Name Your Price – July 2019

Have you thought about season tickets and wished you could decide on how much you were willing to pay?

Here’s your chance to do so with our Name Your Price Season Ticket Promotion

This promotion has been EXTENDED through Friday, July 26th, you have the option to quote what you would be willing to pay for a season ticket. Not only do new season ticket holders get this opportunity, current season ticket holders do as well!

How it works:

Fill out the information below along with the number of seats you are interested in and the amount per seat you are willing to pay. Submit your offer for us to review. If your offer is accepted, someone from the Oilers front office will be in contact to process your order. If your offer is rejected, you will be contacted for a chance to make ONE counter offer. If that offer isn’t accepted, the price on the seats will remain the same. Note: Only offers for additional season tickets will be considered for current 2019-20 season ticket holders.
Note* Credit card information will be kept confidential. Seating is limited to section availability. Each offer that is accepted will be required to fill out a Season Ticket Agreement with the Tulsa Oilers . Offer expires at 5 p.m. on the final day of the promotion. For questions, please contact the Oilers office at (918) 632-7825 or email info@tulsaoilers.com.

Name Your Price - July 2019

  • Please enter your offer here. How much are you willing to pay per month for season tickets in the selected section. Your offer is for 12 equal monthly payments. (July - June)
  • These are the regular monthly prices are listed here. Based on 12 equal monthly payments. July - June
  • Once my offer is submitted, the Tulsa Oilers will review offer. Offer will either be accepted or denied. If your offer is accepted you agree for the credit card on file to be run for your amount offered. Once offer is submitted and credit card is ran you will receive a full season or half season ticket package. If your full or half season package is accepted, you will then be contacted by a Tulsa Oilers representative to pick your seat(s).
  • Add here any additional offers you would like to make for consideration.

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