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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Male: Memorial, home for the Tulsa Oilers and Tulsa’s premier-

Jeff Brucculeri: Well- what happened there. There’s a short or something. Oh, the computer froze up! The commercial just stopped. All right, well let’s see if we can get that going again. … Nope. … there it is.

Male:  Is all about choices for your moderate lifestyle.

Male: In addition to the great views and our South Tulsa address, our location makes for a quick trip to the 71st Street Corridor where you’ll find the Woodland Hills-

Jeff Brucculeri: All right, we’re going to get back to that in a moment. They are about ready to play again. Sorry about that. Something happened there with that commercial, and so we’ll try to get that in a little bit later on. Right now we got to get back to the action. Tied at 3 with 6:20 remaining here in this third period of play. Here’s a shot from the point, this one by Aneloski goes over the goal and off the mesh. … Well, the three officials are talking about whether or not it went straight off of Aneloski’s stick or if an Oiler deflected it. They’re going to say it went off the stick of one of the Oilers, so the face-off will stay in the Tulsa end. … If we get a chance, I’ll update you on some NHL scores.

Face-off comes out of the zone. Mavericks recover. [Now they’ll 01:04:25] flip it back into their own end. Robinson plays it behind the net for a teammate, Aneloski. He goes around the goal and around to the far side, slaps it ahead into the Tulsa zone. Intercepted by Sova, cleared away to the near side, there for Ramsay. Now they get it away to Walker. He brings it in over the blue line, drops the pass at the point to Konan. Slapped away and cleared out. Here come the Mavericks with it again. Over the blue line, they’re offside.

In the NHL tonight, Washington defeated Boston 3-2. Golly, those Capitals are on a tear of late. Florida was the winner over the Buffalo Sabres, 5-1. I didn’t need to hear that. As I told you, the Panthers have continued their 10-game winning streak. The New York Rangers, 6-2 winners over the Dallas Stars, and Chicago beat Pittsburgh 3-2. There are other games still going on out west.

Face-off in the neutral zone goes back into the… I guess they waved that off, and they took a center ice- oh, that was an offside pass, pardon me. Yeah, they took a center ice face-off. Now back come the Mavericks with it. Over the blue line into the Tulsa end. One of the Mavericks gets bumped up, goes headfirst into the boards. He looks to be hurt. Referee does not have his arm up, no penalty call, but it looks like Matt Finn went into the boards pretty hard there just about head or shoulder first into the boards as he got tripped up going in after the puck. He gets up gingerly. In fact, not putting any weight on his right leg or on his right skate, so maybe not so much a head injury as maybe tweaking his knee or ankle and not wanting to put any weight on that right leg as he’s skating off the ice. He is skating but gingerly as I say. (things to do in Tulsa)

Got a final score now, Philadelphia just defeated Montreal 4-3. That game just ended. Philadelphia winner over the Montreal Canadiens, 4-3. Winnipeg, the Jets, Tulsa’s parent club, the Winnipeg Jets leading Nashville three to nothing, 7:37 left in the third period. Calgary out in front of Tampa, out in front of Tampa Bay 1-zip, 6:49 left to go in the second period of that one. (coughs) Excuse me, oh my goodness. I was just getting over this until we got on the bus to head home the other day, and they had the air-conditioning pumping. It was freezing on the bus Get home Sunday, and I start coughing again.

Puck goes in front of the goal in the Tulsa zone. Looked like Carzo there fanned on it, but he still gets the play away to a teammate. Shot back toward the goal. It goes wide to the right, to the far side. DeSalvo slaps it away there into the neutral zone. 4:48 left to play, third period, tied at 3. Both teams even strength right now. Oilers send it up the ice all the way into the Mavericks end. They’re going to have to wave off the icing. The goaltender will play the puck around to the far side. Mavericks send it back into the Tulsa zone into the corner on the near side. After it is Brisebois. He’s bumped there. Puck comes free. Now Lalancette sends it over on the right wing. Here comes Wong over the blue line to the red line. Wong dumps it off into the Mavericks end. It goes into the corner. Pleskach gets bumped there, taken into the boards by Aneloski. Now in front, Wong with a shot! Robinson smothers it.

There’s 4:10 left on the clock. Tied at 3. Face-off will be to the left of goaltender Josh Robinson in the Mavericks end. 4:10 left on the clock here in this third period of action. Face-off goes into the corner boards. Couple players pushing for it, try to get it loose. They do. Aneloski, Bryce Aneloski clears it around to the far side, kept in at the point. Shot toward the goal, but it goes wide of the net, behind the net to the near side. Sova keeps it in [at 01:08:39] the right point, down low behind the goal. Walker plays it away. Oilers get it again. Out to Sova at the point. His shot toward the net stopped by a defenseman on the way in, knocked out to the blue line but kept in by Sova once more. Now cleared away to the Mavericks. Mavericks bring it out though the red line to the blue line into the Tulsa zone.

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