TULSA, OK – The Tulsa Oilers, proud affiliate of the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose, announced on Monday a full training camp schedule. The first practice session of the 2015 camp is slated for Monday, October 5th at the Oilers Ice Center (6413 S. Mingo Rd.). All practices are open to the public and to the media.

A complete camp schedule is listed below. All practices will be held at the Oilers Ice Center unless otherwise specified.

Monday, October 5 – Practice 9:15-11:15 AM and 1:45-3:00 PM

Tuesday, October 6 – Practice 9:15-11:15 AM and 1:45-3:00 PM

Wednesday, October 7 – Practice 9:15-11:15 AM and 1:45-3:00 PM

Thursday, October 8 – Practice 9:15-11:15 AM and 1:45-3:00 PM

Friday, October 9 – Practice 1:45-3:00 PM

Saturday, October 10 – Blue/White Scrimmage at 7:45 PM (FREE to all fans)

Sunday, October 11 – OFF

Monday, October 12 – Practice 9:15-11:15 AM

Tuesday, October 13 – Practice 9:15-11:15 AM

Wednesday, October 14 – Practice 9:15-11:15 AM

Thursday, October 15 – Practice at the BOK Center, time TBA

Friday, October 16 – 2015-16 Season Opener vs. Wichita at 7:05 PM

On Tuesday, September 29, the Oilers’ are hosting a “Painting Party” from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM at the BOK Center. Oilers fans and sponsors are invited to enjoy free food and drinks in the ONEOK Club as lines and logos are painted onto the ice surface.

Fans and season ticket holders of all ages are invited to the Oilers’ annual Open House on Saturday, October 3 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM at the BOK Center. Free pizza from Papa John’s, beverages from Pepsi, and ice cream sundaes from Andy’s Frozen Custard will be available to all who attend. The Open House is an opportunity for fans to meet Slick, the new Oilers’ mascot, for the first time and get to know several new players and Ice Girls. Prize drawings and giveaways will take place throughout the Open House and fans can tour the building to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Oilers’ locker room.

For more information about Oilers’ training camp practices or to set up interviews with Head Coach Jason Christie and players, please contact Rob Loeber at 918-632-7825 or rob@tulsaoilers.com.

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Below is an Excerpt of a Tulsa Oilers Game

Let’s see what happens though, we still have 11:20 to go. We got a penalty now. Following the face-off, the referee calling a slashing penalty against the Americans. No, correction. It’s going to be against the Oilers. Pardon me, I apologize. It’s going to be Brandon Wong going to the penalty box, and the penalty coming at 8:35 of the period. Slashing on Brandon Wong. This will be the 4th power play opportunity for the Americans, as Brandon Wong goes to the penalty box for slashing.

The Oilers will be on a Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds penalty kill. Remember, Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds, call 918-592-BAIL, 592-BAIL is the number to remember if you ever need Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds. I know I got that number saved in my cell … No, I don’t. Probably should though. Should probably have that number saved in my cell phone.

All right, we have an official timeout here. Just enough time for me to turn my microphone off, so I can cough a couple of times and not cough in your ear this time.

All right, face-off to the left of goaltender Carr in the Tulsa end, and Wong in the penalty box, Americans with the power play. Here come the Oilers. Here comes DeSalvo, shorthanded, one-on-one with the goalie, and it’s saved by the goaltender, Gill. Oh my. DeSalvo intercepted the puck, and he had a nice little breakaway, all by himself, but was not able to beat the goaltender on the play. [inaudible 01:50:11] great [inaudible 01:50:14] DeSalvo, and he almost made it count.

Now the puck back into the Tulsa end. Around to the point, at the top is King. There is 1:18 remaining in the penalty to Wong. Along the boards on the near side, out to the blue line. Kept in there for Parker, to King, and it’s intercepted by the Oilers again. On a breakaway, here comes DeSalvo on a nice pass. DeSalvo in on the goaltender, it would’ve been a shootout, and Gill comes out to make the save again on DeSalvo. Wow. Two breakaway opportunities there back-to-back for DeSalvo, but he’s unable to get it passed the goaltender, Riley Gill, who did a great job getting out there with his stick and poking it away the second time. First time he blocked it.

Here’s a shot in front, and now Carr will smother it. We’ll get a face-off coming in the Tulsa end. If it gets any more exciting, I’m going to … I’ll lose my voice.

10:02 remaining in this 3rd period, and the Oilers with a 2-0 lead. Face-off will be to the right of Carr in the Tulsa end. Lalancette on the draw against Schultz. Lalancette, and now it’s knocked out of the zone, into the neutral ice following the face-off. The Americans will reset in their own end at their own blue line. Send it around on the left side.

They bring it back over the blue line into the Tulsa zone. Down low, now off the boards on the near side there for Costello. Centering pass went through the slot, back to Costello in the left circle. Costello tried to center it out to the top of the slot, but he had it knocked away momentarily. Saved in there by Gens, now it’s cleared away by the Oilers’ Sova, and it’s sent down the length of the ice.

That’s the end of the penalty to Wong. Oilers are back to full strength, they’ve killed that one off. Good job by the Oilers to kill off these penalties tonight, as now the Americans are 0-for-4 on the power play. Great job on the penalty kill tonight by the Oilers, as it could’ve been a different story. Tulsa has scored one in six power play chances tonight.