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ECHL Announces Fantasy Team and Golden Goalie Participants

Thursday, January 7th
ECHL Announces Fantasy Team and Golden Goalie Participants

The ECHL announced on Thursday the winner for each team in the 2015-16 ECHL Fantasy Team, presented by The MeiGray Group, as well as the goaltenders who will be participating for each of the League’s 28 teams in the Golden Goalie Program.

Fans had the opportunity to vote on ECHL.com for one player on each ECHL member team’s ballot to help select the 2015-16 Fantasy Team. The winning player will wear a special ECHL Fantasy Team jersey at an upcoming home game.

A goaltender for each team will also participate in the MeiGray Golden Goalie Program. The starting goaltender for each team on the preselected date will wear a special jersey.

Both the Fantasy Team skater and the Golden Goalie will wear a specially-designed jersey at a predetermined home game between Jan. 22-Feb. 23.

Each of the Fantasy Team skater and MeiGray goaltender jerseys will be available for bid through The MeiGray Group. Jerseys will be available for bid starting on March 3 and running through March 24.

The winning skater and the participating goaltender for the Tulsa Oilers: Mathieu Gagnon and Kevin Carr.

The date for Gagnon and Carr to wear their special jerseys has yet to be determined and will be announced closer to the game.

The Oilers head to Wichita, Kansas tomorrow night to visit the Thunder for another divisional matchup.

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Below is an Excerpt of a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: The Oilers will have a 1:08 power play chance here. Then 52 seconds of that will carry over into the next period. One of the Oilers, Emerson Clark kicked out of the face off circle, so DeSalvo will take the draw this time. Now remember, the Oilers just scored with this line out there on a power play a moment ago, so here it goes. Back into the Tulsa end. Carr will leave it there for the Oilers. Brown will get it for Tulsa and reset the play from his own zone. Here comes Carr. He has Harstead on the left. Harstead with the puck at the red line. Dumps it off into the Wichita zone behind the net. Sean sends it around to the far side. Kept in there. Now cleared away by the Thunder all the way up the ice into the Tulsa zone. Carr will play it again behind the goal. 35 seconds left in the period. Brown gets it again from behind the net. Gives it to Harstead on the left wing over the red line. Harstead comes to the blue line.

Tried to center ring pass. Intercepted. Deflected and shot up the ice by the Thunder. Carr plays it again. Oilers making a line change. 18 seconds left in the period. Maybe one more rush up the ice now for the Oilers. Here they go. On the power play is Tulsa. Brisebois gets it ahead. Little bit too far ahead for Konan to handle. It’s recovered by the Thunder. They’ll clear it away. All the way into the Tulsa zone. Down to 2 seconds. That’ll be it. That’s the end of the first period of play. The Oilers get a 1 goal on a power play here in this first period of play. They have a man advantage as they end the period, and that’ll carry over. There will be 52 seconds left in the penalty to Wichita. That’ll be coming up in the second period as Tulsa will continue on this power play opportunity.

Right now, Tulsa Oilers holding onto a 1 nothing lead here after one period of play. We’ll take a time out. We’ll come back with our first intermission, and we’ll take a look at some other scores around the east coast hockey league. We’ll recap what’s going on here in this first period of play and then some when we continue. You’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey …

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