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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

13:53 remaining in this third period of play, tied at 3. After the icing, face-off comes in the Tulsa zone. Face-off to the right of the goaltender, Matt Grogan. From the Valley of the Sun, Gilbert, Arizona, suburb of Phoenix on the south side, southeast side of the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. Puck goes back into the Tulsa zone, following the face-off behind the goal. Gorgan will leave it there for a teammate. Now they knock it away to the far corner, kept in at the corner by Root and stolen away by the Oilers. Cleared out by Brown over to Brewer on the right side. Brewer puts it into the corner. DeSalvo after it. Centering pass went off the stick of Robinson and around to the far side, and the Mavericks come away with it again. Carzo with it. Rocco Carzo puts it into the Tulsa end. Slapped around the boards to the near side. Root keeps it in there. Near the circle intercepted. Here come the Oilers with it, stolen by Brisebois. Mathieu Brisebois over the blue line. He gets bumped twice, still had control, now loses it as he got bumped by Owens coming in. Now Owens gets the puck in the corner, sends it out to the far side.

13 minutes remaining out to Sylvestre. Sebastien Sylvestre takes it into the corner boards. He’s bumped by Brisebois. Puck comes free behind the net. Brisebois clears it away to the far side. Pleskach, Adam Pleskach to Wong, up to Lalancette. He is stopped coming in. Puck goes free into the corner, slapped away by Finn around to the near side and out. Oilers recover. At the red line is Sova. Now cross rink pass to the far side. Wong puts it back into the Mavericks end, down low. Lalancette tried to center it. It was intercepted, knocked back into the boards by Seckel. Wong gets it again, out to the blue line. There’s Konan, down low pass behind the net. However, nobody there for the Oilers, knocked away to the near side. Sova comes in from the point to help out there. Sova on the boards on the near side, getting some help from a teammate. Three of them, four of them, five of them now fighting for the puck along the boards, near side. They get it free. It goes into the corner. Cunningham gets it loose for the Mavericks. He’ll take it behind the goal, sets the play from behind his own net. Cunningham slaps it ahead, intercepted in the neutral zone by Walker over on the right side to Ramsay. Now to Nugent, his shot deflected, and it goes right to Robinson off the boards. Robinson will smother it.We’ll get a face-off in the Mavericks end at 11:45 left to go here in this third period of play. We’re behind a break. We’ll play a timeout here. We’ll come back with more in a moment. Tied at 3. This is the third period. You’re listening to Oilers hockey.

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Jeff Brucculeri: Face-off is coming in the Mavericks end, following the official timeout, and the draw will be taken to the left of the goaltender Chris- excuse me, Josh Robinson. Chris is the other goaltender, Chris Rawlings, who is not in goal tonight, but #30 Josh Robinson is. The face-off will be to the left of Robinson. 11:45 to play, third period, tied at 3. Oilers doing a fine job here tonight against a really, really tough team. Best record in the league for the Mavericks. On the face-off it comes out to the blue line. Brown gets it there to Blomqvist. Blomqvist takes it behind the goal. Puck comes loose to the far side. Brewer with it, drops it off to Blomqvist in the circle. Now out to the point. Shot goes down low around the boards to the near side. Picked up by the Mavericks, sent around behind the net by de Kastrozza to the far side, kept in there by the Oilers. Blomqvist gets it again. He’s bothered there by Aneloski behind the goal. Blomqvist gets it free in front. A shot by DeSalvo! And a save by Robinson. Nice play by Blomqvist to center the pass right in between the circles there, right in the middle of the slot. DeSalvo with a quick one timer, but Robinson making the save.

At 11:12 left to go, third period. Face-off will be right- excuse me, to the left of goaltender Robinson, on the Tulsa right wing if we’re talking about on the attack. Ben Walker’s going to get kicked out of the face-off. Brady Ramsay will step in to take the draw. Ramsay wins it to Walker along the boards on the near side. Now to Ramsay, out to the blue line to Sova. He keeps it in at the point. Down low in the corner, knocked away by the Mavericks. Sova keeps it in at the point again, and the Mavericks get the loose puck in their own end, clear it away to the right side. Pass ahead to Barnes who is waiting for it at the Tulsa blue line, but he got bothered there and had it poke checked away by Kucera. Now it’s cleared back into the Tulsa zone. It’ll be an icing called against the Mavericks…things to do in Tulsa.

10:49 remaining, third period, tied at 3. The face-off back in the Mavericks end to the right of goaltender Robinson. Florida Panthers won tonight. They’re winning streak has been extended to 10 games in a row now for the Florida Panthers. Puck in the Mavericks end. Oilers keep it in there. Now behind the goal for Pleskach. Pleskach has his stick. The defenseman lost his. Puck comes free on the right side for Wong. Wong steps around a man, now gets it away to Pleskach on the far side. Pleskach tried to turn it around, comes out to the blue line. Kept in at the point by Brisebois. He gets tripped. He’s in the circle. Brisebois shot. Stick save. Goes over the goal. Now cleared away to the near side. Brisebois gets it again. Into the slot. Here’s a shot. Save. Rebound! Goes wide of the net. The goaltender gets back up. He was on his backside. The puck goes free to the far side. The Oilers get it again. Lalancette took that shot that was deflected by the goalie. It went to the side of the goal. It was loose, and nobody knew where it was for a moment. Now it’s cleared away back into the Tulsa end.

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