# Name     Pos Ht Wt Shoots DOB Hometown Last Team
Team A (Blue)
2 Adam Pleskach F 6’2″ 210 Right 7/7/1988 Beausejour, MB Tulsa (ECHL)
3 Kyle Bochek F 6’0″ 200 Left 3/11/1988 Port Severn, ON Tulsa (ECHL)
4 Eric Tallent D 6’0″ 195 Right 12/27/1985 Garland, TX Tulsa (ECHL)
5 Sean Erickson D 6’0″ 180 Right 2/6/1984 Eden Prairie, MN Tulsa (ECHL)
6 Brian Nugent F 5’11” 208 Left 9/26/1988 Victoria, BC Cincinnati (ECHL)
7 David Bastien F 6’2″ 200 Left 9/25/1989 Ste-Therese, QC Amiens (France)
8 Brady Ramsay F 5’11” 180 Right 2/7/1993 Calgary, AB Tulsa (ECHL)
9 Igor Vladykovskii F 6’2″ 220 Left 4/17/1995 St. P’burg, RUS Dynamo (Russia)
10 Miroslav Pokorny D 6’2″ 185 Left 9/14/1994 Melnik, CZE OKC Jr. Blazers (WSHL)
11 Matthew Konan D 6’3″ 204 Left 9/3/1991 Tustin, CA Lehigh Valley (AHL)
 Team B (White)
2 Matt Larke F 6’0″ 190 Right 7/15/1987 Royal Oak, MI Tulsa (ECHL)
3 Luke Kasteel F 6’3″ 210 Left 12/26/1992 N. Vancouver, BC Louisiana (SPHL)
4 Nathan Lutz D 6’1″ 230 Left 2/12/1978 Mistatim, SK Tulsa (ECHL)
6 Tyler Henry F 6’0″ 190 Left 1/13/1990 Regina, SK Univ. of Regina
7 Brandon Wong F 5’11” 190 Left 11/30/1986 Victoria, BC S. Carolina (ECHL)
8 Phil Brewer F 6’1″ 195 Right 4/11/1990 Cambridge, ON Tulsa (ECHL)
9 Connor Toomey F 5’10” 165 Right 11/27/1990 Billerica, MA Plattsburgh St. Univ.
10 Justin Mansfield D 6’0″ 200 Left 7/2/1990 Arlington, MA Tulsa (ECHL)
12 Dominik Vlk F 6’1″ 180 Right 11/27/1994 Strakonice, CZE OKC Jr. Blazers (WSHL)
13 Brent Darnell F 6’0″ 195 Right 3/23/1992 Canton, MI Michigan State Univ.
14 Tom Kroshus D 6’1″ 195 Left 8/20/1992 Calgary, AB Princeton Univ.
# Name     Pos. Ht Wt Catches DOB Hometown Last Team
Kevin Carr (White) G 6’1″ 185 Left 7/16/1990 Unionville, ON Tulsa (ECHL)
33 Andy Iles (Blue) G 5’9″ 180 Left 1/30/1992 Ithaca, NY Tulsa (ECHL)


Below is an Excerpt for a Tulsa Oilers Game

Axel Blomqvist, 5:00 for fighting. Eric Roy, 5:00 for fighting at 15:29 of the 3rd period. No additional penalties. They got a little dance cam competition going on right now. Got an elderly lady that’s really got some good moves. I thought that was great. Now you got a Santa and one of his elves dancing. That’s pretty cool too.

Always fun at a hockey game. I tell you, if you’ve never been to an East Coast Hockey League game, you got to go, folks. Got to go, got to go, got to go. I’ve been a fan of the ECHL for a long time. Long before it ever came to Tulsa. I grew up in Jamestown, New York, watched the predecessor to the East Coast Hockey League in Erie, what’s called the … Excuse me, the Atlantic Coast Hockey League at one time. It was called the Eastern League, the Atlantic Coast League. They had a bunch of different names. Eventually, it became the East Coast Hockey League.

Also, I have family that lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we go there to visit about every other Christmas, every other year for Christmas, and when we go, we watch the Charlotte Checkers play, in the past, in the East Coast Hockey League. Now, they’re in the AHL. Now when we go to Charlotte, we watch the AHL, but for years, the Checkers were in this league, the ECHL.

We’re back to the action following the timeout. Like I said, I’ve been a fan of the East Coast Hockey League for a long time. I guess I could still be a Checkers fan, since they’re not in this league anymore, they’re in the AHL, but they’re not affiliated with the Oilers.

Now we’ve got an offside called by the linesman. We’ll get a face-off in the neutral zone. I was thinking the other day, I grew up in Western New York, a big Buffalo Sabres fan, and I also loved the Montreal Canadiens because what a great history they’ve had. I’m a Buffalo and a Montreal fan, but I’m thinking, with the connection here with the Oilers, and Manitoba, and with Winnipeg, I’m going to have to become a Jets fan, maybe. Start watching more of the Jets games on the NHL package on my dish.

Back to the action. Puck goes into the Allen end. Say that five times fast. Now out to Parker in the neutral zone. Cross-rink pass, they bring it into the Tulsa zone. Parker gets it again. Now he has it broken up, stolen away by Harstad, and cleared out of the zone in the neutral ice. Pinkston will have to reset in his own end for Allen.

2-1 Tulsa with the lead. 3:30 remaining here in this 3rd period of play. Pinkston brought it over the blue line, left it there for Parker, but now it’s stolen away. DeSalvo clears it out, and the Americans bring it back in. They’re offside. They didn’t even bother to wait, and retouched, and they’re offside coming back in. 3:14 left to go here in the 3rd period.

Excuse me, I am sorry. Face-off in the neutral ice. Slapped into the Tulsa end. Cleared around the boards to the near side, but not out. Kept in by the Americans. Goes behind the goal and around to the far side, kept in at the point there by Makowski. Makowski keeps it in for his teammate. Now Clark with a shot up the middle … Not Clark. Pardon me. Parker up the middle, and it’s knocked away to the far side. Crane keeps it in. Now cleared away by the Oilers. This one will go all the way back in to the Allen end.

They’re going to waive off the icing. It could’ve been played they say, and I agree with that call. Waive off the icing, now Costello gets it for Allen in their own zone, leaves it for Federico.

Cross-rink pass, too far ahead. Oilers recover, cleared away by Sova. Back into the Americans zone. After it was Gagnon, but he gets it knocked away. Makowski got to it first. Now he clears it over to King, back in the neutral zone. Here come the Americans with it. Costello slaps it into the Tulsa zone. Quickly, Konan slaps it off the boards all the way up the length of the ice, and this will not be an icing. They say it touched somebody on the way out.

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