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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Here they come. A shot on goal there by Holmstrom. It went over the goal off the glass, stayed in play. Now back in the neutral zone. The Mavericks reset. They slap it ahead into the Tulsa end. Oilers recover the puck there. Brewer with it for Tulsa, sends it over on the right side, puts it back into the Mavericks zone. They bring it back quickly. The Mavericks playing good hockey, constantly on the attack, constantly trying to rotate, constantly putting that puck ahead, and they do again. Now Tulsa knocks it in the neutral zone. Mavericks send it out again.

Here they come again. Three guys at the blue line come in over the blue line with the puck. The Oilers recover it again, steal it away. Brewer this time to Blomqvist. Blomqvist, he tried to go through two men. Blomqvist still with it on the boards on the far side gets bumped off the play. Now it comes free. Here come the Mavericks. Played away by Pleskach. Nice play by him to break up that play and then send it back into the Mavericks zone. It goes into the corner boards out to the blue line. Brown fakes a shot. Brown takes it into the circle. Brown with a shot! Stopped off the stick of Robinson, and he’ll smother it with 2:26 left to go, third period, tied at 3. Wow. This is going to come down to a nerve-racking finish here tonight, folks. Possibly an overtime, possibly in a shootout. We shall see.

Face-off to the left of Robinson in the Missouri end. Now around to the far side, the Mavericks with it. They get it ahead to Seckel through the neutral zone. He sends it away to the left side. Bringing it over the blue line is Courtney, Andrew Courtney. He and one of the Oilers go down on the ice. That’s Lutz. They get tied up. Now the puck goes behind the goal and around to the near side. Lalancette, cross rink pass to Lutz. It went off his stick. It was too far ahead of him, and the Mavericks recover it in their own end. Now they get it away to Seckel into the neutral zone. Slapped away by Lutz, played it ahead. However, recovered again, this time by Leduc, Loic Leduc. On the near side at the blue line [and 01:11:21] the Mavericks blue, Oilers try to knock it away, and they do. Konan gets it for Tulsa. He steps back in over the blue line. A shot went off the leg of one of the defensemen. Now behind the net.

A minute 30 remaining here in this third period, folks. Puck goes through the center circle. Oilers get it again. They drop it off to Sova in their own end. Oilers will reset. Now to Walker. Pass over on the left side. Flipped into the air, into the Mavericks end. Into the corner boards it goes. Oilers come over to try to get it. They do. Behind the net, step to the side of the goal, Ramsay. He’s bumped there. Ramsay takes it again. A wrap around, oh! It does not go in. I saw the net move, but that was the goalie’s skate that caused the net to move. Puck did not go in. Fans want a penalty.

One minute remaining in the third period of play, tied at 3. Puck comes into the neutral zone. Back into the Tulsa end. Sova sends it over to Konan. Ahead to the left wing. Now dropped it off. Nugent leaves it in the Mavericks end. He’ll go for a line change. Mavericks bring it back. Through the center circle comes Holmstrom with it, dropped over into the blue line. At the point, Lafranchise with a shot. Stick save by Grogan. He leaves it for the Oilers Blomqvist who sends it around to the far side back into the neutral zone. Now picked up again by the Mavs.

Twenty seconds remaining in the third period. Lafranchise, on the left side, tried to center it. Brown broke it up. Nice play on the near side by Brown. Kucera helping out. Shot went through the slot. Brown gets it again for the Oilers. Ten seconds left on the clock. Outlet to DeSalvo. Six seconds. Over to Blomqvist. His shot deflected off the stick into the corner boards. That’ll be it. That’s the end of regulation. We’re going overtime! Here in Tulsa tonight, the Oilers and the Mavericks tied at 3 at the end of regulation. We’re headed to overtime. We’re back with that in just a minute. You’re listening to Oilers hockey.

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Jeff Brucculeri: All right, it is 3-3. We’re going overtime! Tulsa Oilers and the Missouri Mavericks headed to overtime here tonight. Face-off coming up at center ice. Last time the Oilers played [an 01:15:05] overtime, they lost to Wichita in an overtime on December 18. These two times have played to two overtimes already this season, both won by Missouri, so let’s see what happens here tonight. (things to do in Tulsa)

As we’re underway with the overtime period, the puck goes into the Missouri zone. It’s a 3-on-3 overtime just like it is in the NHL, three skaters a side plus the goaltender, obviously. Puck goes into the corner boards in the Missouri zone. Oilers lose control there. However, looks like Carzo having a hard time getting away from a man, and he finally gets a pass away to a teammate, Owens. Sends it ahead into the Tulsa end, Owens with it now. It’s sticked away by one of the Oilers [and 01:15:58] cleared out. Goaltender comes way out of the goal, almost to the blue line, and as he played it out, the puck came out of the zone and over the boards into the Tulsa bench. Well, the goaltender played the puck out of play but no delay of game called on that, though I’m a little curious about that, but nonetheless, a face-off will be in the Mavericks end.

Lalancette on the draw against Fritz. Fritz wins it. Now they get it away to Barnes who will bring it out of the zone. Barnes racing up the ice, over the blue line into the right circle in the Tulsa zone. He goes behind the goal. [Turnarounder 01:16:43], tries a shot. Grogan with a nice stick save. Fritz gets it now for the Mavericks on the near side, leaves it for Owens in the corner. He takes it behind the goal, out in front. He tried another shot that got knocked away, cleared out by the Oilers. Here comes Tulsa with it on the right side. A centering pass went through to the near side. Lutz gets it at the blue line for the Oilers. Over to Lalancette on the left wing. Lalancette now at the blue line, gives it to Pleskach. Pleskach takes it up the slot, right circle. Shot, goes over the goal. Lalancette gets bumped. Pleskach sends it out to the point to Lutz. Lutz’s pass knocked away by Fritz. Fritz comes away with it.

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