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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Jeff Brucculeri: Face-off at center ice as we begin the third period of play. It’s also Oilers and the Missouri Mavericks tied at 3. Oilers with the puck and through the neutral zone. Backed up by the Mavericks into their own end now. They turn it around to the far side over to Jesse root who slaps it into the Tulsa zone. Root had the goal there that put Missouri up 3-2. Tulsa tied the game on Pleskach’s goal. Now the puck in the corner on the near side. And our thanks to Kevin Carr. Wasn’t that a good interview? He’s a great guy. Great interview. Here comes DeSalvo on the left side to Blomqvist in the circle. His shot sticked away by Robinson. DeSalvo bumps into the goaltender. He’s trying to just help him back up. Now he gets away, and the referee’s going to- Aw, jeez, the referee’s going to call a penalty. DeSalvo got away. He didn’t even mean to interfere with the goaltender. He did all he could to get out of his way and get back up, and it looks like the referee’s still going to call a penalty. It’s a delayed call. Here come the Mavericks. The shot goes off the boards to the far side. Now Tulsa touches it, and we’re going to get the penalty call. It’s going to be interference, and it’s going to be Dan DeSalvo going to the penalty box for interfering with the goalie.

It’s a terrible call because DeSalvo did everything he could to get off of the goaltender and get out of his way. It’s hard to stomach an interference call when it was strictly not intentional and not intended, and the puck is played away. It really didn’t take the goalie out of the play. That’s the biggest thing. You should call the interference if the goaltender is interfered with. If there’s an opportunity to score and the goaltender is interfered with, then of course you got to call the interference, or if the player goes flying into the goaltender and he doesn’t make any movement or try to move or doesn’t get up right away or whatever. There’s got to be some discretion there. In this case, DeSalvo did everything he could to try to get off of him. He put his arms up. He put his stick down. He straddled him with his legs. He was just doing everything.

Now Tulsa’s going to have to kill this Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds Penalty Kill as the Mavericks are on their fifth power play of the night. Puck goes into the neutral zone. The Mavericks turn it around. Matt Finn gets it back in his own end. He’ll set the play, over on the right side there for Aneloski. Aneloski sends it into the Tulsa zone. It goes around behind the goal to the near side, slapped away by Sova to the far side, kept in by Finn at the blue line. His pass intercepted, slapped away by the Oilers and sent back into the Mavericks end. That puck was cleared out by Matt Konan, and there’s a minute left in the power play for Missouri. 17:50 left to go, third period of play. Tied up at 3.

Back come the Mavericks to the blue line. They slap the puck into the Tulsa zone around behind the goal to the near side kept in there by Lafranchise. Lafranchise steps toward the goal put it on the backhand. It went to the side of the net, did the puck. Now it goes free to the far side. The Mavericks still with control of the puck. Oilers trying to kill the penalty. Shot, kick save by Grogan and cleared away by Brown out of the zone, all the way back into the Mavericks end. Nice play by Grogan and then Brown to clear it up the ice, 22 seconds left in the power play for Missouri. Back they come through the neutral zone. It was slapped ahead. It went off the stick of one of the Oiler players into the corner boards on the near side. Twelve seconds left in the penalty. Puck over on the left wing. There for Root. He sends it to the right side, a shot. Stick save. It went deflecting off of one of the Oiler players, I believe. Now coming out of the penalty box for Tulsa is DeSalvo, and the Oilers are back to full strength. Shot on goal, Grogan couldn’t control it. Now Grogan is interfered with. No call, and they get back up.

The puck is cleared back into the Mavericks end. Missouri with the puck in their zone. With it is Root. He sends it around to the far side. Fritz gets it back to Root. Now over to Sylvestre. Sylvestre tried to send it ahead, knocked away by the Oilers. Brewer slaps it back into the Mavericks end. Puck behind the goal in the corner. Coming over to help out is Blomqvist to the blue line. Brown gives it over on the left side there for Ramsay. Shot toward the goal, and it goes behind the net to Blomqvist. He puts it out in front. It went through the slot. Now the Mavericks get it again. They’ll clear it away. Flipped ahead by Barnes into the Tulsa zone, and they’ll complete a line change will Missouri. Puck comes around to the near side. (coughs) Pardon me. Now in the neutral zone. Ludwig with it, gives it to a man, gives it back. Ludwig with it again in his own end, slaps it out to the neutral zone, and the puck is slapped ahead back into the Tulsa zone….things to do in Tulsa.

The Oilers get it, recovered by Pleskach, cleared away, slapped away, recovered again. Now this time, Kucera sends it away and out of the zone. Mavericks recover the puck in their own end. They get it away to Sylvestre at the Tulsa blue line. They wave off the offside. The puck goes around to the far side, kept in at the boards there by Seckel, Reed Seckel. Now knocked away to the blue line. Pleskach gets the loose puck and clears it out. Ludwig lost control of the puck. Here come the Oilers with it. Lalancette backhander, save Robinson. Lalancette is driven into the boards on the far side by Holmstrom, and now they clear it out of the zone. Oilers will have to reset in the neutral zone. They do. Matt Konan brings it back into the right wing. Konan bumped into the boards. The puck comes free into the corner. Fifteen minutes remaining, third period, tied at 3.

Puck comes out of the zone back into the Tulsa end. Sova gets it for the Oilers, sends it right up on the left wing, there for a teammate. Bringing it back is Walker. Walker puts it in the corner boards on the near side. Two players fighting for it there. Now cleared away in the neutral ice. Oilers get it again. Konan sends it back into the Mavericks end. Stopped behind the goal by the goaltender. Robinson to Lafranchise. Lafranchise sends it to the near side, there for Aneloski. Aneloski puts it into the neutral zone. The Oilers reset. Kucera gets it, backs up in his own zone. Connor Kucera sends it to the far side. Now cleared ahead, back in by Nugent. He has it poke checked away, all the way back into the neutral zone. They wave off the icing. Oilers go after it. Back behind the goal Kucera, Connor Kucera, bumped behind the net. He gets some help there from Walker. Ben Walker sends it around to the far side to the blue line, kept in at the point. Pass down low intercepted. Connor Kucera clears it away, and it’s cleared back up the ice into the Mavericks zone. We’re going to have a whistle and an icing.

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