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Below is an Excerpt of a Tulsa Oilers Game

We’re tied at 1 and that came at 1:18 into this first period of play. 2 quick goals here in under 2 minutes. Puck is in the Rapid City zone, here’s a shot from the point and a save by the goaltender Battochio. We’ll have a face off in the Rapid City end. 1-1 our score, 17:31 remaining first period of play. Christophe Lalancette scores 19 seconds into the period, his 5th of the season, assisted by Lutz and Blomqvist and then Garrett Clarke scores his second of the year for Rapid City at 1:18 assisted by O’Rourke and Ciotti.

Puck comes into the neutral zone. The Rush get it there, they back it up into their own end over Brannon, sends it to the far side, now cross rink to the near side. Picked up by Ciotti, he carries it in over the blue line, dumps it off in the corner, after it there behind the goal is Brannon. Scott Brannon gets bumped into the boards by the Oilers Brisebois now it’s sent out to the point kept in by the Rush. Knocked away, nice play there by the Oilers, who was that, Gagnon I believe, Mathieu Gagnon knocked it out of the zone back into the neutral zone all the way into the Rush end. The Rush get the puck, the Oilers are making a line change it’s a two on two coming back, here’s a shot it goes wide of the goal to the near corner. Out to the point, kept in here along the boards on the near side into the corner, back out, Christophe Lalancette sends it out to the neutral zone, it went off the stick of one of the Oilers, Ramsay, and the Rush recover.

They flip it up into the air an back into the Tulsa zone along the boards on the near side, Ramsay gets it there, now he plays it away, Blomqist sends it around to the far side. Ramsay bumped into the boards, it comes free to Gagnon, to Lutz, around to Blomqvist but too far ahead it goes all the way into the Rapid City end and it’ll be an icing against the Oilers. 16:15 remaining, first period, 1-1 score. Tulsa and Rapid City off to a quick start here tonight.

Our first intermission guest tonight will be the man that just came off the IR, Connor Kucera, Kucera will be our guest in the first intermission this evening. Puck along the boards on the far side, now the Oilers get it, they bring it out. Lalancette gets bumped, puck gets slapped back into the Tulsa end. Carr will play it off the boards in the corner out to the point, Pommells keeps it in for Rapid City, leaves it there for a teammate, Melindy sends it toward the goal, sticked away by Carr, now played away to the far side. Back over to Melindy on the right wing. Over to Pommells, intercepted Lalancette gets it, it’s a breakaway for Lalancette, he loses it off the stick, he gets behind the goal, bumped there by Melindy, the puck played around to the near side. Brought back by Rapid City over the blue line into the Tulsa zone, Ciotti, Ciotti steps to the goal, now gives it around to the far side. Day Chief gets it behind the goal, no, he has it slapped away by the Oilers and knocking it away was Konan to the near side.

Into the corner boards they bumped, the puck goes free to the far side. Picked up there by the Rush, but it comes out over the blue line, they’ll have to reset. The Oilers come back out to play it in the neutral zone. They try to stop a man coming in on the near side, however O’Rourke gets bumped into the boards, but plays the puck away to the far side. Brewer sends it around to the point for Tulsa. A pass intercepted in the Tulsa zone, a shot saved by Carr. He’ll slam on it with his glove and he’ll freeze it for a face off. Dangerous pass in the Tulsa end was intercepted by one of the Rush players and he ends up taking a shot on goal saved by Carr. Carr will freeze it. We get a face off coming to the left of Kevin Carr in the Tulsa end. Brandon Wong will take the face off for Tulsa against Ciotti of Rapid City. Wong wins it, he gets it away to a teammate Nugent, Brian Nugent sends it up the ice. Picked up, however, by the rush in the neutral zone.

Stolen back, with it is Ramsay, over the blue line, a shot up high by Wong and a save by the goaltender Battochio. That shot came up high, I think it bounced off the glass then Battochio smothered it. We’ll get a face off coming in the Rapid City end. There are some other games going on in the AHL tonight, the AHL, the ECHL tonight, we’ll give you those scores in a moment, I’m thinking AHL because I started to tell you about Aaron Harstad, called up by the Manitoba Moose of the AHL, we’re going to check in on them as they are playing tonight, we’ll give you that score as well a little bit later on.

Lutz with it for Tulsa, sends it ahead to Wong, now a pass over on the left wing for Ramsay. Ramsay brings it in over the blue line puts it into the corner boards, now behind the goal, he’s bumped up by another player. The Rush come away with it out of their own end. To the neutral ice, with it is Day Chief, not Ciotti, he dumps it into the corner behind the goal. Carr plays it for Tulsa over to Lutz and ahead to Nugent on the left wing. To the red line Nugent dumps it into the Rapid City zone, the Oilers are going to go to the bench for a line change there. Now they play it ahead, do the Rapid City Rush. Went off a stick in the neutral ice, that’ll wave off the icing, played around to the near side, Lalancette with is this time for Tulsa. He cuts though the center circle, sends it over on the left side for Pleskach and offside are the Oilers coming into the Rapid City end. A whistle and a face off coming up in the neutral ice but a time out it taken here, an official time out with 13:55 remaining here in this first period of play.