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Jeff Brucculeri: I’ve got a recorded one for this one. All right cool, thanks. I’m sorry folks, I’m talking off air here to Kevin Carr, Tulsa Oiler goaltender. He’ll come up, hopefully he’ll be my second intermission guest, we’ll talk with Kevin. That first period, how amazing is that, Adam has no penalty minutes practically this year, he gets three penalties in one period.

Lets take a look at stats for you. l, the first one, coming at 10:09 of the period. Lafranchise with his fourth of the year assisted by Root and Barnes. At 15:15 of the period Sylvestre scored his tenth of the year assisted by Fritz and de Kastrozza, de Kastrozza with the assist, the second assist on that Sylvestre goal and that at 15:15, the Mavericks with a 2-0 lead. Shots on goal in the first period, stat-sheet has it a little different than it does on the scoreboard, we’ll give you what it is on the stat-sheet. Missouri 13, Tulsa 5 total shots on goal. Okay, now it’s updated. 13-5 in the shots category.

Missouri was 0-4 on the power play tonight, so Tulsa doing a good job at least so far in that first period on penalty kills. Tulsa was 0-1 on the power play so far in this one. As I mentioned Adam Pleskach with 3 high stick minor penalties in the first period of play. That’s our first period stats for you here as we move along. Interestingly enough, I don’t know that this should be a factor, it could be a game note, the referee, Stephen Reneau, actually grew up in Independence, Missouri. He went to high school in Independence. I’m not saying anything.

Rebecca: But maybe that’s why.

Jeff Brucculeri: Rebecca says that may be it. The referee went to Independence high school, he’s from Independence, Missouri. I’m not reading anything into that but you just don’t know. I’m just kidding. Stephen Reneau is an Independence native, from the Kansas City area. I suppose if you wanted to give him some trouble you could. I’m an official, I used to referee hockey actually. I’ve officiated four different sports, I still umpire baseball, 35 years of umpiring baseball practically. I’ve taken some time off along the way. In those 35 years I’ve missed a few seasons because of family time, honestly.

When my kids were playing other sports I didn’t umpire because I was watching them play soccer or I was coaching their soccer teams or doing something else. I took off a few years because of soccer and then I went back to umpiring then I took off a few years because I thought I didn’t want to umpire anymore. I got talked back into it about 4 years ago. About 35 years of umpiring and I’ve refereed basketball, back in New York before I moved to Oklahoma. I did it here for a little while. Refereed hockey back in New York and did it here a little while in Tulsa. We just didn’t have a lot of hockey back in those days. It was before the Oilers came back in 1992.

I moved here in 1988 and refereed for about a year or so and the hockey here, there wasn’t a youth league, the adult league was bad, it just wasn’t fun, so I didn’t want to referee anymore so I got out of refereeing hockey and then I did soccer for 20 years, so I’ve been an official. I know what it’s like to be an official and listen, yeah I’ve officiated games where the local team or the local school was involved but I could be fair and I could be impartial. I really could, I didn’t care who won, even if it was the local team or the local school. If my son was playing it would be a little different obviously, I’d want his team to win, but I still would be fair.

In fact one time, believe it or not, I had to referee a game that my sons team was involved in but it was because somebody didn’t show up. A referee didn’t show up, we were on the road, traveled somewhere and the referee wasn’t there. The head coach said, “I have a father that’s a certified official, he can referee this game, he will be impartial, if he’s not, if you don’t think he is, we’ll pull him off the field, whatever.” They agreed to it, I refereed the game, we had no problems. What I’m saying is, for the referee in this game tonight, I don’t care if he’s from the Kansas City area, I don’t care if he went to school in Independence, I’m sure he can be impartial and I’m not reading anything into that. If you’re a certified official, if you have some pride in what you do then you certainly want to take this seriously. I always did and I’m sure referee Reneau does as well. I just want to make sure nobody thinks I’m reading into this. (Activities in Tulsa Oklahoma)

None the less it is fun to talk about because officiating, you have to be a different character to officiate. You have to have a certain amount of thick skin, honestly. You have to have judgement, you have to have good vision, you have to have judgement, you have to make quick decisions and so forth. It’s not easy to be an official, I give these referees a lot of credit and the linesman as well.

Lets take another break, when we come back we’re going to hear from Nathan Lutz, yes, Nathan Lutz, one of the elder statesmen in the league. He’s going to be our guest as we continue. Right now we’re in the first intermission, our score Missouri 2, Tulsa 0. We’re in the first intermission of play. This is Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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