Tulsa, OK–In his first season with the Tulsa Oilers, Strength and Conditioning Coach Sean Garner is a native Tulsan and owner of Excel Performance Training—an award winning athletic development center located in the heart of Tulsa. In addition to keeping the Oilers fit, fast and healthy, Garner is bringing a new weight loss transformation program to Tulsans—“Excel To A New You.”

With obesity on the rise and more people motivated to get well now than every before, Excel Performance Training has teamed up with Lean Matters, a professional Lifestyle Education company, to bring Excel To A New You, the transformation of a lifetime to Tulsa. This 7-week transformation is more than a quick fix and more than weight loss. Clients will come out of this program better people mentally and physically. They will have the tools in hand to continue a healthy life. Just to make it a little more interesting there is over $1000 in cash and prizes!

“New Year’s has always been a time for goal setting and shedding the unwanted fluff over the holidays” Sean Garner, Excel Owner said, “We want to bring in something unique that creates true transformation body, mind, and soul.” Bringing in Lean Matters, a professional Lifestyle Education program gives transformation participants an added advantage in education and support that is beyond caloric restriction and tough workouts. Each client will have the tools they need to carry beyond the 7 weeks. Whether looking for weight loss or getting shredded, this isn’t about a quick fix, it’s about real results and a healthier life. Looking better naked is an added perk!

Businesses including Men’s Health Magazine, Evolve Paleo, Runner’s World, JAG Digital Photography, and more have donated great prizes to add to the cash stakes! The winner’s will walk away with new gear, feeling pampered, and cash in their pockets!

An information meeting will be held on January 9th at Excel Performance Training, located at 7246 E 38th St in Tulsa, at 10a. Official Kick-off will be January 16th. For more information and to register call 918-949-4223 or email info@excelperformancetraining.com

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Below is an Excerpt for a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: Clark has it tipped away to the far boards. Now cleared out of the zone by the Thunder all the way back in Tulsa end. No icing. 4:20 left to go, second period. 1, nothing, Tulsa lead. Oilers with it again. A head to DeSalvo. Off his stick he let’s it deflect into the Wichita zone. Now he’s going to go to the bench for a line change as the Thunder get in their own end for Miller on the left wing. Miller pass ahead on the left side for Gottier. Now into the Tulsa end. Cross rink pass went through the slot. Nobody there. Over to get it is Reum for Wichita. He’ll keep it in. Now along the boards on the near side, back behind the goal. The puck behind the net in the Tulsa zone. Getting it is Reum again. Reum sends it over on the far side. Gets some help there. Now cross pass in front. Goes through the crease to the near side. Cleared out of the zone by the Oilers and back into the Wichita end.

Nemseck gets it for Wichita. Sends it over on the right side. Brought through the neutral zone and slapped into the air into the Tulsa end. Oilers after it behing the goal. Brown sends it around the boards to the nearest side. Lutz with it sends it ahead. Cleared it away to the neutral zone. Now slapped away again. Nemseck gets it on the far side. He gets bumped into the boards. Cleared out by Bloomquist. Axel Bloomquist, the big guy. 6 foot 7 out of Sweden. Thunder get it again in their own end. Miller resets for Wichita. Over on the right wing a cross pass brought in over the blue line by Lizon. Eric Lizon takes it behind the goal. He gets bumped there. Lundquist comes over to get the puck for Tulsa. He’s bumped by Neal. They get the puck free. It goes out in front. Here’s a shot. Stick save by Carr and over to the near side. Kept in at the point by Lizon. Again behind the goal are the Thunder in the Tulsa zone.

Now Wichita putting pressure on the Tulsa in the second period. Earlier, it was all Tulsa. Wichita responding with some good pressure here. Pass in front. Carr. Save. No. It went underneath Carr and into the goal! Oh, my! I think that was Lizon that came from behind the goal, stepped in front. He had another man in front, Neal. I’m not sure who touched it underneath Carr, but somebody put it under the leg of Carr as he went down. It slid into the goal. My oh my. Wichita has tied the game at 1. Let me see if I can see the replay on the scoreboard. I couldn’t tell. They have a graphic on the lower third of the screen where the ice surface is, so I couldn’t see how the puck got underneath Carr.

Neal gets credit for the goal. It was Lizon who brought it from behind the goal. Eric Lizon is the one that brought it from behind the goal, and then Michael Neal is the one who must have shoved it underneath the legs of Carr at 17:33 of the period. 17:33, Michael Neal with his third goal of the season assisted by Joey Sides. What? They got Nelson on the second assist. That’s not right. It’s Eric Lizon. I’m telling you it’s 22, not 21. They got it wrong on the score sheet, but I’m telling you and I saw it on the replay. It was Lizon who brought the puck from behind the goal. It was Neal that was in front of the net, like I said. Neal is the one who put it in the goal. Neal gets credit for his third goal of the season assisted by sides and should be Lizon on the other assist.

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