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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

9:45 left to play in the third period. We are knotted up at 3. Puck goes into the Mavericks end behind the goal. Robinson sends it around to the near side. Now it comes free to the neutral zone. Oilers will recover and reset in their own end. Brown sends it over on the left side, gives it to DeSalvo. Through the center circle he skates, sends it ahead. He’s going to be offside. Now they have to come back. Mavericks intercept the pass. Here they come. Sylvestre with it, takes it down low in the corner. He gets beat to the puck by Kucera. Nice play by Connor. Sends it around to the far side. Blomqvist comes over to help out. Sylvestre gets it again. Sylvestre bothered by Kucera. Now he gets it free to a teammate. Mavericks still with it. Shot on goal. Deflected, goes wide of the goal. Clear to the near side. Slapped away by Blomqvist, and now Brewer clears it out to Blomqvist. His pass ahead intercepted, slapped back into the neutral zone. Now the Mavericks clear it back into the Tulsa end.

They will make a line change. Oilers get it, send it out quickly, coming off the stick of Blomqvist. He’s going to go to the bench after the puck went off his stick into the Mavericks end. Oilers will complete a line change. Oilers have it, however, in the Mavericks zone again. They recover the puck there to the blue line. Connor- Konan, pardon me, to Sova. Now to Nugent. His backhander is caught. Robinson will hang on, and we’ll get the face-off coming up in the Mavericks end. We’ve got an official timeout, so with that, we will take a break. Back with more in a moment. You’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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Jeff Brucculeri:  Back with you hear in Tulsa. We’re getting set for the face-off coming up here. It’ll be to the left of goaltender Robinson in the Mavericks end. They dropped the puck, and we’re back to play. 3-3 is our score. Clock now down to 8:30. Sova from the point with a shot. It went off the leg of Fritz over to the far side, kept in at the point on the left side by the Oilers Konan, now behind the goal. They play it along the boards behind the net, trying to get it free. Now they do, and the Mavericks come away with it. They slap it ahead right in on goal on a line drive caught by Grogan, and Matt’s going to hang on. We’ll get another face-off. This one in the Tulsa end. Grogan wisely hanging on to that one as the Tulsa Oilers and the Missouri Mavericks are tied at 3-3 here in this third period with 8:09 now left to play in the third.

We’ve got another face-off coming up as Grogan stops this one right on the draw. Now it’s 8:04 on the clock. Face-off to the left of Grogan. Slapped away around the boards to the near side. Brewer tried to get it free, and it comes out to the blue line. Now it’s clear. Brewer sends it out across to the far side. Slapped ahead by Kucera in on goal. Off the blocker pad of the goaltender Robinson. Now out in the neutral zone. The loose puck there picked up by Root for the Mavericks who puts in the Tulsa end. Grogan plays it behind the goal, slaps it away to the near side. Kept in by Root who gets bumped down to one knee. Puck goes into the corner boards. Couple of players fighting for it there. Now it comes loose. DeSalvo tried to clear it out. Kept in by Ludwig over on the right wing. A shot goes wide. It’s deflected off the stick of one of the players into the corner. DeSalvo gets it. He’ll travel it out. Here comes DeSalvo with it on the left side [to 01:00:50] the circle. DeSalvo gets pushed down. No call by the referee. Kept in at the blue line. Now slapped away. The Oilers get it again, try to send it toward the goal. Intercepted on the way in. Finn clears it away. The Mavericks come back into the Tulsa zone.

A centering pass to Seckel gets knocked away by one of the Oiler players. Nice play there on the defensive end. Oilers get it loose. Pleskach sends it ahead. Now played out in the neutral zone by Wong. He gets bumped into the boards by the bench, and the Oilers Lutz slaps it ahead back into the Missouri end. Wong gets it there over to the Oilers Lalancette. No penalty. That should’ve been a tripping. No call. Puck kept in by Brisebois. Now slapped away to the far side. It comes out of the blue line and into the neutral ice. The Oilers will have to regroup and reset in their own end.

They drop it back to Brisebois. Six and a half minutes remaining, third period. He tried a centering pass ahead. It went through everybody, and we’re going to get an icing call against the Tulsa Oilers. 6:23 remaining, third period. Tulsa and Missouri all knotted up at three apiece here in this one. I mentioned this is the only game in the ECHL tonight. There are a few games going on in the NHL. (things to do in Tulsa)

On the face-off, the puck gets slapped right to the goaltender Grogan, and he freezes it. We got another official timeout, so with that, we will take our final break here. We’ll come back with the remaining portion of the third period in a moment. We are tied at 3 with 6:20 remaining. This is Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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