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Jeff Brucculeri: Back with you here on the first intermission, joining us now from the Tulsa Oilers, Nathan Lutz, wears number 4 out there on the ice. A 15 year pro, Nathan you are the elder statesman on this team aren’t you.

Nathan Lutz: Yeah, I actually think I’m the oldest guy in the league. It’s a good thing, I’m pretty proud of that, still being able to play, it’s fun playing with these young kids.

Jeff Brucculeri: You don’t see too many guys on the stat sheets having been born prior to 1990, let alone prior to 1980 I guess, right.

Nathan Lutz: It’s pretty weird, a couple of the guys, Axel Blomqvist, he’s 20 years old. It’s pretty different, I was born in the 1970s and he’s like a 1994 birthday. It’s kind of fun to joke around with the guys but like I said it’s a privilege to be able to play with these young kids with a lot of talent.

Jeff Brucculeri: I’m not a player, but I’ve been around a while and I was with the Oilers in 92 and 93 when they first started in the old Central Hockey League and you’re right, there are some players on this team now that weren’t around when I started broadcasting the Oilers games. It makes me feel a little old.

Nathan Lutz: For sure, it’s a young kids game out here. I’m just fortunate to be able to play.

Jeff Brucculeri: You do a great job. You’re one of the better players on the team. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but you’re a strong player, you’re a defenceman, you play well. You have a lot of experience, you’ve played everywhere; UHL, AHL, you’ve played in Europe. Playing overseas has to be fun. Playing in Europe, is it a different game over there for you?

Nathan Lutz: It’s quite a bit different. A big ice surface, a little less physical over there. A lot of skill over there. I was fortunate enough to play over there for three years, maybe hone my skill a little bit. They play about half the games, it’s different over there. It was a great experience to go over there and see the hockey, travel and see the world. Pretty blessed to be able to do that.

Jeff Brucculeri: A larger ice surface means, for a defenceman, you’ve got more area to cover and it’s harder to get back, isn’t it.

Nathan Lutz: Absolutely, it was definitely a change from here playing the smaller arenas where you can track a guy down, over in Europe a lot of skill guys they have a lot of room to move and if you start running at a guy he has a lot more room to go around you so it’s definitely a different game.

Jeff Brucculeri: With the Tulsa Oilers this is, what, I guess your third season with the Tulsa Oilers here, an experienced team. How do you think the team is jelling right now, meshing here at this point in the season.

Nathan Lutz: I think we, right now, we’re probably meshing as good as we have. Obviously we’re short a couple guys tonight. The guys that have been sitting out, have been waiting for a chance to get into the lineup and prove what they can do, tonight against the top team in the league it’s a great opportunity for us to show that adversity doesn’t bother us. We can take the bull by the horns and play against a top notch team.

Jeff Brucculeri: I don’t think we need any more fighting or any more suspensions any time soon, playing a bit short as we are. Emerson Clark out tonight with a 1 game suspension, Kevin Carr out for 3 games and then we’ve got Mathieu Gagnon who will be out 8 games. For Tulsa, like you said, some other guys are going to get some more playing time…Best Thing To Do in Tulsa.

Nathan Lutz: bsolutely, that’s the situation where we have to learn from it. Nowadays you can’t do that kind of stuff and it’s great that we were sticking up for each other but obviously we can’t lose guys for that about of time, like I said, we have lots of guys around that are hungry to get some ice time and they’re going to see it tonight.

Jeff Brucculeri: ll right, Nathan. Go get them.

Nathan Lutz: Awesome, thanks a lot.

Jeff Brucculeri: Nathan Lutz. We’ll be back with the second period in just a moment, you’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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