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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

We got an official timeout. Coming up in the second intermission, we will be talking with Kevin Carr, Tulsa Oilers’ goaltender, who is currently sitting out, three-game suspension which started tonight, so he will be out tonight and the two games against Wichita this week, Friday night in Wichita, Saturday night here at home against Wichita.

The official scoring on that goal at 9:59 of the period… 9:59? I don’t think the time is right. That’s not what I said, was it? I don’t know. 9:59, Brewer with his seventh of the year, assisted by DeSalvo and Konan on the power play goal, and that tied the game at 2. That’s the official scoring now for you. On the draw in the Mavericks zone, it goes right to the goaltender. He stops it again. We’ll go to another face-off in the Missouri zone.

Tulsa will be at Missouri later this month, in fact, play a pair of games there later in the month of January on the 22nd and 23rd, a Friday and Saturday night in Independence, Missouri outside of Kansas City.

Puck goes back into the Tulsa end. Now it’s cleared away by the Oilers, back into the Mavericks zone. They recover the puck in their own end, Ludwig with it, Trevor Ludwig, into the corner boards on the far side. He gets bumped there by Ramsay out to the point. Konan pass away on the right side. A shot kick save rebound goes to the side of the goal picked up by Pleskach out to the blue line again. Over to Konan on the left point, pass into the slot, a backhander toward the goal there. That doesn’t go. Now it’s wide of the net to the near side and cleared away. Back comes Leduc with it. He’ll flip it into the air, into the Tulsa zone in the corner. Sova plays it around to the far side. Oilers get it, bring it out of the zone. Over to Konan. Now ahead pass. Walker sends it away for the Oilers. Blomqvist skating after it, but… Are they calling icing? Or an offside pass? I don’t know what the heck the linesmen are calling, and I don’t think they know either. They’re talking… Okay, they made a mistake.

Face-off at center ice. Okay. Yeah, I didn’t know what they were calling, and that’s because well, they didn’t know either. They didn’t. They blew it, and so they’re going to go ahead and eat the call, take a center ice face-off. Tulsa wins the draw. Oilers set in their own end, send it over on the far side to Brewer. Now ahead to DeSalvo. He slaps it into the zone. Behind the goal, Robinson will play it to Fritz on the far side. Fritz sends it around to the near side. Therefore, Owens… Owens to the point but kept in by Kucera. Connor Kucera puts it down low. Brewer gets bumped into the boards. He still has the puck, pass in front. Oh, it went through and knocked away into the neutral ice. Kucera gets it for the Oilers, backs up into his own zone. Even a side right here, both teams at full strength with 8:05 left to go in the second period, and we are tied 2-2.

Puck comes around to the near side now. The Mavericks will play it. Fritz gets away to a teammate in the center circle, back to Fritz in the slot over on the right side. A shot on goal. Grogan with the save! He’ll freeze it for the face-off off the shot of Holmstrom. Josh Holmstrom with the shot, and Matt Grogan doing a fine job here in goal tonight. It’s never easy for a backup goaltender who has not played yet all season long. I mean, we’re [saying 00:09:53] all season up to this point, Grogan has not been in a game for the Oilers, but he has practiced, obviously. He’s been fully involved in the practices, but the team has played now some- what is it, 28 games on the season. And he has not yet played until tonight. That’s never easy to just step right in, but he’s doing a fine job here so far and a great performance by Grogan against a really darn good team. Tulsa playing well in general…things to do in Tulsa.

Puck to the blue line now cleared away in the neutral zone. Racing after it, the Mavericks… Here’s a shot and a goal! Oh, baby! They gave a nice breakaway to Jesse Root. Nobody caught up to Root. Root brought it in by himself, took a quick wrister from the left circle, put it past Grogan into the net, and just like that the Mavericks have taken a 3-2 lead. One of the Oilers, I think it’s Nugent, Brian Nugent… Is it Nugent, or is that… No, it’s Brisebois was complaining to the referee about something. I’m not sure exactly what he wanted the referee to call. Apparently the referee did not make a call the Brisebois wanted, and he feels that that is what allowed for the goal.

It’s 3-2 the Mavs, and that comes at 12:37 of the period. Face-off at the center ice circle. Now cleared away [to 00:11:20] the neutral zone. Oilers get it again. Over to Konan in his own end. Konan sends it ahead, slapped ahead. Two players collide. One for the Mavericks goes flying down to the ice. Fans respond to that. Now cleared away to the near side in the neutral zone. Nugent sends it ahead, try to get it away to Ramsay. It gets poke checked away, and now we’ve got a whistle from on the other side of the ice. The referee’s on the other side, and he’s pointing to somebody on this side. It’s going to be Courtney of Missouri that’ll go to the penalty box. Tulsa will have another man advantage. … Andrew Courtney in the penalty box at 13:03 of the period, and the Tulsa Oilers will have their fourth power play of the night. Tulsa has scored on one power play. They’re one for three so far, and so this’ll be another York Plumbing Power Play opportunity for the Oilers.

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