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Jeff Brucculeri: Back with you here at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and things to do Tulsa, and getting set for tonight’s game between the Missouri Mavericks and the Tulsa Oilers. Our starting lineups for the game, not sure why I’m not hearing the crowd mic. I have the game turned way down apparently. Now we can hear the crowd mic a little bit.

The starting lineups, first for the Missouri Mavericks. They’ll be starting on defence Bryce Aneloski and also Trevor Ludwig, the forwards will be Tanner Fritz, David de Kastrozza and Josh Holmstrom starting at forward, in goal tonight for Missouri will be Josh Robinson in goal.

For the Tulsa Oilers, starting defencemen for the Oilers tonight will be Matt Konan along with Joe Sova, the starting forwards will be Axel Blomqvist, Adam Pleskach and Christophe Lalancette. Starting in goal tonight, and getting his first start of the season is Matt Grogan, 5’10”, 170 pounder. He has no stats to his name because this is his first action of the season. He is in for Kevin Carr, as you heard head coach Jason Christie talking in the pre-game show about the suspensions because of the fights following the game on Saturday night in Rapid City where there was quite a melee after the final horn.

Tulsa is without Emerson Clark tonight, Emerson Clark is serving a one game suspension, Tulsa’s goaltender Kevin Carr is serving three games and Mathieu Gagnon was assessed 8 games suspension. Gagnon will be out for quite some time through this week, we’ve got three games this week and then we play three games out West, one in Utah and two up in Idaho and that’ll be 6 games, then two more after that before Gagnon gets to come back to the lineup.

We’re about set to go here in this one, as the Tulsa Oilers and the Missouri Mavericks will square off here tonight at the BOK Center. This will be my first time to see the Missouri Mavericks, and looking forward to seeing this team that holds the best record in the ECHL. Not excited about having to play them obviously. The face off at center ice and we’re underway with this one here tonight.

The puck goes back into the Mavericks zone, they will work it up along the boards on the right side, then send it in to the Tulsa zone. Sova sends it around to the far side, kept in at the point by Aneloski, around to the near side. One of the Oilers comes over to clear it out of the zone, Pleskach plays it into the neutral zone. The Mavericks will reset there as they bring it back in over the blue line, puck goes behind the net, around to the near side. Pleskach gets it again, leaves it for a teammate, there for Lalancette. He sends it over on the left side, brought out of the zone, back to Lalancette through the center circle he comes, over the blue line to the right circle. Christophe Lalancette along the boards on the near side, looking for a pass, gets it into the corner, played around to the far side by Blomqvist, and the Mavericks pick up the loose puck and they’ll bring it out of the zone to the red line and they dump it off to the Tulsa end. Mavericks will make a line change.

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