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Tulsa Things To Do | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

We have 11:22 left to go first period, no score here in this first one. Face off to the right of Grogan in the Tulsa zone following the official time out. Now it comes out to the blue line, here’s a shot from Finn, it gets deflected off a leg on the way in to the far boards, kept in by Holmstrom for the Mavericks. Along the boards, Holmstrom still with it and he gets it to a teammate, Fritz, now he sends it out to the point there for Finn. Finn has it poke checked away by Pleskach, however it’s picked up by Cunningham, turned around to Finn, he tried a centering pass, backhander went wide of the goal by Fritz. Now to the far side, back up top to the top of the slot here’s a shot right up the middle by de Kastrozza, David de Kastrozza. I’m going to have to get all those syllables in. David de Kastrozza put a shot right up the slot, caught by Grogan and he’ll freeze it for a face off in the Tulsa end.

10:53 left to go, no score in the first period. The face off will be to the right of Grogan in the Tulsa end. The linesman faked out the two centermen, he says that’s my fault, now he goes at it, drops the puck and we’re underway. Puck goes around to the far side, the Oilers get it there, clear it out the neutral zone, sent ahead off of Ramsay back into the Mavericks end, they’ll go after it there. Bumped along the boards behind the net, Ben Walker gets in on the play, he sends it over on the near side. The Mavericks send it out to the neutral zone, slapped back in by the Oilers Brisebois into the corner. Picked up by the Mavericks in the corner in their own zone, they take it behind the goal.

The Mavericks have lost only 1 game in their last 22 games and that came here in Tulsa against the Oilers. That’s the only game they’ve lost out of the last 22. This Mavericks team, very good team as I mentioned, they have the best record in the league.

Puck in front of the goal, over to the far side, kept in at the point shot toward the goal, went wide behind the net to the near boards, Lafranchise puts it on goal, stopped by Grogan, it’s loose in front cleared away to the near side. Kept in at the point by Lafranchise again, now behind the net. Over on the left circle, the shot on the left circle was Root, Jesse Root put it on goal but it got sticked away. Now to the point Lafranchise, oh and that went under Grogan and into the goal. Lafranchise, from the point, takes a quick wrist shot that went underneath Grogan and into the net.

The Missouri Mavericks score first here in this one. I’ll tell you why I thought it Topeka. Their internet broadcaster Bob Rennison, used to be with the Topeka Scarecrows back when he and I were both broadcasting in the CHL. I’ve known Bob for years. I heard him down there yelling and I thought he’s yelling for Topeka, but it’s Missouri, obviously.

Independence, Missouri is where they’re located, just outside of Kansas City, technically, is where this team is located, if you’re wondering where the Missouri Mavericks hail from. Shot on goal, Grogan makes the save. 9:34 remaining, first period and Missouri strikes first with that goal from the point. I don’t believe it was deflected so I’m going to check the official score sheet. Nope, Lafranchise does get credit for the goal, his fourth of the season at 10:09 of the period, assisted by Root, and Barnes. Lafranchise with the shot from the point puts it underneath Grogan and the Missouri Mavericks score first here in this one tonight, it’s 1-0. 9:34 left to go in the first period.

Coming up in the first intermission we will be talking with the elder statesman of the team, the voice of experience, Nathan Lutz, 15 year pro, admittedly, he admitted, he’s likely the oldest player in the league. He is 37 I believe. I believe. Lets see. 37 is Nathan Lutz. I’ll tell you what, at 37 to still be playing pro hockey, you have to be in good shape and he is. He’s still a great player, obviously…Tulsa Things To Do.

Face off in the Tulsa zone, goes around the boards to the far side, now they clear it out in the neutral ice. The referee’s got his arm up, it’ll be an icing. The linesman, pardon me. Technically they’re all referees they’re all officials, but the linesman calls the icing. It’ll be coming back into the Tulsa end with 9:23 remaining, first period. Missouri with a 1-0 lead on the goal by Lafranchise, Kane Lafranchise with his fourth of the year. On the draw it goes behind the goal and around to the near side, cleared away to the neutral zone. That went through a body so it won’t be icing this time, as it goes all the way back into the Missouri end. Mavericks get it, they leave it there behind the net, picked up there by Lalancette for Tulsa. He sends it around the boards to the far side. Now it’s cleared out by the Mavericks all the way into the Tulsa end.

They’re going to wave off the icing, who’s going to get to it first? One of the Mavericks does, that’s Sylvestre behind the net, sends it out to the point, cross ice pass to the right side, shot on goal goes behind the goal. Shot taken by Loic Leduc. To the nearside, into the corner boards and cleared away. The Mavericks still have it, Fritz with it on the left side, sends it into the corner. One of the Oilers over-skates the puck, now it’s cleared away by Tulsa and brought out by Lalancette in the neutral zone. He get’s bumped there on the way in to the Mavericks end but still gets the pass away to Brewer, shot on goal, sticked away by the goaltender, it went off the glass and then hit the mesh, and out of play.

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