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Date Night Ideas in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

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Jeff Brucculeri: Back with you here at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re in the second intermission, and we tied it up at 3 here in that second period. Kind of interesting the way the scoring went. Missouri had a two nothing lead after the first period of play and then Tulsa’s Adam Pleskach scoring his 11th of the season at 6:56 of the second period, assisted by Kucera and Lalancette. Then Tulsa tied it up on that power play goal by Phil Brewer at 9:59 of the period. Brewer with his seventh of the season, assisted by DeSalvo and Konan. That was that power play goal that tied it at 2 in the middle of the second period, and then Missouri took a 3-2 lead at 12:37 of the period on the goal by Jesse Root, his 14th of the year, assisted by Carzo. That was kind of a breakaway opportunity, really, for Root on the outlet from Carzo. Then Tulsa ties it on Pleskach’s second of the night, his 12th of the year, at 17:53, assisted by Christophe Lalancette, and Tulsa has tied the game 3-3 after two periods of play.

Shots on goal in the second period, and then this is what’s really the telling statistic, is Tulsa’s actually finally taking some shots. The Oilers with 20 shots on goal in the second period alone, now at 25 in the game. Missouri had six shots on goal in the second period with a total of 19 shots on goal so far in the game here tonight, so I’ll tell you what, you take some shots, some of them are bound to go in. If you take 20 shots, a few of those are going to go in.

We’re in the second intermission, tied at 3. Joining us now is goaltender for the Tulsa Oilers Kevin Carr, and Kevin, guess we have to talk about the elephant in the room, so to speak. A big fight, a little fracas after the game, after the final horn the other night up in Rapid City, and everybody on the ice got involved, including yourself. But to first back up a little bit, what do you think kind of led to that situation at the end of the game the other night?

Kevin Carr: I think there obviously some frustration on our part at that point, losing the game and maybe a game we feel like we should’ve won. It was a hard-fought game the whole game.

Jeff Brucculeri: It was.

Kevin Carr: It was [trippy 00:28:19]. The whole game was like that, so I don’t think it was one particular thing that led to all the fights. Whatever happened at the end of the game, I think it was a combination of just our compete level in the game and our competitiveness as a team.

Jeff Brucculeri: And we said that two nights earlier, you guys won against Rapid City. The two teams were evenly matched, almost had identical records coming into the series up there in Rapid City. And won the game the previous outing, and so I guess there was a lot of hope and a lot of thought that, “Hey, we can get out of here with two wins, four points in the standings.” Maybe that kind of added to the pressure of, “Man, we’re not going to win this thing. We’re not going to win.” Then the horn sounds. “We didn’t win this thing.” Did you feel that, maybe, was part of the issue?

Kevin Carr:  Yeah, anytime you go into someone else’s building for two games back-to-back like that, you want to come out four points. Like I said, we definitely wanted to win that game, and it was big for us in the standings. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so whatever happened at the end of the game was unfortunate.

Jeff Brucculeri:  Everybody on the ice got involved. Those that were on the ice at the end of the game at the horn got involved in something. Everybody kind of squared off. Everybody matched up, including somebody that came off the bench for Rapid City who got involved, and then you got involved with a player. It’s rare, and several people have mentioned this, they don’t think they’ve ever seen a goaltender go against a skater and not against the other goalie, so to speak. Usually, the two goalies square off. You went against somebody else. What happened? I don’t know if you can tell us what was said. Keep it clean, but what was said out there or what caused that for you to get involved?…date night ideas in Tulsa.

Kevin Carr:  I just felt like one of our players were out-manned by their goaltender. It was not a smart-

Jeff Brucculeri: It was a two on one situation that you jumped into. They were outnumbered.

Kevin Carr: Right. I wasn’t smart enough to take a number of how many guys were on the ice. I, unfortunately, was the seventh man because I had been pulled for the last [twenty 00:30:32] seconds-

Jeff Brucculeri: Empty net.

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