TULSA, OK – Entering their 24th consecutive season as a fixture of the local sports landscape, the Tulsa Oilers announced on Monday a new campaign to support their community partners with an unprecedented commitment to service.

For the 2015-16 hockey season, the Oilers will introduce a new community campaign called the SLIC (Supporting Local Initiatives within our Community) Program. Each member of the Oilers’ front office staff has pledged 40 hours of community service for a total of more than 1,500 hours of collective service. Oilers’ players will also be involved in the SLIC Program which will support the following organizations:

  • Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
  • Tulsa Hope Academy
  • Up With Trees
  • St. Francis Children’s Hospital
  • Broken Arrow Neighbors via Childers Middle School with corporate support from Whataburger
  • Salvation Army
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Many More!

Any non-profits or charitable organizations in the Tulsa area that would like to be a part of the SLIC Program are encouraged to contact Oilers’ Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Steve Duffy, at sduffy@tulsaoilers.com.

“We are extremely excited about our new SLIC Program and the impact it will have on our community,” stated Duffy. “The Oilers have always been actively involved in the Tulsa community and this new campaign gives us a way to our organize our efforts and inspire the city.”

The SLIC Program shares its name with Slick, the Oilers’ brand new mascot for the 2015-16 season. Slick, a lovable, excited, and friendly character, will entertain Oilers’ fans of all ages and energize the crowd at the BOK Center. In addition, Slick will make numerous appearances throughout the community at SLIC Program events and serve as a representative for the Oilers at schools, sponsor appearances, and fan parties.

Slick will be officially introduced at the Oilers’ annual Open House which is set for October 3rd at the BOK Center. Although Slick is looking forward to meeting Oilers’ fans and serving the community, his first priority upon arrival in Tulsa is helping to find his good friend, and current Oilers’ mascot, Sledge. Two weeks ago, Sledge was abducted from the Oilers’ office and hasn’t been seen since. To help locate their beloved mascot, the Oilers have launched SeenSledge.com where fans can learn more about Sledge’s kidnapping and post pictures and notes about possible Sledge sightings around town.

The Oilers’ front office staff is asking anyone with information on Sledge’s whereabouts to visit SeenSledge.com and call 918-632-7825. Fans are encouraged to post their comments and pictures to the Oilers’ Twitter page or Facebook page and to be on the look-out for any clues that might lead to Sledge being rescued.

Slick hopes to be reunited with Sledge in time for the Oilers’ season opener on Friday, October 16 at 7:05 p.m. against the Wichita Thunder. For information about single game tickets, season tickets, or group tickets, call 918-632-7825 or log on to www.tulsaoilers.com.

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Below is an Excerpt of a Tulsa Oilers Game

Over to the far side, Harstad. Now in the neutral zone, intercepted there. Turned around … Intercepted by the Oilers, nice play, Emerson. Here come the Oilers with it. A shot from the left point, sprawling on the ice is Gill. He’ll make the save. Emerson is pushed on top of the goaltender. Both of them down on the ice. We’ll get another face-off coming up here now in the Americans’ zone.

14:04 left to go. Riley Gill making that save. Clark Emerson getting shoved on top of the sprawling Gill, and Emerson will take the face-off against Steffes in the circle to the right of Gill.

Emerson wins it back to the point. Here’s a shot, deflected off the stick of Steffes into the corner boards. Picked up there by Federico, and cleared away. Here come the Americans with it up on the right wing.

Sent into the corner boards, racing after it is DeSalvo into the corner. A couple of players bump, push, and shove there. Try to get it free, they do to the point. The Americans with a shot from the point, doesn’t go. Brewer gets the loose puck.

Brewer sends it out in the neutral zone for the Oilers, recovered by Federico. Now back into the Tulsa zone, Brisebois with it. Cross-rink pass to the far side, Lutz sends it ahead to Emerson off his stick, into the Americans’ end, and Federico knocks it away for the Americans back into the neutral ice.

Emerson gives it away back into the Americans’ zone. Federico again gathers the puck, sends it over on the far side, Descoteaux. Oilers intercept it, in comes Pleskach. Pleskach shot and a goal! Count it good, the Oilers take the lead!

Adam Pleskach intercepted that pass, stepped to the goal, and scored it. Pleskach poke checked it off the stick, then stepped around a man and put it underneath the sprawling Gill into the goal, and the Oilers take a 2-1 lead.

That goal comes at 6:55 of the 3rd period. Count it good for Adam Pleskach. Wow. Got to like that one, folks, as the Oilers have taken the lead on Pleskach’s 7th goal of the season. I think that was unassisted because he poke checked it off the stick of … Couldn’t see if that number was 6 or 9, honestly, on the far side. Was either Courtnall or Descoteaux, but nonetheless, Pleskach did a great job of stealing that puck away, and getting around a man, and then scoring it underneath the sprawling goaltender. What a play. Oh yeah. Now the Oilers with the lead, 2-1. 12:27 left to go in this 3rd period of play.

Puck goes back into the Tulsa zone. I got to quick yelling like that. Holy cow. I don’t have much left. Again, I don’t plan to talk for the next four days. That’s the plan, at least.

Roy with it for the Americans at his own blue line. Gives it over to Gens on the near side. Gens sends it cross-rink. Now they give it to Courtnall. He’ll bring it away. Courtnall with it. He gets bumped in the corner boards, loses control of the puck. A couple of players sprawling down on the ice. They get back up, puck comes free, back to the corner boards.

Now around the goal to the near side, they try to get it loose. Courtnall with it again, sends it in front, knocked away, rebound goes behind the goal. Oilers recover the puck, clear it away into the neutral zone, and it goes all the way through into the Americans’ end. That’ll be an icing called against Tulsa.

11:31 remaining, 3rd period, 2-1 Tulsa with the lead. Yeah. You got to like that. An unassisted goal by Adam Pleskach, his 7th of the season, to give Tulsa the 2-1 lead here in this 3rd period of play. I like it. I don’t know if I have enough voice for an overtime period tonight.