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A case of the Monday’s was not an issue for the Oilers on December 21 when the team defeated the Allen Americans in enemy territory, 3-1.

For the fourth straight game the Oilers could not strike first. With hope of a power play goal on the advantage against Jonathan Parker’s high-sticking minor, hope was lost. For the first time this season, the power play for Tulsa resulted in a deficit. A steal by American’s Gary Steffes and two incredible saves by Kevin Carr led to the rebound and shorthanded goal. Forward Dyson Stevenson, his third of the year, was the culprit at the 5:37 mark.

Worry for Dan DeSalvo after his limb suffered a flying puck didn’t last long when his second period assist on the power play goal by Emerson Clark tied up the contest.

A snipe and an unassisted netter by Adam Pleskach in the third period gave the visiting team their first lead of the night. Pleskach would increase his leading point tally to 18.

If the net is empty, why not? Brady Ramsay notched his second goaltender-less goal of the season with less than two minutes left in the final frame to secure the win for Tulsa.

The Oilers will enjoy a quick holiday break before returning to the road on Saturday, December 26 when the team heads to Wichita to clash with Thunder at Intrust Bank Arena. Want to be there? Click here for details on the bus trip that can get you to action!

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Final Box Score

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Below is an Excerpt for a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: Back with you here in Wichita taking a look at the ECHL scoreboard for tonight. Several games in action tonight around the league. Adirondack. My goodness. Just putting it on Manchester tonight. 6 to 1 the final score. Adirondack beat Manchester. 6, 1. Greenville just scored in overtime, apparently. It says a minute 28 left in the overtime, but Greenville leads it 3 to 2, so they must have just scored in the overtime. Greenville winning at Atlanta, 3 to 2 in OT. With 2:56 left in the third period, Toledo shutting out Wheeling, 4 to nothing. Fort Wayne out in front of Kalamazoo 4 to 2 with 12:18 left in the third period there. With 12:36 left to go in the second period, Allen and Missouri are tied at 1. If you’re a Oiler fan, you want Missouri to lose. Right? Because Missouri leads the East Coast Hockey League Central Division, and Allen is just in front of Tulsa. Missouri is number 1. Allen’s number 2. Tulsa number 3. Wichita number 4. You want the first place team, the Missouri Mavericks, to lose and not gain any more ground above you.

I’m going to tell you about the conference standings by the way in a minute, which are going to be very interesting. Right now Missouri and Allen are tied at 1. That’s with 12:36 left in the second period. At the end of the second period of play, Indianapolis and Quad City are 1, 1, tied. With a minute 15 left in the second period, Cincinnati is out in front of Evansville 2 to 1. Rapid City and Colorado have completed one period of play now. Looks like Rapid City out in front of Colorado 1 to nothing after one period. Utah and Idaho scoreless with 6:57 remaining in the first period. Here’s a couple of finals that they’ve moved to the bottom of the list. South Carolina defeated Norfolk 5 to 2. That’s a final score. Reading shut out Elmira 4 nothing. Reading a winner over Elmira 4 to nothing tonight in that one.

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