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Activities in Tulsa Oklahoma | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Coming out of the penalty box, after his double minor has been served and the next stoppage of play, Seckel has finally come out of the penalty box for the Mavericks and rejoined the bench. Seckel had to sit four minutes for his double minor, then also had to wait for the next stoppage of play, because his team was full strength. Pleskach out of the box and it’s 2-0 right now, the Mavericks with the lead, face off in the Missouri zone won by the Mavericks. They bring it out in the neutral ice. Slapped away, stolen by the Oilers and slapped back in by Kucera back into the Mavericks zone.

They pick it up behind the goal, Cunningham with it, sends it off the boards on the far side. It comes back into the neutral ice, Oilers reset, slapped back in by Brown and it goes around to the far side, kept in along the point on the far side by Brandon Wong now cleared away by the Mavericks on the near side. Slapped ahead to Sylvestre, he lost it off his stick, couldn’t get control of the puck. Blomqvist knocks it away to Brewer, here comes Brewer in the left circle, Brewer puts it on the forehand and the shot goes wide. To the near side, kept in, Brewer came over, got his own rebound, nice play by Brewer but the Mavericks will recover in their own zone and set the play to bring it out. Over on the left side, slapped ahead, Sova cleared it back in the neutral zone with 1:07 remaining first period.

Mavericks making a change on the fly, back they come into the Tulsa zone, they try to get it down low. 1 minute remaining in the first period of play. Courtney with it, behind the goal, sends it out to the point on the near side, Owens keeps it in, now in the corner, back out to the blue line to Owens. Owens slaps it, ah, DeSalvo intercepts that pass, he’ll bring it away for the Oilers, puts it into the Mavericks zone.

40 seconds left to play first period of action. Mavericks have it in their own end behind the goal to set the play. They clear it all the way into the Tulsa zone, icing has been waved off. The Oilers Lutz gets it behind the goal, Nathan sends it off the board out of the zone to the red line, slapped back in by Leduc, but not back into the Oilers zone, they keep it in the neutral zone. Now they have to back up in their own end, do the Mavericks with 14 seconds remaining in the period. Back into the Mavericks end is the puck, it’s loose along the boards on the far side, a couple of players fighting for it, now it comes free, to the blue line, kept in at the point there by Ramsay down to 2 seconds and that’s it.

That’ll end the first period of play here in Tulsa at the BOK Center. We have played one period of hockey and the Missouri have the lead. 2-0 our score after one period of play. We’ll come back with the first period stats and we’ll have an intermission guest coming up, Nathan Lutz will be our guest in the first intermission so stay with us, we’ll take a break. We’re back with more in a moment, you’re listening to Tulsa Oilers hockey.

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Jeff Brucculeri: Back with you here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jeff Brucculeri, Tulsa Oilers hockey (Activities in Tulsa Oklahoma). In the first intermission, I’ll tell you, very interesting first period of play. 2-0, our score after one period of play and kind of interesting how that first period went. How are you doing?

Kevin Carr: Good, how are you?

Jeff Brucculeri: Is it different watching the game?

Kevin Carr: It sucks, yeah.

Jeff Brucculeri:  Yeah. Are you going to be around second intermission?

Kevin Carr: Maybe, yeah.

Jeff Brucculeri: Will you let me talk to you in the intermission? Second intermission?

Kevin Carr: Sure.

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