The Tulsa Oilers, proud ECHL affiliate of the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose, partner with the Salvation Army as they host their annual Teddy Bear Toss this Friday, December 11th and ring bells for donations on Wednesday, December 16th.

Oilers fans are asked to bring a new teddy bear to be tossed onto the ice after Tulsa scores their first goal against the Idaho Steelheads this Friday. The Salvation Army will collect and re-gift these cuddly friends of cotton to children in need this holiday season.

In conjunction with donations of these furry friends, the Tulsa Oilers will be ringing bells next Wednesday to help The Salvation Army in their giving efforts.

Oilers players and staff will be stationed at Sam’s Club at Tulsa Hills, located at 7757 S Olympia Ave. from 12:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. Fans are welcome to come donate, take pictures and receive autographs.

Last holiday season The Salvation Army Tulsa and volunteers donated over 17,000 hours of the time to ring a bell, serve a meal or donate items. These efforts benefitted over 9,000 children, 2,000 seniors and more than 4,500 families. Help others for the holidays and start a family tradition by volunteering with The Salvation Army Tulsa. For more information, visit salarmytulsa.org.

Click here to buy tickets and help make Oilers Teddy Bear Toss History!

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Face-off will come all the way back into the Tulsa zone. 5:40 left to go here in this 1st period of play, and we’ve got an official timeout on the ice.

Tulsa’s right winger, Dennis Brown, continues to climb up the points standings. Brown leads the Oilers with 14 assists, and he has recorded a plus-13. Dennis Brown out of Western Michigan University. He played the last two years with the Ontario Reign, which was previously coached by Oiler head coach, Jason Christie.

In 47 games last season, Brown registered 14 assists total, and he’s already at that mark this season. Good job by Dennis Brown. He’s one of the Tulsa play makers, I’ll tell you that. With 14 assists already this season in only 21 games, he is bound to get many, many more, we’re sure.

All right. I hope to get over this chest cold and congestion or whatever over the Christmas break here, folks, and hopefully next Saturday, when we go to Wichita, we’ll have the full voice back and none of this coughing business, but I do have to apologize. Horrible time to get sick, right when you start broadcasting Oilers hockey.

DeSalvo with it into the Americans’ zone in the corner. DeSalvo in the corner boards, gets bumped there. Puck goes around to the far side, cleared away and up the ice. Carr will stop it, leave it for a teammate there in the Tulsa end.

Setting the play behind the goal is Brown. There is the man we were just talking about, Dennis Brown, gets it ahead to Brewer. Now it’s broken up by the Americans and cleared back into the Tulsa end.

Carr will leave it there again. Carr behind the goal. Now he sets the play, leaves it there for a teammate. Back come the Oilers. Here’s Clark. Clark over on the left side, now on the right to Lalancette. Lalancette with it behind the goal, sends it around to the far boards. Nobody there. The Americans race after it, and clear it up the ice.

4:34 remaining, 1st period, 1-0 Tulsa lead. Oilers will reset in their own zone. With it is Brandon Wong. He sends it over on the left wing for Konan. Now they send it ahead into the Americans’ end. Behind the goal, Wong gets it there, slapped away. Pleskach helping him out now, goes back to the point to Konan. Over on the right side here for Brisebois. Mathieu Brisebois, his shot goes wide, as it’s tipped away into the corner boards and goes bouncing, all the way back out into the neutral zone.

4:00 remaining 1st period, 1-0, Americans with the lead. A head passed, Lalancette skating after it, Gill comes way out to knocked it away with his stick. Now to the point to Konan. Over on the left wing, Lalancette to Wong, back to Lalancette in the circle, to Wong, out to Konan. Over on the right, Brisebois. Brisebois sends it toward the goal, Wong tips it, but it goes just wide.

The Americans are back to full strength as Parker comes out of the penalty box. Shot toward the goal, deflected away. Now behind the net, another York Plumbing power play opportunity comes to an end there for the Tulsa Oilers. Remember, York Plumbing, call 918-833-3200.

3:17 remaining in the 1st period of play. Americans with it, flip it into the air into the neutral zone. Brown sends it over to the nearside, Harstad after it into the corner boards. He’s bumped there by Schultz. Harstad for Tulsa, still with the puck in the corner. Sends it out to the right point, kept in at the right point by the Oilers’ Gagnon. Now to the far side, and clears away up the length of the ice, all the way into the Tulsa zone. That should be icing, and it is.

2:47 remaining, 1st period of play, and we have a 1-0 Allen Americans lead in this one. Tulsa 0-for-3 on the power play opportunities so far tonight. The Allen Americans 0-for-1 in power play chances, but the Americans did get a goal on a shorthanded goal.

Americans with it now. Through the center circle comes Costello, the former Oiler. Now he loses control of the puck, back comes Brisebois with it for Tulsa. A head pass for DeSalvo, shot, kick save, rebound goes wide to the far side. Nobody for the Oilers played it, and the Americans clear it away once again all the way back in the Tulsa zone with 2:20 left to go in the 1st.


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