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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Three shooters for Tulsa did not score. One out of the two for the Mavericks did. It was Courtney who put the puck into the goal in the shootout for the 4-3 win tonight for the Missouri Mavericks, but boy, you got to hand it to the Tulsa Oilers for a great job tonight. They really played well, fought hard in this one, played well in front of Matt Grogan, and Grogan did a really good job stopping 21- I think that’s… If that is accurate on the scoreboard, Grogan actually stopped 22 of 26 shots on goal. Well, he stopped 23 of 26 shots on goal. Matt Grogan stopped 23 of 26 shots on goal through regulation and overtime, and then, of course, the goal scored in the shootout was a shootout goal that gives the Mavericks a 4-3 win.

… I’m listening for the three stars. … You going to have the three stars for me? … Okay. I know number one was Pleskach. … Number three was who? … Oh, okay. Thank you. All right, so let me give you the scoring first before we do the three stars of the game.

In this game tonight, the Missouri Mavericks jumped out to a two-nothing lead in the first period of play. The first goal coming by Kane Lafranchise, fourth of the season at 10:09 of the first period, assisted by Root and Barnes. Then at 15:15 of the first period, Sylvestre got his tenth of the year, assisted by Fritz and de Kastrozza, and that was a two-nothing lead at the end of the first period of play for the Mavericks. Then the Oilers answered with two goals in the second period. 6:56 of the period, Pleskach with his 11th of the year, assisted by Kucera and Lalancette. That made it 2-1. Then the Oilers tied it up at 2 with 9:59 into the first- into the second period, pardon me. 9:59 Brewer with his seventh of the year, assisted by DeSalvo and Konan on a power play goal, made it 2-2 midway through the second period. Then the Mavericks took a 3-2 lead on a goal by Root in the second period at 12:37, Root with his 14th of the year, assisted by Carzo, and the Oilers tied it up again. They made it 3-3 at 17:53 of the second period on Adam Pleskach, second goal of the night, 12th of the season, assisted by Lalancette and Wong. That tied it at 3 in the second period.

We played a scoreless third period. We played a scoreless overtime, and then in the shootout, Tulsa had three shooters. None of them scored. It was the second shooter for Missouri that did score. It was Andrew Courtney who scored for Missouri, the game winner in the shootout.

Taking a look at our Tully Law Firm three stars of the game. The Tully Law Firm three stars of the game, the number three star went to the goaltender for the Missouri Mavericks Josh Robinson, and Robinson saving 29 of 32 shots on goal tonight. Robinson the number three star of the game. The number two star of the game tonight for the Missouri Mavericks was Jesse Root who had a goal and an assist in the game tonight. Jesse Root gets the second star, and the number one star of the night for Tulsa, Adam Pleskach, two goals tonight. Pleskach the number one star of the game. That’s the Tully Law Firm three stars of the game here tonight. (things to do in Tulsa)

Now the Oilers will be off for a couple of nights and then head up to Wichita. Tulsa Oilers will be playing at Wichita this Friday night, and we’ll be on the air with the game this Friday here online at ECHL.tv and also on ustream.tv. It’ll be a 7:05 face-off in Wichita. We’ll be on the air beginning at 6:50 Central Time. 6:50 Central Time for Wichita this Friday night the 8th, and then the Oilers will be home on Saturday night. The next home game for the Tulsa Oilers this Saturday here at the BOK Center, 7:05 face-off, and that’ll be also against the Wichita Thunder here at the BOK this Saturday night. If you want to come and watch the Oilers play, you’re only going to have a few chances this month, four total. That was including tonight’s game, so you got to come out this Saturday night to watch the Oilers take on the Wichita Thunder.

All right, wrapping it up from here tonight. Our final score once again. Winning in a shootout, the Missouri Mavericks take the victory in a shootout tonight. Missouri with a final of a 4-3 win over the Tulsa Oilers here tonight. Back on the air Friday night. Hope you join us for that one from Wichita. Jeff Brucculeri saying so long. Have a great evening everybody.

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