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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Face-off in the Missouri zone, along the boards of the near side in the corner. … I’ll give you the goal here in a minute. Shot on goal. Robinson with the save, and he’ll freeze it for a face-off. … They gave the goal to Root. Did I say Root? I’m not sure that I said Root. I’m not sure who that was. Maybe it was 20. I thought it was somebody else. Pardon me, but the Missouri goal at 12:37 was credited to Root, his 14th of the year, assisted by Rocco Carzo, the only assist on that, on that goal, as they’ve now made that official.

Tulsa with a man advantage comes out to the blue line. The puck comes over to Wong on the left wing, Wong with it still. [It’s 00:13:31] the left circle. Shot toward the goal, deflected away in front by Trevor Ludwig. It goes around to the far side, kept in at the blue line. Shot by Brisebois goes wide of the goal behind the net to the near side. Lalancette with it, try to center it to Blomqvist. He has it knocked away to Wong at the blue line who keeps it in. Now to Blomqvist up the slot right into the belly, and the goaltender Robinson hangs on this time with a minute three left to go in the man advantage for the Oilers, six minutes left to play in the second period, knotted at 2. Courtney, Andrew Courtney’s in the penalty box, two minutes for slashing at 13:03 of the period, and the Oilers on their fourth power play of the night.

Face-off to the left of Robinson in the Mavericks end. DeSalvo wins the draw, and he gets his own puck along the boards out to the blue line, kept in at the point by Brisebois, now sent down low behind the goal. They play it there. That’s actually Brown over on the right point, pardon me, not Brisebois. They just made a defensive change. Brown and Konan on the defensive side for the Oilers right now. Puck still along the boards down low. They’re wasting precious penalty time here. Now out to Konan on the left side. Back to Brown. Over on the right side to Savo, top of the circle in the right circle to Savo! Gets it poke checked away.

Cleared up the ice back into the Tulsa zone, stopped by Grogan. He’ll leave it to the side of the net with 26 seconds remaining here in the Oiler power play. Back come the Oilers with it, ahead pass. Now slapped by Brewer into the zone. Now Brewer skates after it quickly with Owens to the side of the goal. Blomqvist tried to get it in front, knocked away. Fritz gets it for the Mavericks. Eight seconds left in the man advantage. He drops it for a teammate behind their own net. Mavericks set it up from there. Now they clear it away, and it goes back into the Tulsa zone. That’ll kill the penalty time, and the Mavericks are back to full strength as Courtney comes out of the penalty box. Brisebois gets it in his own end, over to the far side. Cleared but not out, kept in by the Mavericks. They turn it around. Fritz sends it back into the corner boards, and he goes to the bench for a line change. Oilers bring it away, slapped ahead at the blue line but intercepted there. Four and a half minutes left to play, second period, and it’s 3-2. 3-2 our score, the Mavericks on top.

Puck is slapped back into the Mavericks end. It goes behind the net there. Mavs get it. No, intercepted! Blomqvist tried to get it away to Lalancette. Blomqvist should’ve just taken that shot himself probably at that point. Now he gets it away to Ramsay. To Lalancette. Lalancette steps in front. He gets tripped up. They fall all over the goaltender there does Lalancette and one of the Mavericks defensemen. Now the puck is cleared back into the Tulsa zone. … In the corner, they flip it, kept in down low. Shot in front. Now the Mavericks get it behind the goal to the near side. Slapped behind the net. Brisebois intercepts the pass. Brisebois clears it to the near side, he still has the puck, but not out. Leduc keeps it in as he gloves it out of the air. Sylvestre with a shot up the slot. Grogan will freeze it for the face-off. Smart move by Matt Grogan there not to play that puck. Too many men around, and we got some pushing and shoving. Now they clear them out. Now we got a timeout, official timeout here. Both players going to the benches, and 3:32 left to play in this second period. 3-2 our score, the Mavericks with the lead here in the second period. (things to do in Tulsa)

No other games going on in the ECHL tonight, so this is the only game on the scoreboard in case you’re wondering. No other action in the ECHL this evening. It’s a rare night when there’s only one game on tap, but that’s the way it goes. … I’m tweeting here, “Missouri Mavericks leading 3-2 over the Tulsa Oilers with 3:32 left in the second.”

All right, the official timeout is over. Face-off will come to the right of Matt Grogan in the Tulsa zone. … It’s won by the Oilers. Pleskach sends it around to the near side. Axel Blomqvist with it there. He gets bumped in the boards. Puck comes free. Blomqvist slaps it away again. Now for Brown over to Brewer. Brewer with it over the blue line. He gets bumped on the way in by Finn, and the puck goes loose behind the net. Axel Blomqvist gets it there, tried to center it in front , but it’s intercepted by Finn, cleared away and sent out of the zone. Courtney sends it into the Tulsa end into the corner. Three minutes left to play, second period. 3-2 Mavericks with the lead.

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