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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Kevin Carr: No, I think if you look at the NHL (things to do in Tulsa) and even the American Hockey League, I don’t the stats off the top of my head, but I know that the fights are down a significant percentage. They’re trying to phase that stuff out of the game. I know it’s great for the fans, but for the organizations, they want skilled players. They want even their fourth line guys to bring an offensive ability to the game. They absolutely are trying to phase that stuff out, and it doesn’t happen often. When it does, I’m sure it’s pretty exciting for the fans.

Jeff Brucculeri: Yeah, you just said something about that fourth line, and it used to be you’d have a couple of fighters. You’d sign these guys because you knew they were bruisers, and you’d put them out there on that line when something needed to happen, right?

Kevin Carr: Right. No, now your fourth line is your energy line. You rely on them to pick the boys up if they’re having a tough night or something like that, and you-

Jeff Brucculeri: And to give the top two lines a break.

Kevin Carr: Absolutely, yeah.

Jeff Brucculeri: Yeah, so it is funny how it’s evolved. You’re right. I’m a lot older than you, but growing up as a kid, watching the NHL and then watching the old Atlantic Coast Hockey, ACHL, and the old ECHL back in Erie, Pennsylvania and Elmira and all that, oh it was a brawl every night. That is not the way it is anymore. Fans still get a charge out of it when it happens. You can’t deny that.

Kevin Carr: You can’t deny it, no, but goals are exciting, too. Fans want to see good hockey plays, and they’ve had a good one tonight with six goals already. Hopefully, we can shut them down on our defensive side and maybe throw one or two and help our goalie Grogan out and finish this game off correctly.

Jeff Brucculeri:  I know now for a couple of seasons the Tulsa fans have loved watching Kevin Carr stand on your head, so to speak, as they say, because you make great saves.

Kevin Carr: Thank you, thank you.

Jeff Brucculeri: Yeah well, there’s a reason why you’re starting every game, and it’s not just because Jussi’s not here. It’s because you’re playing well.

Kevin Carr: Thank you. Yeah, I just try to help the boys out as much as I can and do my part and give the team a chance to win every night, and that’s my goal.

Jeff Brucculeri: You know what, my Buffalo Sabres could use a really good goaltender right about now. They have been through about six goaltenders in the last two seasons.

Kevin Carr: They have. Johnson’s playing very well-

Jeff Brucculeri: Now Johnson’s playing good. Finally, I think they’ve settled on Johnson. You’re exactly right. I don’t know how or where because this guy’s been around the league. They finally came up with him, and they’re like, “Holy crap, this guy’s playing good.”

Kevin Carr: Very well, yeah.

Jeff Brucculeri: But they’ve gone through six other goaltenders in the last three years that [just 00:38:35] it’s not panned out. You know because you went to Buff State.

Kevin Carr: I did. I did go to Buffalo State, yeah.

Jeff Brucculeri: Kevin, thank you very much for coming up here.

Kevin Carr: Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Jeff Brucculeri: Kevin Carr, goaltender for the Tulsa Oilers. You’ll see him back in action next week, I promise you. He will be back on the ice. Thanks, man.

Kevin Carr: Thank you.

Jeff Brucculeri: All right, we’ll take a break. We’re back with the third period of hockey coming up. We’re in the second intermission, tied at 3. You’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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