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Date Night Ideas in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Kevin Carr: To try and tie the game up. I needed to be a little smarter about that and kind of take a quick poll of how many guys were on the ice before I jumped in like that.

Jeff Brucculeri: Yeah, so now, for you, you’re have been assessed a three-game suspension which includes tonight as I said and then the next two games against Wichita, one there, one here, and then you’ll be back in action. Now for you, is this a first? Have you ever been suspended before in your pro career? I don’t know, I didn’t look it up.

Kevin Carr: No, this is my first time.

Jeff Brucculeri: So your first time.

Kevin Carr: First and only, I hope.

Jeff Brucculeri: Yeah. Right! So it’s certainly not something to be proud of. Tell us from the standpoint of a backup goaltender what Matt Grogan is going through because the poor guy has not played a lick this season, has not played a minute of hockey this season for the Oilers, and now he gets thrown in there tonight. Just kind of tell us what you think he’s encountering here, pressure-wise and so forth.

Kevin Carr: Yeah, he’s been here I guess about a month. Maybe a month and a little bit. He’s been battling really hard in practice and trying to get in the lineup just as I would be doing the same if I was in his shoes, so he’s been playing really well in practice. I’m glad to see him at least get a shot, and I think he’s done pretty well tonight. I’m sure there’s a little bit of nerves, being in his first game for the Oilers, rightfully so. Like I said, I think he’s playing well, and the guys have given him a good opportunity to hopefully win this game…date night ideas in Tulsa.

Jeff Brucculeri: Yeah, absolutely, and I’m sure he feels the pressure. I’m sure he probably- I know you didn’t want him to get this opportunity under these circumstances. I don’t know if he did. He probably was hoping that he’d someday get some time on the ice but maybe it would be just an off night to give you a rest. Now you’re going to get three nights rest, three games rest whether you like it or not. He gets to play, so he’s got a little bit of the pressure now. He hasn’t really been tested. Last year, he was injured. He played in Australia this past summer. The Australian league, he was telling me the other day, was just pathetic. It wasn’t very good at all. His team he played for was terrible, and so he hasn’t really had real game ECHL play in two years. That, too, must be tough for him to jump in there tonight, especially against the best team in the league.

Kevin Carr: Yeah, absolutely. From what I’ve heard, there’s a lot of good players in the Australian league. I guess his situation on that team just wasn’t what he was hoping for when he went over there, and I understand that. Like I said, I think the guys have helped him out tonight, and he’s come up with some big saves for us, as well.

Jeff Brucculeri: Yeah. I think, too, one of the smartest things he’s doing tonight is not getting real cute with the puck, and he’s freezing it as much as possible. You agree?

Kevin Carr: Absolutely, yeah. Absolutely. You don’t want to bring on added pressure to yourself. This team is very offensive. They prey on turnovers, and they prey on mistakes. That’s how they seem to win their games.

Jeff Brucculeri: Yeah, they forechecked very well.

Kevin Carr: They do-

Jeff Brucculeri: And they beat us to the puck in our end. There’s certain things like that that is happening, and whenever Matt gets the puck and he can freeze it, that’s probably a positive.

Kevin Carr: Absolutely.

Jeff Brucculeri: Give our guys a chance to get back. Take the face-off. Now we got full numbers in our zone. Right?

Kevin Carr: That’s right, absolutely. Get a change maybe, if you need to and kind of settle the play down and minimize their opportunities.

Jeff Brucculeri: I haven’t had a chance yet to interview you for an intermission guest, and I don’t always want to- It’s hard. It’s kind of funny, like in Major League Baseball, I’ve covered a lot of baseball in my years, and the starting pitcher never wants to do interviews that day he’s going to start. Well, you’ve been starting every stinking game for the last, what 12, 13 games, so there’s not really been- I’ve been kind of like not wanting to ask you because I figure, well you got your game face on, you’re going to start tonight, I probably shouldn’t ask you. Blah blah blah, and so I haven’t asked you. It’s nice to have this opportunity actually to interview you, but tonight I thought well, I’m not going to talk to Matt. I’d love to have Matt on to talk about, “Hey, what’s it like? You’re having to jump in there tonight,” and so forth. Then I realized he’s starting tonight. I’m not going to ask him, so you know what I’m saying?

Kevin Carr: Yeah no, I understand. Usually I don’t like to do too many interviews before the game if I can help it, but you guys have a job to do and so do I.

Jeff Brucculeri: Absolutely.

Kevin Carr: If you ever need an interview, just ask me a day before or something like that.

Jeff Brucculeri: Well, we’ll go down the roster now. You’ll get your turn again, but it’ll be awhile maybe. That’s probably good because in another week, you’ll be back in the lineup. You’ll be playing again, and I won’t bother you. I appreciate you taking the time to come up here this evening and do this. It’s kind of funny, in the past, in the old CHL when I was doing the broadcast, there were a lot of times we had guys suspended. What we saw the other night really was reminiscent of the old CHL in the ’90s, okay, so there were a lot of times where I’d actually have a suspended player doing the color with me on a broadcast, especially on the road. Here at home, I would have a broadcast partner, but on the road, I’d have a player. Seemed like there was always somebody suspended, so I always had somebody with me on the road. That’s not the case anymore, and you see that at the higher level of hockey. Because we’re now in the ECHL, because hockey has evolved and some of the penalties are stricter and more stringent, there’s not as much of what we saw the other night, is there?

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