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Tulsa Things To Do | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

The puck goes back into the Tulsa end, down low into the corner. A couple of players fall on the ice, now they get up, the puck comes free, cleared around to the near boards. Kept in the near side at the point by Ludwig, Trevor Ludwig that is. There are two Ludwigs on this team. I’ll tell you about them in a minute. Puck comes into the slot, intercepted there by Lalancette, he’ll bring it out the Oilers to the blue line, now over on the left wing into the circle he still has it, backhander kicked away by Robinson, it goes behind the goal. To the corner on the near side. They play the puck there, it’s underneath two players, they’re poking at it. 14:18 left to play first period, no score yet in this one. Lalancette comes over and they freeze the puck, now we’ve got a whistle. It’s going to be a high stick call by the referee.

Checking into the penalty box will be another Tulsa Oiler, this time, holy cow it’s Pleskach again. Well that’s odd, that doesn’t happen often. Adam Pleskach probably has the least number of penalty minutes of anybody in the league let alone on the team, he just got two back to back high stick penalties, he’s in the penalty box again with 14:12 to go. At 5:48 of the period, Oilers are going to have to kill off another penalty, again, Tulsa’s on a Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds penalty kill, call 918-592-BAIL, 918-592-BAIL, Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds. Tulsa’s second penalty kill of the night, Mavericks on their second power play.

Here they come over the blue line into the Tulsa zone, Fritz gets bumped, has the puck stolen away, the Oilers clear it up the length of the ice back into the Mavericks end. Behind the goal, Robinson will leave it for a teammate. Now they bring it out over the blue line into the neutral zone through the center circle, cross pass to the right side knocked away and the Mavericks regain the puck in the neutral ice. Fritz again sends it over on the right side there for his teammate Aneloski who sends it into the Tula zone. In the corner on the near side, played it off the boards, not cleared away by the Oilers all the way up the ice by Brian Nugent, back into the Mavericks zone. That’ll kill some of the penalty time. Behind the goal the Mavericks will reset. One minute remaining in the penalty to Pleskach.

Now the puck gets deflected off the net, the mesh behind the Oilers goal. A referee and linesman are talking about where the face off should be taken. They decide neutral zone. They’re going to say it did not go off an Oiler it went off one of the Mavericks players so the face off will come out of the Oilers zone into the neutral ice. That’s where the face off will be. 53 seconds left in the penalty to Pleskach.

On the draw Sova sends it up the length of the ice back into the Mavericks end. Down below, behind the goal Lafranchise will set the play from there. He brings it away, sends it over on the right side, they bring it over the blue line into the Tulsa zone. Drop pass at the point, now to Lafranchise at the top of the slot, gives it over on the left wing for Root, he sends it into the middle. It was deflected away by Sova and cleared out by Lalancette. Slapped back in and they say no offside. Boy I thought that came out over the blue line. Shot on goal sticked away by Grogan for Tulsa. Now over on the far side into the slot, intercepted and cleared away by the Oilers, nice play there. Who was that, if he turns around I’ll tell you. Number 19, okay it was Nugent who cleared the puck away. Shot in front, save, rebound was loose out to the point. Oilers almost scored on the short handed side. It was Ramsay, excuse me, Ramsay, that had cleared that puck away, not Nugent, number 19.

Back in the neutral ice, Mavericks get it again. Pleskach out of the penalty box, Oilers have killed that one off and still no score here in the first period with 11:52 remaining. Puck goes into the Mavericks end, down low into the corner, now around to the near boards. Gloved out of the air momentarily by Dennis Brown. The Oilers send it out to the blue line, there for DeSalvo, he gets bumped from behind, DeSalvo getting bothered by Sylvestre, Sebastien Sylvestre. Now a pass into the slot, oh DeSalvo couldn’t get it on the stick. Back come the Mavericks with it, Sylvestre with it over the blue line had it poke checked away momentarily, now he gets it again, flips it in the air and it’s caught by Grogan. Matt will hang on and we’ll get a face off coming in the Tulsa zone.

Matt Grogan, a native of Gilbert, Arizona. He’s an interesting guy. 5’10”, 170 pounder. Played in Mississippi last year but he’s played around. He didn’t play this past summer, he was injured last year, two years ago he played in Mississippi I believe. He was injured last year and then this summer he played in Australia. He was telling me the other day the quality of hockey in Australia not very good. He was on a team that had no wins. They were 0 and 20-something. I can’t remember exactly. He actually got out of his contract and left during the season, it was that bad, he said. Obviously the hockey quality in Australia just not quite what it is in the US or in Europe. Matt’s had an opportunity to play in a lot of different places but he grew up in Gilbert, Arizona, which is a suburb of Phoenix. He’s thrilled to be a part of the Tulsa Oilers and Tulsa things to do.

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