The Tulsa Oilers of the ECHL, affiliate of the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League and the Manitoba Moose of the American Hockey League announce they will turn back the clock and wear retro Oilers jerseys on the ice against the Wichita Thunder this Saturday, January 9, presented by Precision Screen Manufacturing.

The night will feature retro jerseys, retro music and a Vatterott Oilers Pennant to each of the first 1,000 fans through the doors.

Want to take a piece of history home with you? Following the end of the third period, these game-worn jerseys will be auctioned off to fans in the BOK Center’s ONEOK Club.

The Oilers head to Wichita, Kansas this Friday night to visit the Thunder for another divisional matchup.

Don’t miss a drop of oil! Follow the Tulsa Oilers on Twitter to join the conversation, Snapchat (@tulsa_oilers) for behind the scenes action and like Tulsa Oilers Hockey on Facebook. For ticket information check us out or call 918-632-7825.

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Below is an Excerpt from a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: Back with you here in the first intermission. Jeff with Tulsa Oilers hockey as the Oilers lead it 1 to nothing after one period of play. Shantz on goal in the first period. Tulsa 13, Wichita 11 shots on goal through one period of play. That only goal came late in the period at 16:04 of the period on the goal by Dennis Brown. Brown’s second goal of the season. Assited by DeSalvo and Clark. Emerson Clark took the face off and came back to DeSalvo and Dan DeSalvo dropped it back to the top of the point. There was defenseman Dennis Brown waiting for it. He took a nice shot from the blue line up the slot into the goal. That was the only goal of the first period of play on the power play, nonetheless. Tulsa scoring with the man advantage at 16:04 of the first period. Tulsa right now 1 for 3 in power play chances, although their third power play will continue into the second period.

Tulsa has a power play opportunity with a penalty to Wichita’s Michael Neal. That will carry over into the second period for a another 52 seconds. Tulsa will have a man advantage. Oilers currently sitting with a one goal lead and currently sitting on a power play opportunity. That penalty that Michael Neal that came late in the period there, that was that interference on goalkeeper. Goalkeeper? That’s soccer. They literally had it written as goalkeeper down here. Goaltender in hockey. They had it written down as goalkeeper on the score sheet, though. Maybe some of the folks that work off ice here also work soccer matches. Goaltender interference there called against Michael Neal. That penalty carries over into the next period.

Brown with his second goal of the season puts Tulsa up 1 nothing here in the first period of play. Now, there are some other ECHL games going on around the league. We can give you an update on these. Let me refresh here real quick, so I make sure I’m up to date on these scores as we tell them. Adirondack looking at a 4 goal lead right now. 4 to nothing leading Manchester after 2 periods of play. Also, Reading is leading 1 nothing over Elmira. Redding leading Elmira. That’s after 2 periods. Greenville leads Atlanta 2 to 1. They’ve played 2 periods in Atlanta. South Carolina with a 1 goal lead, 3 to 2 over Norfolk. They’ve played 2 periods in South Carolina. Toledo with a 2 to nothing lead over Wheeling after 2 periods of play. Fort Wayne on top of Kalamazoo, 2 to 1. That gain with 11:47 remaining in the second period. Fort Wayne on top of Kalamazoo 2,1.

With 11:50 left to play in the first period, Missouri and Allen are tied at 1,1. Allen and Missouri tied 1,1. A central division showdown there in Allen, Texas tonight with 11:50 left to go in the first. They are tied at 1. Quad City in Indianapolis are tied at 1. That’s after one period of play. With a minute 29 left to go in the first period, Evansville is trailing at home against Cincinnati. Cincinnati leading 1, nothing in the first. Other games that’ll be starting a little later out west, Rapid City will take on Colorado, and Utah will be at Idaho. Those games coming up a little bit later on on the schedule here this evening. Thank you.

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