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The Tulsa Oilers announced on Friday that left wing Axel Blomqvist has been assigned to Tulsa from the Manitoba Moose, the Oilers’ American Hockey League affiliate.

Blomqvist, 20, joins the Oilers having suited up for 10 games with the Moose and registering two penalty minutes.

The Osby, Sweden native split his time prior to the Moose in the Western Hockey League between the Lethbridge Hurricanes, Victoria Royals and Moose Jaw Warriors where he tallied 56 goals and 92 assists.

Tonight the Oilers will welcome the Wichita Thunder to the BOK Center for their fifth meeting of the season. Puck drops at 7:05 p.m. For ticket information on tonight’s contest, call 918-632-7825 or visit tulsaoilers.com.

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Below is an Excerpt of a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: Now the puck along the boards on the far side. Sova keeps it in again at the blue line. Shot toward the goal. It’s deflected in front and cleared away by the Thunder. Back they come. Pass over on the right side for Gottier. He gets bumped by Konan on the way in but gets the pass away to Huff. Huff bumped on the boards near side. Gottier bumped there. Lose puck. Sova gets it in the corner. Sends it into the far corner and cleared away by Pleskach but not out. Kept in at the point. Again the Oilers get it and clear it out. This time off the stick of Bloomquist. Bloomquist clears it out of the zone back into Wichita end. Thunder will dump it off into the Tulsa zone for a line change. Sova holds it behind the goal as his team is also making a change.

Joe Sova sends it out on the left side into the neutral zone. It went off of Brewer’s stick into the Wichita end. No icing. The goaltender plays it from behind the goal. Not out. Kept in at the point. Momentarily. Now it comes out to the blue line. Oilers will save to reset. DeSalvo tried to send it ahead to Emerson Clark, and he does. Clark gets it now. Turns in the neutral zone. Clark brings it over the blue line, drop pass to Brewer on the left wing. Brewer gets bumped into the boards there on the side. Now getting some help by DeSalvo. Pass in front is shot by Brown. It’s a kick save by Shantz. Back come the Thunder. It’s a 2 on 1 rush. Here comes the Thunder. A shot kick save. Carr. Rebound in front. It goes to the side of the goal as it went off another skate. As one of the players, Baptista slid into Carr. That puck went wide to the goal, thankfully, as 2 players came in unwittingly. Didn’t realize the puck bounced off of their skate. Somebody’s. And to the side of the net.

Almost went into the goal. Oilers get it again in their own end. Turning it around is Ramsey with it. Brady Ramsey at the red line. Ahead to Wong. Now to Bloomquist. Pardon me. That’s not. That’s Gagnon. Gagnon has it knocked away. Gagnon, I think he took a stick on the hand or the wrist. He looks hurt. He goes to the bench, and he looks injured. We’ve got a delayed penalty coming up. It’s going to be against Wichita. We’ve got a high stick penalty I think called against Wichita. I don’t know what happened to Gagnon as he went to the bench favoring his hand. I thought maybe he got a slash, but the penalty has come up away from that play, and it’s going to be Wichita’s Joey Sides, number 19, going to the penalty box for high sticking. It comes at 10:54 of the third period at 10:54. Joey Sides in the penalty box. 2 minutes for high sticking. At 10:54 of the third. The Oilers will have their fifth power play of the night. They already have 4. The Oilers will be on their fifth power play opportunity of the night.

For the Tulsa Oilers, this’ll be another York Plumbing power play. York Plumbing. Give them a call at 918-833-3200. 918-833-3200. Shot on goal. Up the slot. Save. Rebound. Shantz sprawling on the ice. Puck goes loose to the corner boards. Oilers try to get at it there. It gets deflected over the glass off the mesh. The referee says. Well, I think the referee is saying it touched … I guess the referee is indicating an Oiler player lashed, because they’re going to make the face off come out of the Wichita zone. I thought it went off of Wichita’s stick. The face off with be in the neutral ice. They drop the puck and blow the whistle right away.

Now they drop it again. The puck is cleared by the Thunder all the way back into the Tulsa end. A minute 22 left in this power play for the Oilers. Tulsa on the York Plumbing power play. Here comes the Oilers. Konan with it. On the left wing, puts it into the Wichita zone, into the corner boards. Slapped around to the near side. Out to the point to Konan. He still has it on the blue line. Gives it a teammate, Lalancette. Back to Konan at the point. Over on the right side, Brisebois tried to send it up the slot. It went through into the corner. Now behind the goal. Around to the far side. Back out the Brisebois on the right point. Over the Konan on the left. His shot toward the goal deflected in front. Save, rebound. Brisebois comes in. Here’s Wong with it on the side of the net. It’s stopped there. Now it’s cleared away and now up the length of the ice.

34 seconds left in the man advantage for the Oilers. Back behind his own goal Mathieu Brisebois gets the puck there. He sets the play. Now over on the right for Brewer. Brewer gets bumped on the way in. He loses control of the puck. The Thunder clear it back into the Tulsa zone. 14 seconds left in the Tulsa power play. Brown in his own zone. He winds from behind the goal. Circles, brings it up the ice. Drop pass into the neutral zone for DeSalvo. He cuts over on the left side. DeSalvo with it. Has it slapped away. Now the penalty has expired. Sides out of the penalty box. Thunder back to full strength.

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