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Below is an Excerpt of a Tulsa Oilers Game


1-1 is our score, Tulsa and Rapid City are tied at 1. Aaron Harstad, Tulsa Oiler defenceman, was called up by the Manitoba Moose, and so he has joined the team today. He has been recalled, technically, by Manitoba, he played in 8 games while in Tulsa. He had 2 goals and 4 assists, 6 points in 8 games. Not too bad for the rookie defenceman, 23 year old Aaron Harstad. He was very impressive in his time here in Tulsa. Prior to being signed, Harstad played 7 games, prior to being assigned to Tulsa on Dec 9. He had played previously with the Moose this season. Did not have any points, however, earlier in the year, but he did acquire 12 PIM in his previous stint with Manitoba. Aaron Harstad, recalled by the Manitoba Moose and he should be in their lineup tonight, we’ll check on that a little but later. The Stevens Point, Wisconsin native. Great guy, really just a nice kid. I enjoyed talking with him, I am glad I had a chance to interview him while he was here. He was one of our interviews, one of our intermission guests. I’m glad I had that opportunity to interview him while he was here. We wish him all the best in Manitoba in the AHL.

Tulsa with the puck in the Rapid City zone. They’ve changed that? I was wondering because I didn’t think Lalancette got that goal. It’s changed to 18, 22, and 4. They’ve changed the goal for Tulsa. I wasn’t sure about Lalancette, I know he was in front of the goal but ultimately I believe it was Adam Pleskach that they’re giving credit to that goal for Tulsa now. Pleskach was the one who touched it last, they were both whacking at it there in front of the goaltender, but it was Pleskach that put it into the goal. That’s his 9th of the season, assisted by Lalancette and Lutz on that Tulsa goal. The correction has been made and we just want to let you know that as well.

Back to the action, Tulsa with the puck, here’s a shot on a turn arounder by Phil Brewer and a save by the goaltender Battochio. He’ll freeze it for a face off. Brewer go the puck in the left circle, turned around and whacked it quickly, it went right into the gut of Battochio and he hung on for the draw. 13:22 remaining first period. A 1-1 tie. If you’re watching on ECHL TV, you can see, when they show the close ups of these uniforms, they look like baseball uniforms being worn by Rapid City.

Puck comes out of the zone on the draw into the neutral ice, cross rink pass to the far side, they send it ahead off a stick, it goes into the corner on the near side, Konan slaps it around to the far side for Tulsa. Brewer gets it there, he’s bumped into the boards my Day Chief, cleared away into the neutral zone. Here come the Oilers over the blue line, DeSalvo sends it on the left side, Konan shot off the boards. To Brewer on the far side, Brewer in the corner, still with the puck. He’s getting bumped there, tries to get it free. Getting a little bit of help over there from Emerson Clark, puck comes lose and the Rapid City Rush recover it. They come away with it. Winston Day Chief on the right side dumps it off into the corner, Narbonne tried a centering pass, it went through to the far side, now sent back to the near side. Konan picks up the loose puck for Tulsa and Konan will get it away.

Here come the Oilers, Ramsay with it, a shot from the right circle, sticked away to the near side but not out, kept in there down behind the net. Taylor Doherty tries to get it away for the Rush. Played along the boards on the far side, now Doherty gets it out of the zone for the Rush, sends it ahead, it was touched, no icing. Oilers get it in their own zone, with it is Brisebois behind the goal. Mathieu Brisebois gets bumped, puck comes free to the far side. Loose puck in front, Ramsay had it momentarily, he gets it poke checked away, Ramsay’s going to go to the bench for a line change. The Rush will get the puck in the neutral zone, they send it ahead into the Tulsa end. After it for the Oilers is the new guy, well, the returning guy, Connor Kucera, pass in front, shot, saved. We have a delayed penalty coming up, this is going to be a hooking penalty, and this is going to go against the Tulsa Oilers. Checking into the penalty box will be Adam Pleskach. Pleskach draws a hooking penalty at 8:10 of this period. It’s the first penalty of the night.

Adam Pleskach will be in the penalty box and the Oilers will be on a Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds penalty kill. Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds, call 918-592-BAIL. 918-592-B-A-I-L. The Rusty Roberts penalty kill unit is going to have to do it’s job here tonight in this first period. Tied at 1 and Pleskach in the penalty box for hooking.

On the face off in the Tulsa zone it is slapped all the way back into the Rapid City end. That’ll kill some of that penalty time. The Rush go back to get it in their own zone, they send it over on the right side. Bringing it out of the zone, it’s slapped ahead by Melindy, into the Tulsa end around behind the goal to the far side, kept in there by Barczuk. Daniel Barczuk fights for it, comes out to the point, over on the right wing now to Melindy. To Stefanovich and the shot on goal goes off the post and it does not go in. I’m sorry, that just threw me, and the referee waved it off. It hit the post and came out.

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