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Tulsa Oilers defenseman, Aaron Harstad, was recalled to the Manitoba Moose—Oilers’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate.

Harstad, signed to an American Hockey League contact with the Moose, produced six points (2 goals, 4 assists) in eight games with the Oilers.

The Oilers’ first transaction of 2016, Harstad returns to the Moose having played in seven games the northern squad and racking up 12 penalty minutes.

Tulsa is back on the ice tomorrow night in Rapid City to face the Rush at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Ice Arena.

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Below is an Excerpt for a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: Nonetheless, back to the action as the face off is taken in the Tulsa zone. Wichita with it. Here’s a shot on the right side. Glove save by Carr. He’ll hang on. We’ll get another face off in the Tulsa end. We’re not privy to whatever the referee had to say to the head coach of Wichita. I don’t even really have any guess on what he might have went over to tell him. Maybe he said, “Hey, keep your guys off the goalie’s back.” I don’t know. Maybe. The face off will come to the left of Carr in the Tulsa end. Here’s a good contingency of fans here from Tulsa, by the way. They took a bus. There was a fan bus that brought up over 20 people from Tulsa. I know some other folks drove up on their own. There’s probably close to 30 Tulsa Oiler fans here in attendance tonight. That’s always nice to see when you’re on the road. Wichita gets the puck in their own. Backhander out of the zone by Oslansky. Oilers will recover in their own zone. With it is Lutz. Off the boards to the far side.

Into the neutral zone. Thunder recover again. Oslansky tried to set it ahead and does. Now cleared away by the Oilers. Back into the Wichita zone. They’re going to call icing. The icing will be called against Tulsa. It’ll be taken all the way back into the Tulsa end with 13:08 left to go. 13:08 remaining on the clock here in this second period of play. Face off taken down there in the Tulsa end. Oilers will recover the puck, bring it up the ice into ehe Wichita zone. They get bumped into the boards in the corner, getting it for the Oilers as Gagnon, Mattieu Gagnon. He gets bumped into the boards in the corner on the far side away from me. Bothering him there is Oslansky. Gagnon’s still with the puck down below underneath their skates. Now it comes free. The Thunder recover it. Cleared around to the near side, Nelson sends it across to the far side into the Tulsa end. Slapped away momentarily.

Not out. Kept in at the blue line by the Thunder’s Lowe. Ian Lowe keeps it in there. Tulsa will have to get it in their own end. Now they bring it away to Brewer on the right wing. Here comes Brewer to the red line. To the blue line. Dumps the pass into the corner. Brewer after it himself, gets it there. Drops it off to Nugent. Nugent sends it out in front. Here’s a shot. We’re in the top of the circle by DeSalvo. Kicked away by the goaltender, Shantz, and cleared away by the Thunder back into the Tulsa end. Recovered by the Oilers’ Brian Nugent.

In his own zone and now around to the far side. Here’s a couple sticks on the ice. One is broken, the other one is picked up back up on the goaltender. Here’s a shot by Brewer, save, rebound from behind the goal. Konan tried to put it back out in front, but it was knocked away by the Thunder again. Neal comes away with it for Wichita. He gets bumped, loses the puck. Would have been offsides. They’re going to have to reset to the Wichita Thunder. They back up all the way to their own zone with 11:20 left to go here in the second period. One nothing, Tulsa lead in this one tonight. Puck along the boards of the near side down low. Thunder get it in the Tulsa end with it is Huff. Andy Huff with it sends it over around to the far side now or around to the point is Oslansky on the point. Gives it away to Neal. He has the puck checked the way, and the whistle blows as we’ve got a delayed penalty there called now. They get the stoppage of play it’ll be a tripping penalty going against the Oilers.

Checking into the penalty box for Tulsa is going to be Dennis Brown. Dennis Brown will go to the penalty box at 8:59 of the period. At 8:59 of the second, Brown in the penalty box. This will give Wichita their second power-play opportunity of the night. 8:59. Dennis Brown, 2 minutes for tripping. Wichita with them. An advantage under with the puck on the left side is Miller. Kenton Miller on a 3-game scoring streak. He has 5 points this season against Tulsa. Now the puck in the Tulsa zone cleared away by the Oilers all the way off the ice by Ramsey who goes to the bench for a line change. The Thunder recover in their own end. They send it out to Miller now on the left side to Gottier. Gottier has the puck checked away. Nice play by DeSalvo to steal it. DeSalvo on the shorthanded end brings the puck into the Wichita zone. He and Joey Sides fall to the ice on top of each other. Now it’s played away in the neutral zone. Slapped again by Brewer again into the Wichita zone. Stopped by the goaltender, Shantz. He’ll leave it for a teammate as Wichita resets.

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