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Oilers Fall to Idaho, 4-2

Saturday, December 12th
Oilers Fall to Idaho, 4-2

Tulsa’s 4-2 loss battling the Steelheads (Photo by: Kevin Pyle – www.PhotoPyle.com)

The Oilers failed to complete the sweep of the Idaho Steelheads Friday after losing the second game of a back-to-back, 4-2. The Steelheads peppered Carr with 38 shots to come away with the victory.

Scoring opened in unusual fashion when Brian Nugent of the Oilers slipped past an aggressive Steelheads powerplay and scored a shorthanded goal on a cross-ice feed from Jordyn Kremer 5:21 into the game.

Carr was busy early in his ninth consecutive start as he turned away a penalty shot from Cole Ully with 11:47 remaining in the first period. The Steelheads would test Carr 16 times in the first period.

The Oilers lead was quickly ended as Kyle Jean scored his first goal as a Steelhead 11:37 into the first period on a breakaway created by a stretch pass from Bouvest-Morrisette.

Tulsa wasted no time getting on the board in the second frame as Aaron Harstad scored backdoor on a feed from Dennis Brown 46 seconds in. Harstad now has a goal in both his appearances as an Oiler after being assigned from the Manitoba Moose of the AHL.

Idaho would tie the game minutes later when Jeff Dahl scored his 10th of the season after steering in a blocked shot from Tommy Fallen just 3:29 into the second period.

The Oilers penalty kill wouldn’t be as fortuitous as it was in the first period, as the Steelhead’s Zack Kamrass scored on a rocket from the point during a 5-on-3 advantage. The Steelheads are a perfect 3-3 on the 5-on-3 advantage this season.

Corbin Baldwin dashed the Oilers hopes of a comeback with an empty netter with 1:20 remaining in the game.

The Steelheads win gave goaltender Maxime Lagace his third win in nine appearances.

The Oilers will look to bounce back on Sunday against the Missouri Mavericks by snapping the Mavericks 14-game winning streak. The game will take place at 4:05 p.m. central time at the BOK Center in Tulsa.


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Below is an Excerpt for a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: We’ll start the shootout with 3 players a side. We’ll see what happens here in the shootout. Talk about nerve-wracking. It’s always nerve-wracking. Shots on goal so far in this game, Wichita 38, Tulsa 32 shots on goal. Both teams getting set for the shootout. Better get a drink of some water here … Let’s see. We’ve played a 1, 1 tie through overtime and I’m waiting to see who’s going to shoot first. I don’t know which team elected to shoot first here in the overtime. They haven’t put anybody on the ice just yet even though the time is expired. Tulsa going to shoot first. Tulsa’s Brandon Wong will shoot first. Wong takes it in the left circle. Shot in between the legs. [inaudible 02:35:14]. A goal by Brandon Wong in the shootout. The Oilers take a 1 zip lead here in this shootout on the goal by Wong.

Logan Nelson’s going to shoot for Wichita. Nelson skates to the right. Comes to the middle of the slot. Tries to deep the goaltender and he does. Puts it back on the forehand and puts it around a sprawling Carr. Nelson scores for Wichita. Each team with a goal in their first shooters. Tulsa now will put Adam Pleskach on the ice. Pleskach takes the puck at center ice. Goes over in the left circle on the forehand up top and it’s in. [inaudible 02:36:07] for Pleskach. He went up high into the corner of the goal. Pleskach scores it for Tulsa.

Ian Lowe will be the next shooter for Wichita. Tulsa has scored on both of their first two. Here comes Lowe up the slot on the forehander. Tried to put it through the 5 hole. Nice stop by Carr. They miss on that one. Tulsa 2 to 1 right now in the shootout. Dennis Brown is going to shoot next for the Oilers. If Brown scores, it’s over, folks. Here he comes over the blue line. Up the slot. Brown on the forehand. Gets around the goaltender. Tried to put it on the side door, but the goalie was wise to it and stuck out his life pad there. Brown is stopped on his attempt. 2 the 1, Tulsa with the lead.

Andrew Huff will shoot next for Wichita. If he scores, we’re tied. We continue. If he doesn’t, we win. Here we go. Huff, up the middle, backhander stopped by Carr [inaudible 02:37:13] The Oilers win it here tonight in the shootout as Carr stops Huff on that one. Tulsa wins it on 2 goals in the shootout. 1 by Wong, 1 by Pleskach. The Oilers come away with a shootout victory here tonight in Wichita. Wow. [inaudible 02:37:32] for Tulsa. A 2 to 1 win here tonight in Wichita. Goal scoring in this one. Tulsa scored first in the first period at 16:04 of the period on a goal by Dennis Brown, his second of the year. Assisted by DeSalvo and Clark.

Then Wichita tied the game at 17:33 of the second period. That was a goal by Michael Neal. His third of the season assisted by Sides and Lizon. It stayed tied 1, 1 throughout the third period. Referee is talking to Kevin Carr down here. Conversation between Carr and the referee following the shootout. Not exactly sure what’s going on there. Now they skate away and skate off. Shots on goal in this. Let me continue with the scoring. We went to overtime period of no score. Scoreless in the overtime. Then in the shootout, hang on. [inaudible 02:38:34] I want to hear the 3 stars. I’m wanting to hear the 3 stars of the game. In the shootout, Brandon Wong scoring for Tulsa first, then Nelson answered for Wichita. Then Adam Pleskach scores for Tulsa to give Tulsa a 2, 1 lead. Then Lowe misses. Brown misses for Tulsa. Huff misses for Wichita. Tulsa wins it.

Tulsa with Wong and Pleskach. Here’s the stars. Three stars of the game. David Shantz is the third star, the goalie for Wichita. Adam Pleskach is the number 2 star of the game for Tulsa. Then the number one star is Tulsa’s goaltender Kevin Carr. I got to agree with those. That’s not a bad selection of three stars of the game. The Tulley Law Firm 3 Stars of the Game. Again, the number 3 star is David Shantz, the goaltender for Wichita. The number 2 star, Tulsa’s Adam Pleskach, and the number 1 star of the game tonight, Tulsa goaltender Kevin Carr, who stopped 37 of 38 shots on goal tonight. Great performance again by Kevin Carr stopping 37 of 38 shots. Stopped 2 out of the 3 shots in the shootout tonight to hold on for Tulsa for the shootout victory tonight as the Oilers are victorious in the shootout.

That’s the Tulley Law Firm 3 Stars of the Game. All right. Wrapping it up here from Wichita. Now remember, we’ll be on the air New Year’s Eve from Rapid City, South Dakota. 7:35 central time. 6:35 mountain time. 7:35 central time face off in Rapid City. That’ll be coming up next Thursday evening, New Year’s Eve. Will be in Rapid City, South Dakota. We hope you’ll join us for that one right here at Ustream.tv and also on ECHL TV as the Tulsa Oilers win it tonight. Our final score 2 to 1. Tulsa wins it in a shootout in Wichita. Jeff Brookilary saying so long everybody and have a great rest of the weekend.

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