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Things To Do Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

The puck goes into the Tulsa zone, down behind the goal picking it up is Root, Jesse Root for the Mavericks. Out to the point, a shot, deflected off the leg of one of the Oilers there, it looks like that was off of Phil Brewer. Shot on goal, Grogan makes the save. Matt will hold on and Matt Grogan getting to touch the puck for the first time this season in a game. Grogan freezes this one, we’ll get a face off coming up in the Tulsa Oilers zone. It’ll come to the right of Matt Grogan, this is the only game on the the ECHL schedule tonight no out of town scoreboard tonight, folks. There are no out of town games, so no out of town scoreboard tonight. This is the only game in the league.

Oilers win the draw in their own zone and bring it out on the right side, ahead pass for Ramsay, he dumps it off into the Mavericks end. They send it into the corner boards. Played behind the goal and around to the near side once again, out to the point, kept in by Brisebois, sends it to the far side and cleared away by the Mavericks. Back into the neutral zone, the Mavs have it, they dump it off into the Tulsa end, both teams will make a line change.

Getting it behind the goal for Tulsa will be Mathieu Brisebois, he has it, brings it over to the right side, to the blue line through the neutral zone. He flips it in to the air, into the Mavericks end to the far side, picked off by one of the Missouri players. Intercepted, Christophe Lalancette keeps it in for Tulsa as he picked off that one. To the point, here’s a shot, we’ve got a whistle and it going to be against the Mavericks. A high sticking penalty, no it’s against Tulsa. Pardon me. The high sticking penalty is going to go against one of the Oilers. Checking into the penalty box will be Adam Pleskach, Pleskach gets called for high sticking exactly two minutes into this first period of play. Two minutes into the period, Pleskach goes to the penalty box for high sticking.

Face off will be in the Tulsa zone to the right of the goaltender Grogan. It goes into the corner boards, slapped by Sova around to the far side. They keep it in, do the Mavericks, Carzo with it. Now cleared away by the Oilers, back into the neutral zone, the Mavericks go back to get it, they back up into their own end, getting it for the Mavs is Root, Jesse Root, will dump it off into his own zone as they set the play from behind the goal. They’ll bring the puck away to the left wing. Cross ice pass to Carzo, over the blue line he comes into the Tulsa zone, behind the goal Root gets bumped, puck comes free. Cleared out to the point, kept it, no, went through the stick of Lafranchise, back into the Mavericks end so they’ll have to go back and reset.

Minute twenty-two left to go on the penalty to Pleskach, the Mavericks on their first power play of the night. Puck is loose right now, goes back into the Mavericks zone, they back up to get it. Getting it is Kane Lafranchise, Lafranchise sends it over on the left side for Aneloski. Bryce Aneloski in the neutral zone loses control of the puck, it’s slapped back in by the Oilers back into the Mavericks end. The goaltender there will keep it behind the goal and leave it for a teammate. They play it around on the near side, bring it back into the Tulsa zone and we’ve got a whistle and a stoppage of play.

Josh Robinson in goal for the Missouri Mavericks tonight. Robinson’s numbers; 17 games played, he has won 16. So he’s 16-0-0 with one shootout loss. He has a 1.58 goals against average and a .937 save percentage.

Face off in the Tulsa end, sent around the boards to the far side, it comes out of the zone. 38 seconds left in the power play for the Mavericks. Pleskach in the penalty box for Tulsa. Oilers get the puck in the Missouri end, along the boards on the near side. Played out to the neutral zone to Sova, he’ll back it out. Sent it over to the far side, Lutz, here’s a shot by Lutz, kick save by Robinson and picked up by Aneloski. Aneloski leaves it behind the goal for a teammate Finn. 15 seconds left in the penalty to the Oilers Pleskach. Mavericks bring it back over the blue line, give and go here’s a shot, it went off the crossbar and around to the near side. Now into the neutral zone, Pleskach comes out of the penalty box, Tulsa’s killed off that one and the Oilers are back to full strength with 15:54 left to play here in this first period, no score.

Puck goes back into the Mavericks end, picked up there by Holmstrom, Josh Holmstrom. Leaves it for a teammate over on the left wing for Cunningham. Cunningham gets bumped, the Oilers turn it around. Brewer gets bumped as he tried to bring it back over the blue line, lost control of the puck. Back come the Mavericks to the Tulsa blue line, poke checked away, nice play by the Oilers. Kucera, Connor Kucera knocked it away, now it goes back into the Tulsa zone. Lutz sends it around to the far side, bringing it out for Tulsa will be Walker, is it Walker? 21? I didn’t know he was going to play today and here’s a shot on goal, kick save by Grogan. It is Walker, I guess Ben Walker is feeling better, that hip has healed. Ben Walker is in the lineup tonight. Didn’t know that. We thought he was scratched but he is playing. Things to do Tulsa.

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