Oilers are 3rd place in the Central Division right now. Rapid City with a record of 13-12-2-1, they have 29 points and in 4th place in the West Division of the ECHL. These two teams will go at it here tonight in Rapid City and we’ll have our conversation with head coach Jason Christie when we continue. You’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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Jeff Brucculeri: Back with you now on the pre-game show. Joining us is the head coach of the Tulsa Oilers, Coach Christie. Coach, good two point win the other night here on New Years Eve in Rapid City. You have to like anytime you get two points in the standings, especially right now fighting for a playoff spot.

Jason Christie: Yeah, no question, it’s so tight throughout our conference division but there’s a lot building. First time here so it’s kind of exciting to see, great ice. It was a good experience it was good that we got two point, that was huge for sure.

Jeff Brucculeri: We had the 2 goal advantage and then had to hang on at the end, taking a penalty late in the game and then of course they had the empty net, put the extra attacker out there as well.

Jason Christie: Yeah, it was a good call from them. We just got beat out of the corner on that one, but, again, these are huge, they’re going to come out harder than the last time so we have to make sure we match that.

Jeff Brucculeri: Tonight we’ll be seeing Connor Kucera back in the lineup after two months on the IR. My goodness he played 7 games early in the season, but he’s been injured for the last couple of months, it’d be nice to have him back out there.

Jason Christie: Yeah it’s usually a big body. He skates well so we have to make sure that we get him in there, the odd time here and there. He’s just a good person, good character guy. Obviously good to have in the lineup.

Jeff Brucculeri: Because of the injury to the knee will he see limited time or is he ready to go or what.

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