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Date Night Ideas in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Centering pass knocked away by Blomqvist and cleared away by the Oilers. Slapped back into the Mavericks end. The Oilers will make a line change. Mavs get it in their own zone. Cleared, not out. Now it’s out. Ludwig sends it ahead through the neutral zone to Sylvestre. He gets bumped down. Wong gets the puck for Tulsa, and the Oilers will replay it in their own zone. Konan leaves it for Sova. He circles behind the goal, sends it out, left wing. Wong ahead pass, coming in. A hip check to Pleskach. Wong with a shot saved by Robinson. Rebound. Robinson kicks that one away. Fans wanted a penalty. Pleskach was upended on a hip check coming over the red line- or the blue line, excuse me. Now puck along the boards on the near side. Three players collide into the boards. Puck comes free. Oilers with it again. Here they come. Pleskach shot and a goal! Count it good! Adam Pleskach put it off the far pipe and into the net. Wow. A nice quick wrister by Pleskach, and for Adam Pleskach, it’s his second of the night, his 12th of the season. That one rattled the pipe and went in, and the Oilers have tied it at 3 with 2:07 remaining in this second period. Oh, baby. Nice play by Pleskach in front, took that quick wrist shot, put it off the far pipe and in.

We are tied at 3 with 2:07 left to play, third period. Face-off at center ice. Oilers win it, send it over on the right side. Now slapped away back into the Tulsa end. After it is Lutz. He clears it out the neutral zone. Slapped away by Lafranchise back into the Tulsa end. Oilers recover it there. With it is Walker, Ben Walker. Over to the far side. Now to Lutz on the near side. It clears it out of the zone. On the right wing, they bring it back in. Barnes gets it ahead to a teammate. The Mavericks tried a centering pass. Saved. Rebound, goes wide, goes around the net to the near side. Kept in on the near boards by Lafranchise and around to the far side. Picked up by Walker. He gets bumped behind the goal. It comes clean. Now out in front, slapped away by the Oilers. Cleared but not out! Kept in at the blue line by some hustle by Lafranchise. … Maybe that’s not Lafranchise on the far side. I’m sorry, I’m not sure who that- Oh, that was #2. It was Lafranchise, Pardon me. Now we’re out of the near side and clear to the neutral zone.

Sylvestre gets it for the Mavericks. He dumps it back in. A minute remaining in the second period of play. Slapped around the boards to the near side. It cleared away all the way back into the Mavericks end. No icing, they say it was touched, so they wave it off. Owens gets it behind the goal, sets the play. Brewer bothering him there, but Owens is able to get the pass off to Finn who brings it to the blue line. He passes it away to Courtney. Over to the left wing. They keep it in at the point. Now knocked away by Sova… And it trickles over the blue line. That’s going to be offside. They have to come out and retouch. Oilers clear it. Courtney gets it again. They bring it back. Here comes Sylvestre in the slot. His shot goes wide, sent back toward the goal but cleared away by the Oilers up the length of the ice. Twenty seconds remaining in the period. They wave off the icing. DeSalvo gets to it first. DeSalvo, nice hustle! He’s bumped into the boards by Finn on the far side. Ten seconds remaining in the period. At the blue line, kept in by Sova. Now DeSalvo sends it down low behind the net. Blomqvist- four seconds- got to put it in front. Got to make a shot. Here’s a shot. Kick save!

The horn sounds, but the Oilers have tied it up. It’s 3-3 now after two periods of play. Missouri led two to nothing after one period, and then Tulsa made it 2-1 in the second period. It was tied 2-2, and then the Mavericks took a 3-2 lead. On Adam Pleskach’s goal, his second of the game, they’ve tied it up at three. We’ll give you all the scoring and the stats for you, coming up in the second intermission. Also, we should be able to get a chance to talk with Kevin Carr here in a moment, as well, so stay with us. You’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey and date night ideas in Tulsa.

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