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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

3:18 remaining in the overtime, tied at 3. Fritz waits for his teammates to come on. Now he gets it away to the right side. Back out to Fritz, top of the circle, leaves it there for a teammate, Sylvestre. He goes to the slot. Sylvestre in front. Backhander, forehander. Nice play by Grogan to make the stop! Sylvestre putting on a bit of a exhibition there, but he gets stopped by Grogan. We’ve got a… Is that an offside call, I think, coming in? Yes. Boy, the Oilers are called offside. I’m not sure that that’s agreeable, but nonetheless, face-off in the neutral ice.

Blomqvist, Walker and Konan out there right now for the Oilers, the three. Blomqvist gets it, brings it over the blue line. Blomqvist brings it over on the near side, drops it off there for Konan. He steps to the left circle. His shot went off the blocker pad, off the glass, stayed in play. Oilers recover in the neutral zone. Blomqvist tried to get it to Konan. It went ahead of his stick and now played away by Aneloski. He goes back behind his own goal, being chased by Walker. Aneloski sets the play behind the net, gives it away to the left side.

2:20 left to play in the overtime. Root with it, has it sticked away. Now it goes behind the goal. Root gets it again on the far side. Now for Owens. He gets bumped into the boards. Konan on him. Puck comes free to Root. He gets bothered by Walker behind the net. They freeze the puck behind the goal there along the boards. Referee has not blown the whistle, however. Now the Oilers get it clear. Here comes Konan with it. He gets it away on the right wing to Blomqvist. Blomqvist in the circle. He gets it poke checked, down low behind the net. It goes free. Now recovered by Holmstrom. He’ll bring it away with a minute 48 left to play in the overtime. Holmstrom shot. Stick save Grogan! Puck in the corner boards. Holmstrom tried to get it free again, bothered by Walker. They poke at it there behind the net. Now it goes behind the goal. Sent away, all the way back in the Mavericks end with a minute 20 left to play. This bronchitis is killing me. Behind the net. Mavericks get the puck, send it out on the near side. Here come the Mavs. Tyler Barnes in the circle. Shot. Sticked away by Grogan as Lafranchise was coming in to get that dish! Nice play by the Oilers goaltender. Slapped toward the goal, Owens almost had a shot again! Nice save by Grogan. We’re under a minute remaining in the overtime.

Puck comes free to the near side, and it looks like Holmstrom… Is it? Goes to the bench. [Looks 01:20:22] to be a little hurt for the Mavericks. Can’t see his number. If the guy would just turn around, that’d be sweet. … It’s not Holmstrom. It’s somebody else. Nonetheless, Oilers with it, back in the Mavericks zone with 30 seconds left to go in the overtime. Pleskach shot. Intercepted in front on the way in by Sylvestre and now cleared out of the zone. 24 seconds left to go. The player that was hurt was Carzo. Pass in front, goes to the far corner. Nice play by DeSalvo to break up the play. 15 seconds left in the overtime. Here come the Oilers again, one more rush. 10 seconds. Pleskach left circle. Pleskach, waiting for his teammates to come on. They’re making a line change. 5 seconds. Now behind the goal, the Mavericks get the puck. We’re going to go to a shootout, fans. Five minutes of scoreless overtime, still tied at 3. We are going ahead to a shootout here tonight.

Oh my, so it is going to be a nerve-racking evening. So far this season, in the shootouts, Tulsa has won three out of four shootouts this season, so the Oilers do really rather well in the shootouts. Let’s see how they do here tonight. (coughs) Pardon me. Trying to clear that out. Boy oh boy. I am on my second round of antibiotics if you can believe that, and it got worse. Tied at 3, we are going to a shootout. Matt Grogan seeing his first action of the season here tonight, and he has been put to the test. He is now going to be put to the test in a shootout. (things to do in Tulsa)

Phil Brewer will shoot first for the Oilers. Brewer up first, gets the puck at center ice, goes up the slot. Shot. Off the stick of the goaltender Robinson. It doesn’t go.

Missouri will put… looks like Jesse Root out there first. Root will shoot first for the Mavericks. There’s the whistle. He picks up the puck at the center spot, over the blue line. Root on the right side, he’s a left-handed shooter, puts Grogan down on the ice. Root waited until the last minute, and Matt makes a save off the leg. Nice play by Matt Grogan.

Next up for the Oilers will be Brandon Wong. For Tulsa, Brandon Wong will be the next shooter for Tulsa. Wong gets it at the center circle. He goes in on goal. Here’s a shot. Right into the leg pads of the goaltender, and that’s no good.

Next up for the Mavericks will be Andrew Courtney. Andrew Courtney gets it at center ice, to the blue line, goes up the slot, straight on goal. It looks like it went five-hole or to the side of the stick and then in the net. Courtney scores the first goal here in the shootout. Two shooters aside, and the Mavericks have one goal.

This third shooter’s going to be the important one because for Tulsa, they need to score to extend this thing and stay in the shootout. It’s going to be Brown, Dennis Brown for the Oilers in the shootout. He gets the puck at center ice, goes right up the slot on the right hand, backhand. Sticked away by the goaltender Robinson, and the Mavericks win it in the shootout. So that’s it.

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