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Tulsa Oilers vs. Wichita Thunder – 7:05 p.m. at BOK Center
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Tulsa Oilers
Overall: 10-10-2-1 (23 points)
Home: 7-6-2-0
Road: 3-4-0-1
Rank: 3rd in Central Division

Wichita Thunder
Overall: 7-17-0-1 (15 points)
Home: 5-6-0-1
Road: 2-11-0-0
Rank: 4th in Central Division

Goals: Emerson Clark – 9
Assists: Dennis Brown – 14
Points: Adam Pleskach – 17
+/-: Dennis Brown +13
PIM: Emerson Clark – 61

Goals: Andrew Huff – 6
Assists: Peter Sakaris – 9
Points: Peter Sakaris, Andrew Huff – 13
+/-: Ian Lowe, -16
PIM: Dan Milan- 43

Overall: 135-107-27
Home: 73-47-14
Road: 62-60-14

The Oilers welcome Wichita back into the BOK Center tonight after falling to the Thunder last night in a 3-2 overtime battle. Wichita was able to break their 11-game straight road loss streak after outshooting and outscoring the Oilers. After showing up empty handed for two periods, the Oilers responded twice in the third frame which lead them to an eventual overtime loss. Acquired yesterday, Axel Blomqvist tallied the tying goal for Tulsa in his Oilers debut. The Oilers are now 2-1-1-1 against the Thunder this season.

Goaltender Kevin Carr has started in each of the Oilers’ last 11 games and ranks ninth in the ECHL. With 951 minutes played this season, Carr is 8-7-1-0 with a 2.02 goals against average. Last night’s contest was Carr’s first overtime loss of the 2015-16 campaign.

Right-winger Dennis Brown continues to climb up the point ladder. Brown leads the Oilers with 14 assists and has recorded a +13. The Western Michigan University product spent the last two seasons under Coach Christie’s wing as well when he played for the Ontario Reign. In 47 games during the 2014-15 season, Brown registered 14 assists total—his current number in only 20 games with Tulsa.

On Sunday the Oilers snapped the Missouri Maverick’s franchise historic 14-game winning streak. With three multi-point players (DeSalvo 1g/1a, Clark 1g/1a, Konan 2a), a strong power play (2 PP goals) and a quick goalie, the Oilers broke down the hottest team in the ECHL 4-3. Tulsa also took part in the breaking of the Thunder’s 11-game road loss streak last night when the Oilers were defeated.

Last week, the Tulsa Oilers were assigned rookie defenseman Aaron Harstad from the Manitoba Moose. The Wisconsin native has played in seven games for Manitoba this season and now three for the Oilers where he has produced two goals since his arrival. The Colorado College product was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets in the seventh round (187th overall) in 2011. Just yesterday, the Oilers announced arrival of left wing Axel Blomqvist. The 6’7 forward from Sweden, who was also a gift from Manitoba, scored a goal in his debut with the Oilers last night late in the third period.

Dan DeSalvo is ranked 15th amongst ECHL Rookies with 16 points… Tulsa remains the only team in the league to have not allowed a shorthanded goal… Tonight the Oilers will host an ugly sweater specialty jersey night—jerseys will be auctioned off following the contest…

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Below is an Excerpt for a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: Picked up by Brandon Wong. Slapped ahead. Wichita recovers in their own end. Thunder send it out in the neutral ice. At the blue line, Brisebois gets it for Tulsa. Brings it over the blue line into the Wichita zone. Now slapped away. Cleared out by the Thunder once again. All the way back into the Tulsa zone. Carr will play it to the side of the goal to Lutz. Nathan Lutz with it. Over to Lalancette. Cross rink pass to far side. Now cross to the left to Pleskach. He has it knocked away. Sent ahead by Konan back into the Wichita end. You heard from Matt Konan during the first intermission tonight. He was our first intermission guest. Tulsa recovers the puck in their own zone. Konan with it now in the left circle. Leaves it for Sova. Joe Sova with it to the red line slaps it ahead into the Wichita end. It goes behind the goal. Stopped there by Shantz. He’ll leave it for a teammate. 16:10 remaining here in this third period of play. Over the blue line come the Thunder with it into the corner boards.

Miller, he has it knocked away to the blue line. Kept in at the point by Springer. His shot toward the goal gets deflected to the far side and cleared away by the Oilers. Lalancette with it. Now up on the right wing. He goes into the Wichita zone. Dumps it into the corner. Gets it himself. Behind the goal Lalancette with it still on the left side. Centering pass in front. Here’s a shot, kick, save, rebound. Comes wide to the goal. Out to the blue line then cleared away by the Thunder. Oilers had a chance there on the offensive end. However, it was stopped by the goaltender Shantz. Back come the Oilers with it again. Brewer in the neutral zone. Sends it over to Clark. Back to Brewer in the left circle. Backhander. Tried to put it through the crease. It went through to the far side. Clark couldn’t catch up with it quick enough. Back come the Thunder with it again. Lizon with it.

Into the corner boards Nelson now. He’s bumped there. Goes behind the goal. Baptista shot on goal, sticked away by Carr. Fans want a penalty. No call. Puck comes clear to the near side. DeSalvo gets it for Tulsa. Here comes Dan with it over the blue line, into the Wichita zone, into the circle. DeSalvo’s gets pushed and skated off the puck. Now it goes into the corner boards. Recovered behind the goal. Picked up by the Thunder once again. They clear it up to the neutral zone. Stopped down by Brisebois. Leaves it for Lutz. Back to Brisebois in their own end for Tulsa. They reset from there. Here comes Lutz over the red line to the blue line. On the left circle is Lutz. Goes behind the goal with the puck still. Drops it off there behind the net. Now they work it into the corner for Ramsey. Down low to Nugent. Now behind the goal to Wong. Around to the near side.

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