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Best Thing To Do in Tulsa | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Behind the goal, Grogan will leave it there for a teammate, coming in to get it is Mathieu Brisebois, he sends it out on the left side for Sova, to the red line Sova gets it ahead over the blue line and the Oilers are offside coming in after the shot on goal. A couple of players go into the boards together in the corner but the linesmen will quickly break that up. There’s only 8 seconds left in the penalty to Ludwig, 8 seconds left in Tulsa’s power play.

2-0 Missouri on top of the Oilers with 17:55 left here in the second period of action. Face off in the neutral zone, outside of the Mavericks end. Won by the Mavs and in their own zone they flip it into the air and all the way back into the Tulsa zone, that’ll kill off some of that penalty time and does. Coming out of the penalty box is Ludwig, back come the Oilers with it, however, up the ice. Slapped into the zone around the boards behind the net, Robinson stops it there for a teammate, picked up by Aneloski, Aneloski with it. Sends it over on the far side, Oilers keep it in. Along the boards is Ramsay with it, they poke at it, Nugent tries to get it free and does, but now it’s knocked away by the Mavs.

Back come the Mavericks through the center circle, cross rink pass to the near side, picked up by Lafranchise, he drops it off at the blue line to Barnes who slaps it in on goal. One of the Oilers looks to be hurt, it is Sova that went down, he gets back up slowly. Comes out in the neutral zone, does the puck. Slapped back in by Aneloski. Sova stays in the game, he gets the puck behind the goal, sends it around off the boards on the far side. Into the air it goes, now it comes down, they settle it in the Mavericks zone. The Mavs with it in their own end. Picking it up is Leduc, he’ll send it over to the far side, and knocked away by the Oilers.

Konan gets it, over to the far side, Sova now has gone to the bench for a change. Back come the Oilers, in on goal, backhander goes through the crease by DeSalvo, knocked away by the goaltender Robinson. Now to the point Lutz a shot wide to the left. Out to the far side, Blomqvist gives it up to the point, over to Lutz on the left. Lutz steps to the left circle a shot, oh that went just through the crease and right to the side of the goal, just wide of the right post and cleared away now by the Mavericks into the neutral ice. They have it in the Tulsa zone, over the blue line comes Sylvestre with it. Sebastien Sylvestre, he has it poke checked away but sent out in front. Nobody there for Tulsa, two Mavs in front of the goal, they couldn’t even recover the puck. It goes to Sylvestre in the corner on the near side. I’ll tell you what, the Mavericks had a golden opportunity with two guys standing in front of Grogan, but they couldn’t get the puck.

It’s cleared away at the slot and the Oilers poke it loose. Here comes Tulsa with it, Blomqvist on the right side, sends it ahead, he gets tripped up coming over the blue line, no call by the referee, fans want a penalty. Puck comes around to the near side, now the goalie will smother it and the referee will blow the whistle as the goaltender Robinson freezes the puck. Fans wanted a penalty as Blomqvist was tripped up coming in over the blue line but no call there. And so we’ll have a face off now. In the Missouri zone with 15:44 left to go, second period. 2-0, Missouri with the lead. Lalancette gets kicked out of the face off, Wong will come in to take the draw and he does, wins it to Lalancette, to the blue line. Shot by Brown, it gets deflected into the air, batted away we’ve got a high stick bat, called against the Missouri Mavericks in their own end. That should bring the face off out of the zone. No. They’re going to keep it in the zone.

So the high stick bat is not one that you take out of the zone, we’ll take the draw in the Mavericks end, comes out to the point, shot by Brown deflected in front, loose puck, goes to the side of the goal, slapped away by Fritz to the far side. The Oilers keep it in another shot on goal, Robinson up high makes the save and the Mavericks get it again. Now they give it away to Leduc, Loic Leduc sends it over on the left wing, slapped ahead, off of Fritz, it goes into Tulsa zone. Lutz knocks it away to the near side for the Oilers to the point but kept in at the blue line, slapped toward the net it goes behind the goal to the far side. Cleared out of the zone to the neutral ice, Pleskach after it there, control that stick now. Puck goes though the center circle, intercepted by the Oilers (best thing to do in Tulsa). Back comes Wong over the blue line, left side centering pass and it’s stopped off the leg of Cunningham, the defenceman for the Mavericks, who sends it back into the Tulsa end.

14:45 to go, we’re in the second period in a 2-0 Mavericks lead. They bump and poke check and Tulsa, the fore checking there by the Mavericks give them the puck, pass in on goal it’s deflected in front by Carzo, Grogan makes the save. The puck goes behind the goal, two players are stuck in the net. Their skates are stuck in the netting. Oh my goodness. Referee’s not blowing the whistle. Two players tied up, shot on goal goes over the goal. Lutz gets free and so does the Mavericks player. They were tied up behind the goal, golly. Now it’s cleared away back into the Mavericks end.

I don’t know how long those two couldn’t get off the back of the net of the goal. Back come the Mavericks in the left circle, a shot toward the goal sticked away by Grogan, picked up by Brewer of the Oilers. Here comes Phil Brewer, it’s a 2-on-2, Brewer over the blue line, gives it to a teammate on the right, shot on goal, Robinson stick save. Slapped back in there by Sova. Now in the left circle, Brewer gets bumped, still fighting for the puck. DeSalvo comes over to help out and it’s cleared out by Missouri into the neutral ice. They recover the puck there. Bringing it back over the blue line is Carzo, Rocco Carzo. Puts it into the corner boards, after it is Konan, over to Blomqvist, around to the far side. The Mavericks had it momentarily but the Oilers recover on an interception on the far side. Nice play there by, who is that, DeSalvo I think, Dan DeSalvo. Can’t see his number, who made that interception and stole the puck away, it was.

The puck is still in the Mavericks zone, slapped toward the goal by Nugent it goes clear to the near side, kept in by Kucera shot and a goal. Got it good. A goal. I think Pleskach might have put his stick on it on the way in. Shot by Kucera at the point on the left side, and I think Pleskach deflected it into the net. The Oilers are on the board here in the second period. 6:56 of the period and Tulsa has cut the lead to 1. Wow. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement but I believe Pleskach got a piece of that one on the way in on the shot by Kucera.

The face off coming at center ice but the Oilers have come alive here in the second period scoring, cutting Missouri’s lead. Now it’s 2-1, Mavericks on top. Puck goes into the Tulsa zone and Matt Grogan will hold it for a face off. A little pushing after the whistle. Linesmen break it up but we do have an official time out. Media time out here it looks like, and the ice girls come out on the ice to scrape away some of the snow.

They still haven’t announced the official scoring on the goal by the Oilers. It is Adam Pleskach who did get the piece of it, I just see that. Pleskach gets his 11th goal of the season, assisted by Kucera and Lalancette. Pleskach does get the goal on the deflection as the puck came in from the point by Kucera’s shot. Pleskach deflects it into the net and Adam Pleskach with his 11th of the year. There you have it. Nice play by Adam Pleskach, as they say folks, “Keep your stick on the ice.” Adam Pleskach with his 11th of the season cuts the lead to 1. 2-1 Mavericks on top.

The face off will come to the left of goaltender Matt Grogan following this official time out. The puck goes into the corner following the draw to the far corner in the Tulsa zone around to the near side. Played up to Blomqvist, he comes into the neutral zone, Blomqvist takes it to the blue line, dumps it off into the corner. He races after it there with Ludwig and now cleared away in the circle, kept in by Phil Brewer of the Oilers on the far side. Slapped away by de Kastrozza, de Kastrozza sends it ahead, here comes Fritz, a shot, Grogan with the save and he’ll freeze it.

We’ll get another draw coming up in the Tulsa end with 12:23 left to play, second period. 2-1, Missouri on top. 2-1, Missouri with the lead. The face off coming to the right of Grogan in the Tulsa end. They dropped the puck, cleared to the blue line kept in at the point on the far side.

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