Ray Miron, flanked by former Oilers’ head coaches Garry Unger (left) and Bruce Ramsay (right), drops the puck at the Oilers’ Alumni Game at the Oilers Ice Center in 2012.

TULSA, OK – The sport of hockey and the Tulsa Oilers organization lost one of its biggest advocates and closest friends on Thursday night with the passing of Ray Miron at the age of 92.

Miron, who died at his home in Tulsa, played an integral role in bringing hockey back to northeast Oklahoma. The Cornwall, Ontario native founded the Central Hockey League in 1992 with member clubs in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Fort Worth, Memphis, and Wichita. Miron served as CHL President until 1997 and the trophy awarded to the CHL’s annual champion was named in his honor as the “Ray Miron President’s Cup.”

From 1964 to 1976, Miron served as an executive in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ organization and managed the Leafs’ affiliations with the Tulsa Oilers and the Oklahoma City Blazers. Miron was the Head Coach of the Oilers during the 1973-74 season and went on to spend the next two seasons as the bench boss in Oklahoma City. After a stint as General Manager of the Colorado Rockies of the NHL, Miron was named the Commissioner of the six-team Atlantic Coast Hockey League in 1983.

For his many contributions to the game, Miron was honored by the NHL in 2004 with the prestigious Lester Patrick Trophy. The trophy is presented annually to recognize individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to hockey in the United States.

The front office staff members of the Tulsa Oilers would like to extend their thoughts, prayers, and condolences to the Miron family and would like to express their thanks and gratitude for Ray’s support, encouragement, and friendship over the years.

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Below is an Excerpt from a Tulsa Oilers Game

Yeah, something like that. I was surprised by that. Really good crowd, lot of people. I did not expect that at all, so that was really cool. Good arena. I didn’t expect that either. Everything’s really good here, so I’m really happy about that.

A lot of people will make mention of the BOK Center, this arena, this venue is fairly new, about six, seven years old, and boy, a lot of teams come in here, and they’re marveled by what we have here. It’s a great facility.

Oh yeah, it’s great. Really good. Been around the A now, this arena’s really good, just compared to that league. I’m really happy to be here. It’s a great facility and good fans. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

You stay here for a little bit, you enjoy your time in Tulsa, you play well, you contribute to the team, and who knows. Hopefully you won’t stay here too long.

Yeah, exactly. Just trying to make the most out of this, and as I said, get ice time and get better.

All right, Axel, thank you very much.

Thank you.

Axel Blomqvist, [inaudible 01:30:25].

[inaudible 01:30:27] because … Tell you a little bit more about Axel Blomqvist. In fact, here, interestingly, he came over from Sweden. He’s a native of Osby, Sweden, and came from Sweden to play in his junior … Played junior hockey up in Lethbridge, Canada, and was in the Western Hockey League. Played two seasons with Lethbridge, and then played with Victoria for two seasons. Excuse me, or parts of two seasons, and then went from Victoria last year in a trade to Moosejaw, and then traded over to Manitoba Moose, and started this season with the Manitoba Moose in the …

I shouldn’t say traded. He got signed by the Manitoba Moose, obviously, in the AHL, but he was traded from Victoria to the Moosejaw Warriors last year, and then went to the Manitoba Moose this year. Signed his first pro contract under the Jets organization, and from ten games played in Manitoba, didn’t get a whole lot of ice time, and he has joined the Tulsa Oilers this past Friday.

Alex Blomqvist, 20 year old young man, 6’7″ he stands, 220 pounds. Interesting guy, and I think we’re going to see him … No pun intended, okay? No pun intended, but I really think we’re going to see him bloom into really a good player, and I think he has some really good potential on the ice with his size. Of course, if he can definitely develop that size, that will certainly be a plus for him. Obviously, developing his skills and getting a little bit stronger as well at the same time.

Other Swedes that have come over from Sweden, and have played in the NHL, currently, Anton Stralman, Niklas Kronwall, Daniel Sedin, who he mentioned, Henrik Sedin, Henrik Zetterberg, Nicklas Backstrom, Victor Hedman … Victor Hedman currently playing the NHL. Many others. Erik Karlsson … There’s several Swedes, and of course, we can’t forget maybe one of the best known and best players out there right now, especially in goal for the New York Rangers, Henrik Lundquist. Henrik Lundquist with the New York Rangers, of course.

Axel Blomqvist not the first, and he hopes to not be the last to make it from Sweden. We’ll take a break, and we’ll come back with our 3rd period of hockey. We’re tied at one after two period of play. You’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey.

All right, can’t seem to get the commercial to play. Hang with me, folks. What’s going on here?

All right, we’ll try that again.

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