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Things To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Jeff Brucculeri: Now it’s intercepted, stolen away by the Oilers. Back comes Pleskach with it. He stole it. Shot on goal. Rebound! Loose in front. Sticked away by the Mavs to the near side, and they bring it out, Barnes does, back into the Tulsa zone. Wow, the Oilers had another chance there. Pleskach made a nice move to intercept that pass, stole the puck away and then even had a shot on goal at the other end. Over the blue line, Pleskach sends it over to Wong on the near side, but he got bumped down, couldn’t get control of the puck as he was bothered there by a defenseman. Now they played on the near side to Lalancette and intercepted on the way in. Brought out by Lafranchise for the Mavs, and they sent it into the Tulsa zone behind the goal. Recovered by Pleskach, over to Lalancette on the left side. His pass deflected away. Slapped back in by the Mavericks into the Tulsa end, and we’ve got an icing call against Missouri.

The face-off will go all the way back into the Missouri zone. Linesman blew the whistle and started pointing to some of the Mavericks players who were trying to get to the bench there on the icing, so they’re not going to let them substitute. They’re going to keep them out there on the ice. Now they will make one… No, they won’t make a substitution. They got the guy that came off the bench is going back to the bench.

11:27 left to go, second period. 2-1 our score, Mavericks with the lead. Face-off to the right of the goaltender Robinson in the Mavs zone to the blue line. Lutz keeps it in over to Ramsay. Ramsay gets bumped off the play. Now stolen away. Barnes sends it ahead into the air, gloved away by Lutz, and the Oilers recover the loose puck, clear it away. It went off the referee, and the Oilers get it again. Here they come, over the blue line, right side. Ramsay’s shot goes behind the goal and around the boards, all the way out the neutral zone. (things to do in Tulsa)

Oilers will have to reset, and they do in the neutral ice, slap it ahead. It went off a stick back into the Mavericks end. The Mavs recover the puck, little pushing and shoving in the corner. Coming in to help out is the Oilers Nugent. He gets bumped down from behind. We’ve got a penalty coming up. Little pushing and shoving after the whistle. Don’t take a penalty, Tulsa. You’ve got a penalty coming against the Mavs. You might as well take the power play opportunity here. … They do. Thankfully enough, the Oilers keep their cool and skate away, and somebody for the Mavericks will go to the penalty box. It will be, in fact, Reed Seckel. Seckel going back to the penalty box. He had a double minor in the first period, and Seckel goes to the penalty box here at 9:08 of this second period. 9:08 of the second period, and so now the Tulsa Oilers will have another York Plumbing Power Play opportunity. Call 918-833-3200. It’ll be Tulsa’s third power play of the game.

Face-off in the neutral ice, just outside the Mavericks zone. Konan gets it off the draw. Now it’s slapped in by Brown, around the boards to the near side and to the point, kept in by Konan. Matt Konan over to Brown. Brown has shot! Save in front. The goaltender Robinson didn’t even know he had it. The referee lost sight of it, blew the whistle, and come to find out, the puck was underneath Robinson’s legs. We’ll get a face-off in the Missouri end. Tulsa Oilers on the York Plumbing Power Play, their third power play opportunity of the night.

10:39 left to go in the period. 1:48 left to go in the man advantage for Tulsa as Missouri leads 2-1 to face off in the Mavericks end, out to the blue line, kept in by Brown. Over to Konan on the left side. Now to Brown, top of the slot. He sends it over on the right wing for DeSalvo. Out to Konan. Over to Brown. Back to Konan, top of the slot. Sends it toward the goal! Deflected by Brewer but just wide of the net. Now away to the near side. Konan puts it in front. Vladykovskii tried to deflect it toward the goal. It went wide. Konan again. To Brown. Brown up the slot to the circle, gives it away to DeSalvo. Now to Konan. His shot off the leg pad of the goaltender. Turn around and a goal! Count it good for Phil Brewer and the power play! Oh, baby! A nice turnaround by Brewer on the rebound, and he slaps it into the net. A power play goal for the Oilers ties it at 2 here in the second period. … Wow, nice play. Oh my goodness. What a play by Brewer. Great shot. Got to love that.

Face-off at center ice. Back to the action. Over to Barnes on the near side for the Mavericks, sends it into the Tulsa zone. Lalancette leaves it for a teammate. Lutz now will set from his own end over to the left side to Lalancette. It went off his stick. Icing’s waved off but goes into the Mavericks zone. Pleskach loses it off his stick on the far side, but he gets it back. Nice deal by Pleskach, ahead to Wong in the circle. Drop Pleskach shot! Saved by Robinson. Oh my. Tulsa almost turned that one into another opportunity.

9:35 to go in the second period. My, oh my, folks. We are tied at 2 on the goal by Phil Brewer, and for Brewer… I can’t see. Boy, it’s dark up here, and my eyes are just not what they used to be. That’s his seventh goal of the season for Brewer. If I’m reading it right. Let me get my flashlight out here. Pardon me… Is that a six or an eight? My god, the print is so small. It’s his seventh goal of the season, so nice play by Brewer to tie the game at 2. 9:35 left to go, second period.

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