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Activities in Tulsa Oklahoma | Tulsa Oilers v.s. Missouri Mavericks

Puck comes out to the point, now to the far side, top of the slot, down low, here’s a shot from the slot by Blomqvist and it goes clear to the near side, brought out by the Mavericks, they come back to full strength as Sylvestre comes out of the penalty box and the Oilers power play has ended. Back comes Fritz into the Tulsa zone for Missouri, both teams at even strength. 4:50 left to go first period, Missouri with a 1-0 lead. Shot and a goal, from the right circle, that went up high over the glove of Matt Grogan and into the net. The Mavericks have just taken a 2-0 lead, I believe the shot was taken by number 81, Sebastien Sylvestre, who served the two minute penalty. Now it’s a 2-0 lead for the Mavericks.

What happened was Reed Seckel actually got a double minor for roughing, so two 2-minute penalties, 4 minutes, and Lutz got 2 minutes, a minor for roughing. So no fighting penalties. It was a double minor for Seckel and a single roughing penalty for Lutz in that fracas between the two of them. That answers that question. Now of course, we have the second goal of the game for the Mavericks. Grogan stops that one, we’ll get a face off coming up in the Tulsa end. I’m waiting to get the official word on the goal but I think it was Sylvestre. Did he announce Sylvestre, do you know, on the goal. You didn’t hear. Lets see, I’m waiting for the score sheet to update here online. We have an official time out on the ice right now, both teams go to the benches during this media time out with 4:28 remaining here in the first period and a 2-0 lead for the Missouri Mavericks.

Shots on goal in the period, Missouri with 6, Tulsa with 2. Although that’s the scoreboards version, the stat sheet actually has it different. Missouri with 12 shots on goal, Tulsa with 3. We’ll go with stat sheet on that one. Missouri with 12 shots on goal, Tulsa 3 thus far here in the first period of play. By the way if you’re on twitter so am I, @JeffBSports is the twitter handle I use for any of my sports broadcasting and sportswriting and so forth. Glad to have you join me on Twitter @JeffBSports. Glad to have you listening along ECHL TV and Ustream.TV this evening. Tulsa Oilers hockey here from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Face off coming to the right of Grogan in the Tulsa zone. Back to the action. They still haven’t got that goal on the score sheet here, I’m not sure why not. I can’t hear the PA announcer very well at all tonight. He is announcing that it was Sylvestre, number 81, that did get the goal for Missouri, as I said I thought it was. Sebastien Sylvestre with his tenth goal of the season for the Mavericks. They just now announced that. I apologize folks, now we’re going to get a penalty.

Adam Pleskach with his third penalty of the period. That has to be a first. I don’t even know if the guy’s ever had 3 penalties in a game let alone 3 penalties in one period. Adam Pleskach goes to the penalty box once again, folks. I’m not sure if he just had a bad day or he’s off his game or what the story is. I’m not here to make fun of him, I’m not making fun of him, that’s the oddness of the fact that this guy, if they had a Lady Bing trophy in ECHL he’d win the Lady Bing. He gets his third high sticking penalty of this first period. Either the referee is gunning for him, or Adam’s just had a bad day. That is just unbelievable. Wow.

Puck goes into the Tulsa zone on the far side with 3 and a half minutes remaining here in this first period. 2-0 Missouri with the lead. The Mavericks back up into the neutral zone, reset the play, now they’re all the way back in their own end. With it there is Finn, Matt Finn will bring it out, sends it over to the right side, still in the neutral ice. Intercepted by DeSalvo, Dan DeSalvo dumps it off into the Mavericks end. (Activities in Tulsa Oklahoma)

That’ll help kill some of this penalty time, again, the Tulsa Oilers are on their third Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds penalty kill of the period. Call 592-BAIL, 918-592-BAIL for Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds. In the neutral zone picked off by the Oilers, back comes Walker, Ben Walker in on goal shot, save, rebound is loose in the circle and the Mavericks clear it away. The Oilers almost scored on the shorthanded end. Back come the Mavericks into the Tulsa end. 44 seconds left in the penalty against Pleskach, now it goes behind the goal. Back behind the net, cleared away to the near side and out all the way up the length of the ice, back into the Mavericks zone, goaltender will play it with 30 seconds left in the power play for Missouri.

Behind the goal they set the play, sent it up off the boards on the right side it went off the stick of the forward into the Tulsa zone, right at the blue line, cleared away by the Oilers. Back in the neutral zone, Lalancette skating after it but he has it knocked away, somebody got there first, I believe that was Barnes, Tyler Barnes who played it away. Nice race for the puck, it goes back into the Tulsa end, 5 seconds left in the penalty. Sova gets it away to Lalancette, he’ll bring it over the blue line. Out of the penalty box, here comes the Oilers Pleskach to Lalancette, his shot saved and held on by Robinson. A little pushing and shoving in front of the goal, linesmen quickly step in the break this one up. We don’t need anymore penalties right now, not for Tulsa at least.

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