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Below is an Excerpt of a Tulsa Oilers Game

Puck goes back into the Rapid City zone. Wow. Oilers get a little help from the pipes there. It comes back into the Tulsa end in the corner, played away by the Oilers Sova to the near side but not out. Kept in by the Rush to the far side. On the left wing, down into the left circle and around to the near side. Over on the near side for Pommells, he sends it out to the blue line. Back to Pommells, up top to the slot, here’s a shot by Kerbashian and it goes wide of the goal to the far point, kept in at the blue line once again. In the corner is Pommells, Stefanovich, out to the point Melindy, over on the left side, now the right side, Pommells shot is saved. Made by Carr, off of Carr’s glove and now it’s deflected over the glass and out of play.

We’ll have a face off coming in the Tulsa zone. That went off of one of the Oilers. Not intentionally shot out of play by any of the Oilers, so it is not a delay of game, it just was delfected off an Oilers stick so the face off will remain in the Tulsa zone with 10:29 remaining in the period. 40 seconds remains in the power-play for Rapid City as Pleskach is in the penalty box for Tulsa. Oilers win the draw and they bring it out over to Nugent on the left wing. Nugent to the blue line, dumps it off into the Rapid City zone.

The Rush get it in their own end, they bring it back out. 24 seconds left in the man advantage for the Rush. Over the blue line on the right side, played ahead, now to the left wing, here’s a shot, save, rebound, empty net, it went off the post and on the second rebound it’s put in by Cohen, it looks like Zach Cohen’s going to get credit for this one. The first shot came off of Carr to the right side, and I’m not sure who was standing there but whoever it was put it off the post, I think that was Kerbashian, 22, and then the goal was scored by, not Cohen but Winston Day Chief it looks like, now that I’m watching the replay. It wasn’t 18 but number 7, Day Chief, I believe, that put the second rebound into the net on a power-play goal for the Rapid City Rush. They take a 2-1 lead here in this one. I think that was still a power-play, I think there was like. Let me listen, I think there was still 10 seconds or so left in the power-play. We have a stoppage of play as the puck is frozen by Carr.

Winston Day Chief gets the goal and for Day Chief that is his 8th goal of the season. Waiting to see, I didn’t hear what the announcer said, I think that was a power-play goal. That was a power-play goal right?

Speaker 17:                           Yes.

Jeff Brucculeri:                    So it was Day Chief, right. Thank you. Day Chief from Kerbashian and Doherty on the assist and it was indeed a power-play goal, for the Rapid City Rush. Puck is in the neutral zone. The Rush slap into the Tulsa end. Behind the goal, Kevin Carr will leave it there for Konan. Matt Konan brings it away for the Oilers, he gets some help from Brown, Konan gets it again, sends it ahead into the Rapid City end into the corner boards. A couple of players pushing for it there. 9 minutes remaining in the first period, Rapid City with the 2-1 lead. Puck goes around to the far side, they play it into the corner boards, Sova tried to get it loose, now to the point on the near side, kept in at the blue line, slapped toward the goal but intercepted on the way in and cleared away by the Rush. Flipped up into the air and it comes down into the Tulsa zone. Slapped buy the Oilers, Kucera, ahead into the Rapid City zone, Lalancette couldn’t control it, puck comes out to the blue line. Blomqvist keeps it in there to the blue line, he had to grab it with his glove, it was in the air, when he put it down another player for Rapid City stole it away before Blomqvist could play it. That’s not fair.

It comes back into the Tulsa zone, into the corner boards they play it around to the far side, picked up by Nugent for Tulsa. Brian Nugent flips it into the air, glove down by Young for Rapid City, he sends it across rink to the near side. Pass ahead along the right wing, back into the Tulsa end. Day Chief gets it again in the corner, sends it out to the point. Back to Day Chief, down low to Kerbashian, behind the goal it goes to Pommells. In front, Day Chief, a shot, it went off the leg of Joe Sova and now Wong gets it for Tulsa, here comes Brandon Wong. His pass ahead, quickly, as they come out into the Rapid City zone. Shot goes to the side of the goal, around to the backside. They try to put it out in front, puck comes loose to the near side and played away by the Rush. They’ll bring it away, out of their own zone, through the center red line and over to the right wing, back into the Tulsa end come the Rush.

With it to the near was Cohen, now he plays it out to the blue line, cross rink pass to the far side. A wrap around attempt, out in front it comes and played away nicely by Nathan Lutz up the length of the ice. It won’t go all the way to the goal line so no icing, recovered by the Rush in their own zone by Destry Straight. Straight plays it to the blue line, kept in there, here’s a slap shot by Konan on goal, sticked away. Out to the point on the far side, Tulsa with is, Dennis Brown with a shot, it goes around behind the goal and into the near side. Out in the neutral zone the Oilers are going to have to reset there. Konan gives it again to Emerson Clark, to DeSavlo, to Clark, left circle, in front to DeSalvo, tipped away by one of the defencemen for Rapid City, however to the boards on the far side, kept in by the Oilers.