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Jeff Brucculeri: All right we’re here back with you in Tulsa at the BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jeff Brucculeri with Tulsa Oilers hockey. I’ll tell you what, Bob Rennison, he’s not a very nice guy.

Rebecca: Are you saying he’s not a nice guy?

Jeff Brucculeri: He is. He was giving me a hard time before the game tonight because he knows I’m from the Buffalo area and a Buffalo Sabres fan, he had to remind me of the fact that the head coach of the Missouri Mavericks is Richard Matvichuk, who played for the Dallas Stars. It pains me to even say this, played for the Dallas Stars when they beat Buffalo in the Stanley Cup finals on a goal that shouldn’t have counted. And Bob brought it up tonight, I said, “Look, Bob, I like you, don’t ruin it.” Dang. Anytime I think about that it bothers me. The goal should not have counted, folks. You talk to anybody from Buffalo who’s a Sabres fan. Those are fighting words to even think that that goal counted. The Missouri Mavericks are affiliated in the AHL with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, and in the NHL with the New York Islanders, so they’re an Islanders farm team.

Face off at center ice as we get the second period underway. 2-0 Missouri with the lead here. Puck goes into the Missouri zone, through the slot to the far side and we’ve got a penalty back behind the play. A little hooking penalty is going to be called, and it’s going to go against the Missouri Mavericks. Checking into the penalty box for the Mavs will be Trevor Ludwig. Now, Trevor Ludwig, his father actually played for the New York Islanders. Trevor is the older brother of CJ Ludwig, who is also on the Mavericks team. CJ, however, not in the lineup tonight.

Trevor has a twin brother, I can’t remember, what’s his name, I can’t remember his twin brothers name now, it just escapes me, Trevor and Clayton Ludwig, I think? I’m not sure. Their father would be Craig Ludwig, as I said, who played in the NHL with several different teams, including the New York Islanders. Pretty cool.

The Oilers (best thing to do in Tulsa) are on the power play, they have Ludwig in the penalty box, as I was saying, and this will be another York Plumbing power play opportunity for the Oilers, their second power play of the night. 918-833-3200, give them a call, York Plumbing.

Puck goes into the Mavericks zone, here’s a shot on the left side by Matt Konan, sticked away by the goaltender Robinson. Konan gets it at the point, sends it over on the right side to Brisebois. Slapped toward the goal, Vladykovski had it in front, tried a centering pass but it got intercepted and cleared away by the Mavericks back into the Tulsa end. 1:15 left to go in the man advantage for the Oilers. Grogan has to play it to the far side, as Holmstrom came in for the Mavericks, gave him some trouble. Holmstrom had it in the Tulsa zone for a moment there but lost it, Oilers recover the puck. Sent it out on the left side to Blomqvist, Axel Blomqvist puts it into the corner boards.

A couple of players skating after it behind the goal, Pleskach gets it for Tulsa. Out to the point on the right side, now over on the left side, here on the wing is Wong, he gives it to Lalancette, it gets flipped up into the air, slapped out of the zone into the neutral ice. A couple of players poking at it, Holmstrom tried to get it free, Lalancette sends it ahead to Pleskach, cross rink pass right circle, shot on goal save, rebound in the air, slapped at but it goes behind the goal. Blomqvist gets it for Tulsa, out to the point. Over on the left side to Wong, now to Lalancette, it went through is his and into the corner and cleared away by the Mavs all the way up the length of the ice. 20 seconds remaining in the man advantage for Tulsa.

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