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Things To Do Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Jeff Brucculeri: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma for tonight’s

The Missouri Mavericks come into this game tonight with a record of 26-3-0-1, yes, only three losses so far this season for the Missouri Mavericks in the loss column. The Tulsa Oilers with a record of 14-11-2-1 for the Oilers. The Missouri Mavericks, in fact, lead the East Coast Hockey League with the best record in the league. They not only lead Tulsa’s central division, they lead the central division. Tulsa’s in third place in the central, behind Missouri and Allen.

Not only do the Missouri Mavericks lead the central division but they lead the entire league with the best record in the league, as I said, 26 wins, 3 losses, no overtime losses and only 1 shootout loss so far this year. 53 points, that means the next closest contender in the league is in the Eastern Conference, and that would be Florida, who has 46 points with 23 wins on the season. Clearly the Missouri Mavericks with the best record in the league and a very good team coming into the game tonight here in Tulsa.

The Tulsa Oilers coming off a win and then a loss in their two games in Rapid City this past weekend, because of the brawl following the game on Saturday night, the Tulsa Oilers will have 3 players who will be out on suspension. We’ll talk about those players and more with head Jason Christie when we continue. We’ll take a break, we’re back with more in a moment, you’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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Jeff Brucculeri: Back with you here on the pre-game show and top things to do Tulsa, joining us now, the head coach of the Tulsa Oilers, coach Jason Christie. Coach, the game Saturday night in Rapid City ended with quite a melee there at the end of the game, fisticuffs and sticks and gloves all over the ice.

Jason Christie: It was one of those games where things got heated. I think everybody’s responsible for it right referees to our teams. We have to understand that we can’t put ourselves in that situation.

Jeff Brucculeri: Those things do happen, it’s hockey, it’s a part of the game and now, as a result of that, unfortunately, we do have a few players that have been assessed some fines and some penalties. There are some suspensions to talk about, three of our players on suspension right now.

Jason Christie: Obviously Gagnon and Clark as forwards and Carr has three games. It’s a decision where Carrsy shouldn’t have gone in there, reacted because of goaltender. The consequence we have to deal with. It’s not good to lose those guys but onward and upward.

Jeff Brucculeri: I guess Matt Grogan will see some time in goal now, with Carr being out for three games. Matt has not played yet this season.

Jason Christie: He’s put up good numbers though, we’re comfortable putting him in there. We’re playing a good team here tonight. Missouri is top in the league so we have to make sure we’re on our toes, eliminate the scoring chances and just make sure we’re going through bodies all over the ice.

Jeff Brucculeri: You answered my next question, Missouri Mavericks have the best record in the league, they apparently have been rolling along fairly well, they only have three losses in the loss column. This is a pretty darn good team you’re facing here tonight.

Jason Christie: They’re playing with a lot of confidence, that’s something that we have to make sure we eliminate their chances. You have to play hard against them, smart against them. You can’t get into a run and gun situation.

Jeff Brucculeri: All right, coach. Go get them tonight.

Jason Christie: Thanks a lot.

Jeff Brucculeri: We’ll be back with the starting lineup and the opening face off in a moment. You’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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