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The Tulsa Oilers announced on Tuesday afternoon that defenseman Aaron Harstad has been re-assigned to Tulsa by the Manitoba Moose—Oilers’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate.

The Stevens Point, WI native has split his time between the two Winnipeg Jets’ teams, appearing in eight contests with each. 

Harstad, signed to an American Hockey League contract with the Moose, produced six points (2 goals, 4 assists) in his eight games with the Oilers.

The Oilers are on the road for their next three games, visiting first the Utah Grizzlies tomorrow night, then heading to Boise to face the Steelheads on Friday and Saturday.   

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Below is an Excerpt for a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: Now over to Brisebois on the right. Point is shot. Save. Rebound comes out. Konan into the circle. He makes a play from there, and a save by the goaltender Shantz. A little stick action by both teams. One of the Oilers there, it looks like Wong, whacking at the puck, trying to get it loose from the goalie. Then he was getting whacked at by one of the Wichita players with a stick. We’re going to get a penalty. I believe it’s going to go to Brandon Wong. No, it’s not. Pardon me. It’s Adam Pleskach. My bad. I apologize. Couldn’t see all the other way down there at the other end who that was in front of the goal. Adam Pleskach will go to the penalty box for Tulsa. That’ll negate the last 57 seconds of the man advantage.

Pleskach is going to get the 2 minutes for slashing. He was the one that was poking at the puck, trying to get it free from the goalie. He got called for slashing. He got slashed in return, but no call on the retaliation. Pleskach in the penalty box 2 minutes for slashing. The teams will play on 4 on 4 now for the next just under a minute. Then the Wichita Thunder will have a power play for about a minute. Wichita with the puck in their own end. They circle behind the goal setting the play there. Now bringing it out on the left wing over the blue line into the Tulsa zone was Oslansky. Oslansky gets stopped on the way in. Recovered by the Oilers’ Harstead. Aaron Harstead sends it over on the left side. Here’s Brewer shot and saved by Shantz. He’ll hang on. We’ll get a face off coming up in the Wichita end.

There’s 17 seconds left to Wichita’s Donny Harris. Then when Harris comes out of the penalty box in 17 seconds, the Wichita Thunder will have a minute 3 power play. That’s the way that penalties will break down here, as we said. I apologize for my coughing still. I feel a lot better than I did last weekend. I sound a little bit better. I have my voice back but still have Thunder nagging cough. I did finally go to the doctor this week during one of the off days and found that I have bronchitis of all things. Although I was given an antibiotic, it’s not helping. It’s a viral infection, apparently. Not bacterial. The antibiotic’s making me feel great, but I still got this nagging cough in my chest, and I apologize.

All right. Wichita back to full strength. Harris is out of the penalty box. Thunder is on the power play. Tulsa’s going to have to kill this one off. Here’s a shot by Wong caught by Shantz. He’ll play it. They’ll bring it out on the left side. Over the blue line into the Tulsa zone, around to the near side to the corner. Down low for Gottier. Gottier with it. Sends it out to the point for Oslansky. Oslansky over on the left wing. Now a shot toward the goal gets deflected, goes wide to the near side. Gottier with it again takes it behind the goal. He’s got a man on him. Harstead chasing him. Now it goes out to the left point, over to the right. Shot. Stick save in front. A couple players got a stick on that one. Now down low. Huff gets it into right circle. Huff shot. Blocker pad save by Carr. Rebound, shot, save, rebound. It’s behind Carr up against the post. Now it’s cleared away. That went off the post as it got behind Carr, and it was cleared up the length of the ice.

The Oilers back to full strength now as Pleskach comes out of the penalty box. Both teams at full strength. 10:25 remaining first period, no score. Puck goes across in front of the goal in the Tulsa zone. Now into the corner boards on the near side. With it is Baptista. Baptista is getting bumped by Lutz. He’ll leave it in the corner for Nelson. He tried to center a pass to Baptista, who couldn’t put a stick on in. Oilers recover the puck and clear it away. It gets touched by a couple of players coming out so it’ll go back into the Wichita zone. No icing. It’s going to right to the goaltender anyway. Shantz is going to hang on. We’ll get a face off in the Wichita zone to the left of the goaltender, David Shantz.

The face off will be to the left of the goaltender, David Shantz in the Wichita end. With 10 minutes exactly remaining here in this first period of play in Wichita. The puck goes around behind the goal to the near boards. Now behind the net they fight for the puck there. Try to get it free. Send it off the boards to the far side. Oilers still with control. Coming in from the point is Brisebois. All the way down to the side of the goal with the puck. Now he sends it back down into the slot back into the corner. Brisebois took it down low to the side of the goal and then cleared it back out. Passed it. Drop passed then back out in the slot. Now the Oilers get it again. Still in the zone. Here’s a shot on goal saved by Shantz. He puts it up off his stick in the air and he catches it. Fans are impressed by that I see. Maybe I am, too. Wow.

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