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Anyone who purchases tickets for Opening Night (Friday, October 16 at 7:05 p.m.) can purchase tickets to another game absolutely FREE! This offer is only valid on Friday, September 11th, and only available to those who buy their tickets at the Oilers’ office (9128 E. 46th St.) or buy tickets at the BOK Center from 12-6 p.m.

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Free food and drinks will be provided at the BOK Center and Oilers’ star Adam Pleskach will be available from 2-3 p.m. for pictures, autographs, and questions!

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Alrighty, we’re getting ready to start this 3rd period of hockey. Both teams are out there right now. PA announcer and the music getting the fans pumped up. They drop the puck at center ice, we’re underway with the 3rd period of hockey, pardon me. Third period of hockey, 1-1 tie. Tulsa is back to full strength after just two seconds there of course, as Sova comes out of the penalty box. Now the Oilers are on the man advantage. It’s a York Plumbing power play opportunity for the Tulsa Oilers now, and it’ll be the sixth power play opportunity of the night. Actually, call this the seventh power play opportunity of the night for the Tulsa Oilers.

Oilers with the puck in the Allen zone. Brown sends it over on the left side. Here’s a shot, stick save by Gill. Off his blocker pad actually. Now it’s cleared away in the neutral zone. Back for it is Brown, ahead to DeSalvo at the blue line to Brewer on the right wing. Brewer along the boards on the near side, has it poke checked away and cleared out by Crane back into the Tulsa end.

There’s 40 seconds left to go in the man advantage for the Oilers. Tulsa on the power play. Back come the Oilers. Lalancette on it on the right side into the corner. It comes out to the point for Brisebois. Brisebois in the circle there on the right, goes all the way down low, gets it out to Wong. Here’s a shot by Pleskach, it gets deflected off the glass, stays in play.

On the far side over on the left to Konan. Now to Lalancette. Lalancette gives it to Wong, back out to Konan on the point. Now to Wong, through the slot to the near side. Brisebois, and there’s ten seconds left on the man advantage. Oilers got to take a shot. Here’s a shot by Konan, it gets stopped off the leg of [Contrell 01:38:06]. Now down low on the side of the goal, Oilers couldn’t get it to go.

Parker comes out of the penalty box, the Americans are back to full strength, and Allen clears the puck out of the zone. Back into the neutral ice, Brandon Wong drops it off in his own end for a teammate, as both teams go the bench for a line change.

Back into the Americans’ end, Tulsa with the puck. In the corner boards is Gagnon. Gagnon behind the goal, a wraparound there by Ramsay, and he can’t get it to go. It was knocked away and cleared out back into the Tulsa end. They skate after it, Brown after it there. He gets some help from a teammate, looks like Harstad. Takes it around to the far side. Brings it into the neutral zone.

A head pass to Ramsay. Now into the slot, a shot, glove save. That was a shot taken by Nugent. It went off the glove of the goaltender, Gill, and it stayed in play. However, the Americans recover the puck, and now they reset in their own zone, and bring it through the neutral ice.

Over the blue line, here comes Schultz, his shot saved by Carr. Knocked away and the Oilers will come back with the puck. Slapping it into the Americans’ end is Nugent, as he goes to the bench for a change. Pinkston gets it for the Americans, now gives it away to Makowski who sends it all the way into the Tulsa zone.

Carr will play it behind the goal for the Oilers. Over on the left side for Emerson, to the blue line, and now DeSalvo picks it up. DeSalvo comes into the Americans’ zone, gives it to Emerson. In front, a pass there, nobody there. Knocked away by the Americans.

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