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We’ll have a face off that will stay in the Missouri zone with 8:27 left to go in this first period. Shots on goal so far, Missouri with 5, Tulsa with 2. It’s nice to be home tonight, Oilers have been playing a few road games of late. Played down in Allen, played in Wichita the day after Christmas, played two games up in Rapid City. This will be only one of four home games this month here in Tulsa. That stinks. Only four home games the whole month. Pass into the slot, shot by DeSalvo, glove save, rebound is loose, now it’s cleared away by the Mavericks all the way up the ice back into the Tulsa end. Is it going to be icing? No. They waved it off. Sova gets it, sends it around to the far side, it went through his stick, back into the Mavericks zone. Now they’re going to call icing against the Oilers. It should have been icing the other way as far as I’m concerned. 7:56 remaining, first period, 1-0 Missouri with the lead.

Kind of an interesting scheduled for the Oilers, only four home games this month, this being one of the four. They will be in Wichita this Friday, Tulsa will play at Wichita Friday (Tulsa Things To Do), home this Saturday night, the Oilers will be home this coming Saturday night, that will be only their second of four this month, here at home. Then gone for a week and a half before another home game later in the month.

Face off in the Tulsa zone, puck goes back into the neutral zone, now it’s slapped back into the Tulsa end, played away by the stick of Grogan to the near side but not out. Kept in at the point here’s a shot on goal by Finn and it goes over the goal, that was Cunningham, and it went over the goal. Now it comes back toward Grogan and Matt will hold on, we’ll get another in the Tulsa zone. 41 and 44, Cunningham is 41, Matt Finn is 44. Trying to memorize these numbers on the fly here tonight. They’re showing my buddy Rob Loeber up on the video screen. Rob will actually do the broadcast on Saturday night. Rob has elected to do some of the home games, even though he’s resigned and turned in his resignation, he has decided he would still like to do some of the home games and made a deal with the Tulsa management before I was hired to do so. They didn’t know if they would even find an announcer, broadcaster. Rob will be doing this coming Saturday’s broadcast for you here on the internet.

Back come the Mavericks, a backhander in on goal, saved by Grogan, oh we’re going to have a fight. Two players went hard into the boards and they get back up pushing and shoving. They get smothered there by teammates and the linesman. They’re trying to break it up, they’re just kind of in a scrum. No punches right now as they try to pull away Lutz and I think that was Seckel for Missouri. Now they do separate everybody. It looks like Nugent was in there, Courtney was in there for Missouri. Seckel is going to go to the penalty box and I think Nathan Lutz will go as well. Lutz and Seckel will go to the penalty box at 12:52 of the period, 12:52 of this first period. We’re going to probably have either matching roughing penalties or matching fighting penalties. One or the other. Depending on how severe the referee believes this to be.

God Bless Nathan Lutz for doing something in the first period because he’s going to be my intermission guest. It’s great that Nathan would do something here and fight, in fact we talk about in the interview, I don’t want to give the interview away, but we talk about how you have to maintain your cool right now, we don’t need anybody else getting suspended at this point. We have 17 guys, 18 guys on the roster tonight, playing a little short. Sylvestre is going to go serve something in the penalty box alongside Seckel, so there must be an additional 2 minutes given. There’s an additional two minutes given to Seckel, Reed Seckel is in the penalty box and Sylvestre is sitting next to him to come out in 2 minutes, but Seckel probably got a 2 and a 5 and it looks like Tulsa’s Nathan Lutz will probably just get a 5 minute fighting. Tulsa, right now, will have a man advantage.

The Oilers are on a power play, here’s a shot on goal, saved, rebound is loose, knocked to the near side. The Oilers are on a York Plumbing power play, 918-833-3200 is the phone number for York Plumbing power play opportunity for Tulsa. I have to figure out exactly what the penalties were that were just called and we’ll update you on that in just a moment as soon as the stat sheet is updated as well. I can tell you Tulsa has a man advantage as an addition 2 minutes was given to Seckel. Oilers with the power play, Brisebois brings it in over the blue line, dumps it off into the corner, Pleskach gets it behind the goal, sends it around to the far side. Oilers with the man advantage, over to Brisebois, right point shot went off the leg of the Missouri Mavericks Holmstrom who tried to clear it. Kept in along the boards on the near side by the Oilers, now out to the top of the slot, here’s a shot right up the middle, save by Robinson and cleared to the far side.

Back behind the goal it goes, the Mavericks get the puck there. A minute left in the Tulsa man advantage. Blomqvist tried a centering pass, it gets slapped away and cleared up the ice by Root. Back into the Tulsa zone, Grogan will leave it there, he’s going to get bothered by a player from the Mavericks so now he plays it away, clears the puck around to Brown, Dennis Brown sends it ahead to the near side, slapped away by the Mavericks once again. 33 seconds left in Tulsa’s power play. Oilers get a loose puck in the neutral zone, bring it back over the blue line into the Tulsa zone, now slapped away to the near side and cleared up the ice. Back in there, Grogan will stop it for a teammate. 18 seconds left in Tulsa’s man advantage. Out to Brewer, Phil Brewer steps around a man, goes through the red line, over on the right side to Vladykovskii, Igor Vladykovskii, first time I’m seeing him in action this season.

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