The Tulsa Oilers announced on Wednesday that defenseman Aaron Harstad has been assigned to Tulsa from the Manitoba Moose, the Oilers’ American Hockey League affiliate.

Harstad, 23, comes to the Oilers after appearing in seven games with the Moose this season and registering 12 penalty minutes. A product of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, the defenseman spent the 2014-15 season making his professional debut in the AHL with St. Johns where he played in five games.

Prior to attending Colorado College where he appeared in 127 career contests, Harstad was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets’ in the seventh round (187th overall) in 2011.

Tomorrow the Oilers will begin their three-game weekend when they welcome the Idaho Steelheads to the BOK Center for the first time in franchise history. Puck drops at 7:05 p.m. For ticket information on tomorrow’s contest, call 918-632-7825 or visit www.tulsaoilers.com .

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Now, on the left wing, a shot, kick save, rebound goes just wide of the goal. Shot by Harstad, save by Gill. Nice play by Aaron Harstad. Pushing and shoving, we’ve got a delayed penalty. It’s coming against the Americans, and it’ll be a hooking penalty. This’ll be the second York Plumbing power play opportunity for the Oilers here in this game. It comes at 11:05 of the 1st period. It’s going to be Aaron Gens in the penalty box for the Allen Americans, and Tulsa with the man advantage, their second time tonight.

Face-off in the Americans’ zone. It’s a hooking penalty, by the way, against the Americans’ Gens. Now the referee is calling another hooking penalty right after that face-off, and this one goes against the Oilers. Forget the power play. Now, Brandon Wong is going to the penalty box with a hooking penalty, and that’ll even it up, 4-on-4, as only three seconds ticked off the Americans’ penalty following that face-off and Wong getting called for a hook. Wow.

I didn’t see it. I’m watching the replay, but … I don’t know. I still didn’t see it.

Back to the action. The Oilers with it into the Americans’ zone. Now, it’s broken up. They keep it in momentarily. Kicked out, now in the neutral zone. Back come the Americans with it over the blue line into the Tulsa end. Down in the corner, after it is Brisebois for Tulsa. Sends it around to the near boards.

Off the boards to Blomqvist. Blomqvist with it now over the blue line, handling it into the corner. Blomqvist, still on the puck, gets bumped there, checked there, into the corner boards. After it for Tulsa is Lalancette. Lalancette with it, sends it out to the point. At the point, Konan leaves it for Lalancette. Now, he has to go back into the neutral zone to recover does Konan.

Cross-rink pass over to Lalancette now on the right wing. Lalancette in the circle, a shot off the glass, to the far side, and it comes out.

4-on-4 hockey right now. One minute left in the penalty to the Americans, then they’ll have a three-second power play.

Shot toward the goal goes behind the goal, around to the near side, picked up by Costello. Costello with it on the left wing, sends it across to the right side, back up to the blue line for Roy. Roy for the Americans, now to Costello on the left side. Right wing, shot toward the net, but deflected by the Oilers’ Blomqvist on the way in. The Americans still have control of the puck, though, in the Tulsa zone. Centering pass, in the slot, out to the point, Roy with a shot, and a save by Carr.

According to the scoreboard, there’s 20 seconds left in the Americans’ penalty to Gens, and then that would be four seconds that they would have a power play because there’s 24 seconds left in the penalty to Brandon Wong.

It’s really … Technically there was three seconds that ticked off the main clock, but with the digital clocks and the tenths of seconds, hard to say exactly, but that’s what it’s looking like on the penalty clocks right now.

Puck in the oilers’ zone on the blue line. The Americans have control of the puck to Lafontaine. JP Lafontaine puts it in the corner. Out of the penalty box comes Gens. Americans on a four-second power play. Now Wong is out of the penalty box, both teams are back to full strength here with 6:45 left to go, 1st period. The Americans with a 1-0 lead.

Puck along the boards on the near side. Few players there gathering together. Now they get it free. Mike Gunn tries to send it toward the goal for the Americans. It goes behind the net, picked up by the Oilers’ Aaron Harstad. He sends it over on the left side.

Bringing it out for the Oilers, here comes Clark with it … Excuse me, that’s Brewer. Phil Brewer with it on the backhand. Brewer goes around, a wraparound, in front, shot, save, rebound comes out to the point.

There’s Brown with it. Brown sends it over on the left side, poke checked a way, Brewer can’t get the shot off. Now the Americans return the favor. Here they come.

In over the blue line to Descoteaux, his shot is deflected into the mesh, out of play. 6:04 remaining in this 1st period of play. 1-0, Allen with the lead.

Coming up in our 1st intermission, we’ll have a conversation with Brandon Wong.

Face-off in the Tulsa zone, out to the blue line. Kept in by the Americans. Behind the goal, now around to the nearside, however the Oilers with pick it up. With it is DeSalvo. He has his stick knocked out of his hands, loses the puck, it goes all the way into the Americans’ zone, and it’s going to be an icing.

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