Tis’ the season to dress ugly? The Tulsa Oilers of the ECHL, affiliate of the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League and the Manitoba Moose of the American Hockey League announce they will rock the novelty ugly sweater look on the ice against the Wichita Thunder this Saturday, December 19 presented by River Spirit Casino.

On their last home game before the holidays, the Oilers will dig into their drawers to pull out the classic embarrassing look for all to see.

Still in search for the perfect gift for under the tree? Don’t know what to wear to next week’s office party? These seasonal-themed sweaters will be auctioned off in the ONEOK Club following the contest against the Thunder.
The Oilers return to action at the BOK Center to face-off against divisional rivals the Wichita Thunder this Friday, December 18.

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Below is an Excerpt for a Tulsa Oilers Game

Jeff: Bloomquist knocks it away. Nice play by Bloomquist to stick out those long arms and clear the puck away. Now back into the Wichita zone to the blue line and back come the Thunder with it once again. In the neutral zone they have it bumped away by the Oilers back into the Tulsa end. The puck comes loose there. Brisebois gets it for the Oilers. Clears it ahead to the blue line. Down the center circle. Intercepted, taken away by Milan. Dan Milan slaps it back into the Tulsa end. Under 2 minutes remaining in regulation. These 2 teams both games last weekend. Went to the overtime. One of them won by Wichita in the overtime. The other one Tulsa won in a shootout. Now it goes all the way back into the Tulsa end. The Oilers are making a line change. Nobody can get that puck. Otherwise, they would have had too many men on the ice over there as they were going to the bench. Now the Oilers recover in the center circle Lalancette to the blue line.

Bumped there. Sent ahead. Here’s a shot toward the goal. Deflected by the goaltender Shantz. A minute 15 remaining in the third period. Tied at 1. Shot on goal. Off the blocker pad. Did it go off the net? No. It wouldn’t go off the mesh. Stayed in play off the glass. Back into the Tulsa end. Harstead turns it around for the Oilers to Bloomquist. He gets it away. A minute remaining in the third period. Back on the Oilers with it. Brewer. He tried a center ring pass. Intercepted. Cleared away by the Thunder. Back into the Tulsa end. Down to 58, 48 seconds. Pardon me, folks. Back into the Tulsa zone. I’m getting excited here. Want to see something happen in the closing minute of play. Getting it is Sova. Ahead pass through the neutral zone. Sova shot line to the goal. 34 seconds left to play, third period. Around to the near side Konan comes down to help out. He sends it back around to the far corner. Brewer there tried a center ring pass. Knocked away. Cleared into the neutral zone.

Sova gets a stick up in the face. No call by the referee. Oh baby! That’s a second one tonight that Sova’s taken to the face. Now 12 seconds left in the period. 10 seconds. Down to the final seconds of this one as we are tied. The puck goes into the Wichita zone. They’re going to hold it behind the zone as the clock ticks down. They’re going to just leave it there. That’ll end the period. We’ve ended regulation. Fans here in Wichita, we are going to overtime tonight. Again, the Oilers and the Thunder will play in overtime.

All tied up at 1 after 60 minutes of hockey. Now the Tulsa Oilers and the Wichita Thunder will have to play some more hockey to decide this one tonight … So far this season, the Tulsa Oilers. Let’s see here. The Tulsa Oilers have had 2 overtime losses and 1 shootout loss this season. Again, the reminder here that last week Tulsa lost at home in overtime to Wichita 3 to 2. Then the next night they played scoreless through the overtime tied at 2. Then Tulsa won it in the shootout to go away with a 3 to 2 victory as Phil Brewer was the goal scorer in the shootout to win for Tulsa last weekend at home.

Earlier in the season, these two teams went to a shootout on November 11th. That one was won by Wichita 2 to 1 in that shootout. That’s the only other time. They’ve gone to 3 overtimes this year these two teams, twice to a shootout. One won by Tulsa, one won by Wichita. Let’s see how this one ends up tonight. Face off at center ice. We’re in the overtime period tied at 1. 4. It’s 3 on 3. Pardon me. Thinking in the past again. 3 on 3 overtime. Format just like in the NHL. Oiler player slipped up on the way in. Now the puck goes behind the goal. Pleskach gets it there for Tulsa. In the Wichita zone is Pleskach. Down low to Lalancette. Lalancette on the left side leaves it for Brown. Brown the defenseman out there with Lalancette and Pleskach. Pleskach to Lalancette is shoved down to the ice. Is taking it away as Dan Gottier with it. Shot on goal. Carr in the belly holds on.

Carr will hang on to that one right in his gut. We’ll have a face off coming up in the Tulsa end with 4:15 left in the overtime period … To the left of Carr they drop the puck. It’s 3 on 3 hockey, fans. You got to love this. This is exciting. I was against the 3 on 3 overtime. I thought it would make a farce of the game, but I got to admit, it’s sure exciting. I thought leave it at 4.

Here’s a shot. Saved by Carr. It goes behind the goal. Oilers get it there. Behind the net is DeSalvo with it. He’ll set the play for Tulsa. DeSalvo brings it out now all the way to the blue line, to the red line. Cross rink pass to a teammate. Goes off the boards into a corner. Harstead gets bumped into the boards behind the goal. Now it comes free. Miller sends it away for Wichita. Quickly ahead for Huff. Huff in the corner boards sends it behind the goal. Now down low Oslansky. Oslansky behind the goal in the Tulsa end. Trying to turn around shot. Had it broken up on a nice play by the Oilers. Who is that? I can’t see their number when they’re skating? Phil Brewer that was that broke up that play. Nice play by Brewer on Oslansky.


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